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Note: Reports prior to Sept 2023 were originally graded out of ten, and also included additional categories that have been merged into the current categories.
This likely results in the overall ratings prior to 2023 being decreased in comparison to reports since Sept 2023.

For an `Apples to Apples` comparison between players, we recommend only comparing reports before, or after, Sept 2023.
Results will average out accordingly as more data is accumulated.
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Joey DaccordLogo de Kraken de SeattleG271 of 180 1BDecent size in the net. Butterfly style. Mostly sound crease composure. Generally plays between his posts / doesn't get caught over extending himself and losing his net. Has a chance to win the net in Seattle. Consistency remains a challenge at times. Good feet. Student of the game. Works hard at his craft. A proven #1A at the AHL level. Trending #1B at the NHL level but not quite there. GAA hovers around 2.90. Save percentage around .90028 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Philipp GrubauerLogo de Kraken de SeattleG321 of 173 1BButterfly / Athletic style goalie. Lacks the stature of most NHL net minders. Relies on his read / react / reflexes more than most goalies. Has struggled with consistency. When he's on he gives the team a chance to win - but every other game has been trending inconsistent. GAA over 3.00 - Saver percentage below .90028 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
André BurakovskyLogo de Kraken de SeattleAG282 of 282 L1Has missed significant time with injury. When in the lineup the Kraken deploy him in a top six / top line role. Good size. Moves well. Not overly physical. Leans distributor more than shooter. Creates offense at ES and PP. Important player for Seattle who averages 0.75 ppg offensively. 28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Kailer YamamotoLogo de Kraken de SeattleAD251 of 169 L3Undersize skill forward who has the ability to play quick and fast. Occasionally a threat off the rush. Lacks an interior game in the offensive zone. Productive from the perimeter on the PP. Defensive detail is average at best. Deployed at ES and PP. Does not PK. Averages around 12:30 TOI.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Tye KartyeLogo de Kraken de SeattleC221 of 173 L3Bottom six forward who provides some depth scoring. Proven he can produce offense at the AHL level. Trending as a secondary producer at the NHL level. Average skater who empties the tank every shift. Very competitive. Has a physical element. Averages around 12:00 TOI. Almost all of his minutes come at ES. Some clean up duty on the PP at times. Skating / Agility hold him back from a role on the PK.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Marian StudenicLogo de Kraken de SeattleAD251 of 169 RLRecall forward who has proven he can produce offense at the AHL level. Limited role with the NHL club. Depth minutes. Only deployed at ES. When he does get a shift he plays with energy and some push back physically. Needs a chance on a scoring line to determine if his element offensively translates. Only averages around 8:00 TOI when dressed for the Kraken. 28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Pierre-Édouard BellemareLogo de Kraken de SeattleAG381 of 176 L4Veteran depth forward who is usually slotted as a 4F for Seattle but does take some shifts on the third line occasionally. Energy checker. All of his ice time comes at ES and PK. Averages around 10:00 TOI. Competes in his role. Any offense he chips in with is a bonus.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Yanni GourdeLogo de Kraken de SeattleC311 of 183 L3A middle six forward who is used in all situations for Seattle. Averages over 17:00 TOI Plays quick. Competes in the hard areas of the ice. Has a knack for getting under the skin of his opponent. Provides secondary offense. 50/50 in the face-off circle. Gets pucks to the net in the offensive zone. Follows up looking for rebounds / tips around the crease.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Vince DunnLogo de Kraken de SeattleDG272 of 285 P1Transitional 'D' who has taken his game to a new level in Seattle. Skates pucks up ice at ES and PP#1. Excellent skater. Quick to space. Fast in open ice. Attacks - leading the PP break out into the offensive zone. Average plus defensively. Adequate battle. Detail, at times, ranges. Offense wins out. Seattle requires him to produce offense and QB their first PP unit. He has the green light to take off offensively and plays to his strengths. Averages over 23:00 TOI28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Jamie OleksiakLogo de Kraken de SeattleDG301 of 182 P2Top four 'D' for the Kraken Primary ice comes at ES and PK #1 Averages around 20:00 TOI Huge frame. Good feet for his stature. At times he will lead defensive zone exits on his own or join as an extra layer off the rush. When time and space allow he shoots the puck a ton and can beat goalies clean from distance. Matches up vs opponents top players. Physical. Blocks shots. Provides secondary offense.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Oliver BjorkstrandLogo de Kraken de SeattleAD281 of 183 L2One of the leading scorers for the Kraken. Primary ice comes at ES and PP#1. Top six forward who averages around 17:00 TOI. Play driver. Directs pucks on net from variety of spots in the offensive zone. Adequate battle in traffic. Better than average defensively. Competes in all three zones.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Alexander WennbergLogo de Kraken de SeattleC291 of 186 L3Wennberg is proving to be a valuable player for the Kraken. He averages over 18:00 TOI - deployed in all situations. Plays fast. A motion player who is mostly creative from the perimeter, but does find pucks around the crease and below the goal line on occasion. Trusted defensively. Wins over 50% of his draws. Blocks shots. Uses his quickness and long reach as advantage keeping opponents to the outside. Third line skill set overall - but playing second line minutes - Secondary layer of offense.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Eeli TolvanenLogo de Kraken de SeattleAD241 of 184 L2His game has been trending up ever since he arrived in Seattle. Primary ice time comes at ES and PP#1. Averages over 16:00 TOI. On the one PP unit he is being used on the weak side flank and taking shifts as a RD. Leans distributor on the PP more than shooter. At even strength he's pushing the pace and competing in the trenches. Playing physical, battling to extend plays, pressuring opponents into turnovers. On the rise overall.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Jared McCannLogo de Kraken de SeattleC272 of 282 L1Top line forward for Seattle who averages over 17:00 TOI Deployed in all situations. Shooter on the PP from his strong side. Elite release / ability to beat NHL goalies from range with a quick / accurate shot. Defensive detail can range at times, but he's seeing time on one of the PK units and being asked to win some key defensive zone draws. Element is offense. Has found a home in Seattle. Signed to long term deal.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Jaden SchwartzLogo de Kraken de SeattleAG311 of 181 L2Veteran forward who the Kraken rely on to contribute offense on the PP. Leans shooter more than distributor. Plays a top six role in Seattle. Good skater. Quick. Transports the puck with pace through the neutral zone. Excellent 'catch and release'. Doesn't require much time and space to get pucks on net in high danger areas. Three zone detail can range at times. Averages over 17:00 TOI - ES and PP#1 - Does not PK28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Brandon TanevLogo de Kraken de SeattleAG311 of 178 L3Veteran bottom six forward who plays an energy style. Reliable compete. Works to disrupt the play. Good skater. Quick to space. Provides a secondary layer of offense. Has struggled with injury at times. When he is in the lineup he averages over 13:00 TOI - deployed at ES and PK -28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Matthew BeniersLogo de Kraken de SeattleC215 of 585 L1Elite offensive talent who plays the game quick and fast. A threat off the rush. Slippery coming off the wall in the offensive zone. Play maker on the PP. Equal parts shooter / distributor overall. Averages over 18:00 TOI - Deployed at ES and PP#1 - Occasionally some clean up duty on the PK. Struggles, at times, with details defensively. Room to stop on more pucks and 'lock' onto his check. Top line scoring forward who is still developing at the NHL level and being asked to carry some of the offensive load for Seattle.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Brian DumoulinLogo de Kraken de SeattleDG321 of 176 P3Veteran defenceman who plays to his identity. 2-way 'D' who compliments a more active partner. Generally paired along side Justin Schultz. Stays at 'home' when Schultz is skating pucks up ice or joining as an extra layer of the attack Dumoulin is deployed at ES and PK. He averages around 15:30 TOI overall. Average plus skater. Average offensive skill. Involved. Provides some push back. Blocks shots.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Jordan EberleLogo de Kraken de SeattleAD331 of 177 L2Veteran forward who is being used in a top end role with the Kraken Generally skates along side McCann and Beniers. Averages around 17:30 TOI - ES and PP#1 Does not PK. Element is offense. Skating remains average plus. Sees the ice in the offensive zone. Crafty with the puck on his stick. Provides secondary layer of offense overall.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Adam LarssonLogo de Kraken de SeattleDD311 of 182 P1First pairing 'D' for Seattle Mostly stay at home / 2-way 'D' who contributes some depth offense but his mostly relied upon to match up against top lines and roll over the boards on the first PK unit. Big. Strong. Right shot. Solid skater, not elite. Uses big frame and long reach to his advantage defending in his zone. Physical. Blocks shots. Has the ability to direct pucks on net from distance in the offensive zone. Shoots the puck a lot harder than opponents sometimes recognize. No easy minutes. Averages around 24:00 TOI - ES and PK - Some clean up duty on the PP.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Justin SchultzLogo de Kraken de SeattleDD331 of 178 P3Third pairing 'D' at even strength. PP QB with the man advantage. Averages around 16:30 TOI - Does not PK Transitional defenceman. Ability to skate pucks out of his zone - or join as an extra layer following up on an outlet pass Very little physicality with his approach. Area defender / active stick in the defensive zone. Equal parts shooter / passer on the PP. Team relies on him to chip in offensively.28 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
Auston MatthewsLogo de Maple Leafs de TorontoC264 of 489 FPMatthews has been streaky so far in 23/24. There's another level to his game. Over a ten game segment - November 6th - 30th - he scored 3G-5A - but only 1G-4A in the last nine games of the segment and had a (-5) There have been other inconsistencies as well - including his physicality dropping off and his face-off winning percentage ranging from 30% - 60% game to game. Continues to be deployed in all situations Averages 21:27 TOI - 16:36 ES - 3:37 PP#1 - 1:14PK Can't discount how dangerous a goal scorer he can be, but he scored 11G in four games (including 3 hat tricks) and 3G in the other seventeen games to start the year. 30 nov. 20233 déc. 2023
William BorgenLogo de Kraken de SeattleDD261 of 176 P3Easily defined 2-Way / Leaning stay at home 'D' Averages 17:02 TOI - 15:46 ES - 1:15 PK - Does not have a role on the PP Big body. Average plus skater. Simple with the puck. Takes what is given. Low risk. Physical shot blocker. Matches up against middle six forwards.28 nov. 20232 déc. 2023
Nino NiederreiterLogo de Jets de WinnipegAG313 of 378 L2Second line skill - but playing on the 3rd line with the Jets. Contributing some of the most detailed three zone efforts of his career. Big body. Skilled. Average plus skater in open ice. Using his weight / leverage / puck touch to his advantage in the offensive zone. Compliments his line mates (Appleton and Lowry). Each bring something to their line. Niederreiter is the most skilled of the three. Averages 15:20 TOI - 13:11 ES - 2:07 PP - Very rarely sees the ice on the PK. Credited with 27 hits and 16 shot blocks. Scored 6G-8A in 22GP Impressively 5G-8A at even strength and a (+9) overall.28 nov. 20232 déc. 2023
Adam LowryLogo de Jets de WinnipegC302 of 282 L3The Jets third line is one of the tops in the NHL and Lowry is playing center on the line. Captain. Leads by example. Consistent compete. Huge frame. Physical. Extends plays along the wall and creates a distraction around the opponents crease. Being used in all situations. Averages 15:58 ES - 13:34 ES - 0:09 PP - 2:14 PK 22GP - 4G - 9A - 13pts with (3G-8A) at even strength and (1G) short handed. Credited with 42 hits and 18 shot blocks. Ability to match up against top six forwards and wear down the opponent is attractive element.28 nov. 20232 déc. 2023
William NylanderLogo de Maple Leafs de TorontoAD275 of 590 L1Play driver who continues to provide consistent impact offensively. Elite skater. Fantastic edges. Powerful in open ice. Threat off the rush. Wins the majority of his races to pucks that spill to open space. Leafs leading scorer. Their most consistent offensive threat over the first quarter of the season. Dances around the perimeter. Hard to check. More interior game still required at times. Provides very little physical push back. Motion player in all three zones. Average defensively. Offense wins out. Averages 20:33 TOI - 16:16 ES - 3:34 PP - 0:42 PK - 92 shots on goal in his first 21GP. Monitor his impact versus heavy checking teams like the Boston Bruins.30 nov. 20232 déc. 2023
Joseph WollLogo de Maple Leafs de TorontoG254 of 483 1BWoll has won the net for the Maple Leafs. He will be challenged, over the next stretch of games, to come up with even more timely saves with injuries piling up with the Leafs D core. Big in the net. Generally sound crease composure. Tracking well. Aware of what's happening around him. Butterfly style. Low net coverage has been sound. Won four of five starts from Nov 10th - 30th - With many of those games being decided in OT or the shootout. Monitor his timing dropping into his butterfly. There have been times he's still moving forward when going down - exposing the upper portion of the net in the process. 2.74 GAA .917% so far in 23/24.30 nov. 20232 déc. 2023
Mason AppletonLogo de Jets de WinnipegAD272 of 282 L3Appleton's entire game has gone to another level, so far, in 23/24. Appleton usually plays along side Niederreiter and Lowry. His defensive detail and commitment is excellent. He uses his size and reach to his advantage in all three zones. He's willing to bump opponents off the play and gets in shooting lanes to block shots. His statistics tell don't' lie: 22 GP - Avg TOI 16:36 - 14:24 ES - 0:08 PP - 2:03 PK - 6G-9A - 15PTS - Five goals at ES - One short-handed goal - One short-handed assist - Credited with 21 hits and 14 shot blocks. He's a (+10). Reliable. Competitive. Matches up against top forwards. Playing the best hockey of his career.28 nov. 20231 déc. 2023
Samuel MontembeaultLogo de Canadiens de MontréalG274 of 486 1AMontembeault was presented the challenge of having to battle for the net in Montreal this season, and earn a new contract for the future. He's accomplished both goals in recent weeks. He's appeared in 10 games in 23/24 and posted a 2.73 GAA and .910 save % overall. In his last five game segment (ending Nov 29th) his game went to another level. His save percentage was .931% over that span of games. Big in the net. Athletic. Crease composure / tracking / rebound control / overall focus has improved. Much more consistent. Has the ability to steal games for the Habs. Waiver pick up from the Florida Panthers who is trending towards being Habs #1A in future.30 nov. 20231 déc. 2023
Collin Graf-AD212 of 284 L2Graf was on the radar last year as the leading scorer at Quinnipiac. He's still only a junior, so time will tell what he plans to do at the end of the season. Graf doesn't need a lot of time and space to create in the offensive zone. He reads how the play is developing and has knack for finding 'quiet ice'. He's also a threat off the rush. When he 'reloads' through the neutral zone he has a burst in his skating that creates separation and the ability to find open seams. Graf isn't a heavy lifter in the trenches but he has an active stick and the ability to strip opponents off the puck. His primary ice comes at ES and PP#1. He doesn't PK. It's impossible to teach puck touch and offensive zone creativity. Graf has both.18 nov. 20231 déc. 2023
Nikita ZadorovLogo de Canucks de VancouverDG284 of 480 P2In 21GP for the Flames, before being traded to the Vancouver Canucks, Zadorov averaged 18:24 TOI - 16:39 ES - 0:08 PP - 1:36 PK He scored 1G-5A and was credited with a team leading 41 hits. He also blocked 19 shots. In terms of defensive statistics, he had the worst plus/minus of any Flames defenceman at (-6). A 2-way / Match-up 'D' who can be used as a 2PD or 3PD. Huge frame. Imposing. Physical. He dished out 181 and 174 hits the last two seasons. Zadorov has a heavy shot and can attack off the rush. He scored 14 goals in 22/23. There are times, in games, his spatial awareness and read / react game isn't on time. It's something to monitor in all three zones. Especially with offensive blue line exits.27 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Matt DucheneLogo de Stars de DallasC321 of 185 L2Signed a one-year deal with Dallas, in the off-season, after being bought out by Nashville. Playing with more confidence, compete, and three zone detail. Quick off the rush. Chips pucks behind defenders and usually arrives first. Generally strong in the face-off circle. Wins around 56% of his draws. Contributes offensively. Playing a well rounded game for the Stars. Skates on their second line. Averages around 17:00 TOI at ES and PP. Some clean up duty on the PK. Play driver.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Tyler SeguinLogo de Stars de DallasC311 of 186 L2His compete / consistency in all three zones is arguably as good as it has been in his career. Back playing with pace. Quick off the rush. Dumps pucks in and arrives first. Defensively trustworthy. Solid job on the PK. Generally averages over 55% in the face-off circle Veteran forward who was once relied upon for offense as his primary element. Skates on the Stars second line. Contributes to team success. Averages around 16:30 TOI. Used in all situations.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Evgeni DadonovLogo de Stars de DallasAD341 of 175 L3Risk / Reward skill forward who has traditionally scored in streaks. Averages around 14:00 TOI. All of his ice time comes at ES and PP. Motion player. Not a ton of bump to his approach in the hard areas. When he gets pucks in scoring areas he has the puck touch to create offense quickly. Defensive detail ranges. Does not PK.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Thomas HarleyLogo de Stars de DallasDG221 of 178 P3Young defenceman who's primary minutes come at even strength. Clean up duty on special teams. Easily defined. 2-way 'D'. Could be described as a 2PD or 3PD / combination Moves well for his stature. Long stride. Long reach and big frame takes away time and space for opponents in his zone. Capable of more offense in time. Handles the puck well. Making responsible outlets. Keeping things mostly simple - but effective. Averages over 17:00 TOI.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Wyatt JohnstonLogo de Stars de DallasC202 of 288 L2Potential top line forward in time. Trending up. Being used in all situations. Relentless compete up and down the ice. Plays quick. Threat to produce offense at ES and PP. Also chips in with some short handed offense. Seems to be around the play every shift. Room for improvement in face-off circle ... but hovers around 50%. Averages around 17:00 TOI.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Mason MarchmentLogo de Stars de DallasAG282 of 278 L3Big body. Power forward. Average plus skater. Competes in the trenches. Sacrifices his body to extend plays in the hard areas of the ice. Good puck touch. Can surprise opponents, occasionally, with creative impact off the rush. Deployed at ES and PP. Does not PK. Never backs down from a challenge. Better than secondary scorer who can be streaky.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Roope HintzLogo de Stars de DallasC271 of 191 L1Valuable player who plays a nearly complete game overall. Reliable in any role the coaching staff asks of him. Used in all situations. Averages over 17:00 TOI. Play driver off the rush. Quick in transition. Pucks are on and off his stick effectively in tight quarters. Battles to extend plays. Jumps to space on the PK. No holes in his game overall. Top line forward who deserves more notoriety than he gets.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Esa LindellLogo de Stars de DallasDG291 of 180 P2Plays a significant role for the Dallas Stars. Match-up 'D'. Averages over 19:00 TOI at ES and PK #1 Kills penalties at 5vs4 and 5vs3 Big. Strong. Long reach. Bumps up against opponents. Blocks shots. Competes to win battles defensively. A 2F/3F combination. Ice time will range some nights due to special teams role. Another one of the reliable / trustworthy defenceman on the Stars roster28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Jason RobertsonLogo de Stars de DallasAG241 of 186 L1After a monstrous 22/23 season he got off to a slower start in 23/24. First line forward. High end hockey sense. Recognizes where to be on the ice and how to find quiet ice to produce offense. Leans shooter more than distributor but opponents can't sleep on his playmaking ability. Big body. Long reach. Not physical. Competes his own way. Rarely turns pucks over in high danger areas. Manages the game very well. Compliments his linemates. Averages over 18:00 TOI at ES and PP#1. Doesn't PK. High end offensive talent.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Ryan SuterLogo de Stars de DallasDG381 of 182 P2Veteran of over 1300 NHL games. Continues to contribute in a 2-way role. Rarely leads the rush on his own. Generally paired with Heiskanen. Allows his partner to be more active up ice while he takes care of keeping the play in front of him defensively. Averages around 20:00 TOI. Matches up against top six forwards. Uses at ES and PK. Provides some secondary offense. Pace remains NHL worthy. Reliable leader. Some bump to his game. Blocks shots.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Sam SteelLogo de Stars de DallasC251 of 178 L3Was originally projected to provide offense at the NHL level. Has reinvented himself to a degree. Bottom six forward for Dallas. Averages around 12:30 TOI. Deployed at ES and PK. Not physical. Playing quick. Provides energy. Empties the tank every time his number is called. Competes.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Joe PavelskiLogo de Stars de DallasC391 of 183 L1Veteran forward who continues to play to his identity offensively. Skates on the Stars top line. Averages around 16:30 TOI. Deployed at ES and PP#1 Elite puck touch. One of the best players in the game tipping pucks and finding rebounds around the crease. Quick release. Doesn't play with exceptional pace but his hockey sense takes him to areas of the ice that lead to results. Reliable. Competes.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Craig SmithLogo de Stars de DallasAD341 of 168 L4Veteran forward Depth role All of his ice time comes at ES. Averages around 10:00 TOI Potential to pitch in with some depth scoring at times. Aggressive directing pucks on net when he gets a look.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Jamie BennLogo de Stars de DallasAG341 of 183 L2Entire game, the last two seasons, has been more reliable overall. More engaged in all three zones. Adequate pace. Not a burner in open ice. Plays a heavy / skilled game in the offensive zone. Hard to move off the play along the wall and around the crease. Veteran point producer who averages around 15:00 TOI. Used in all situations. Wins over 55% of his draws.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Radek FaksaLogo de Stars de DallasC291 of 179 L3Reliable bottom six forward for the Stars Plays with pace. Averages around 13:00 TOI. Deployed ES and PK. Primary match up forward who checks against top lines. At times he will pitch in with some depth offense. Wins over 55% of his draws. A combination 3F/4F depending on opponent.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Ty DellandreaLogo de Stars de DallasC231 of 178 L3Tough start to the 23/24 season offensively after a nice year in 22/23 Mostly depth role. Majority of his ice time comes at ES and PK. Does not have a spot on either PP unit. Plays quick. Competes. Tracks up and down the ice. Has the skill set to produce offense. Needs time. 28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Nils LundkvistLogo de Stars de DallasDD231 of 183 P22-way 'D' who does also have a transitional element. Solid skater. Sound spatial awareness. Sees the ice in all three zones. Responsible on and off the play. Agile. Mobile. Distributes accurately. Has the ability to walk the line in the offensive zone and direct pucks on net from range. Being deployed at ES and PP#2. Doesn't PK. Engaged. Competes. Averages around 15:00 TOI. Motion player. Not a ton of physicality. On the rise. Trending up. Valuable 'right-shot D' who looks capable of even more minutes.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Miro HeiskanenLogo de Stars de DallasDG241 of 194 FPOne of the most elite skaters in the entire NHL. Beautiful stride. Outstanding edges. Good size. Has some bump to his game on occasion, but generally an area defender who wins races to space and uses his long reach to his advantage. Blocks shots on the PK. Transitional 'D'. Used in all situations. Averages over 25:00 TOI. Has the skill to lead the rush, or join as an extra layer off the attack. On the PP he is elusive on the offensive blue line. Walks the line to create passing and shooting lanes. Elite in almost every category. Consistent compete. Franchise Player.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Jani HakanpääLogo de Stars de DallasDD311 of 177 P3Massive stature. Right shot. Third pairing 'D' who has a primary role on the first PK unit. Kills penalties at 5/4 and 5/3. Long reach is an asset. Bodies up. Blocks shots. No frills about his game. Simple with the puck. Average plus skater. Limited offense. Competes. Battles. Knows what he is and doesn't take risks outside his comfort zone. Hard to play against. Averages around 19:00 TOI.28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Scott WedgewoodLogo de Stars de DallasG311 of 170 2BNHL #2B who plays a butterfly-athletic style. Crease composure ranges. There are times he's too active with his tracking - opening up net in the process - especially if he gets too wide with his push. Average across the board in almost every category but also enough ability to come up with a positive performance and wins. Historically his GAA at the NHL level has ranged from 2.72 - 3.45. Save % has ranged from .893 - .91628 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Jake OettingerLogo de Stars de DallasG241 of 188 1AClear cut #1 for the Stars. One of the top tier starters in the NHL Big in the net. Butterfly/Hybrid style. Sound crease composure. Squares up. Rarely gets outside his posts. High end glove hand. Pucks find him in traffic due to stature and positioning. Has ability to be a difference maker and and steal games on any given night. Last three seasons his GAA has hovered between 2.35 and 2.53. Save % .914 - .9191 Young starter with many years still ahead of him. 28 nov. 202330 nov. 2023
Ryan LombergLogo de Panthers de la FlorideAG282 of 275 L4Plays to a consistent identity. Depth energy provider. 4th line forward who gets under the skin of opponents High end compete. Good pace. Pitches in occasionally offensively. Never goes away. Physical. Contributes in his role. Averages around 9:00 TOI27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Oliver Ekman-LarssonLogo de Panthers de la FlorideDG321 of 188 P2After a difficult stretch in Vancouver he has returned to form in Florida Being used in all situations. Averages around 22:00 TOI. More confident in all three zones. Defensive detail has been sound. Blocks shots on the PK. Battles to gain possession of pucks. Some bump to his game at times, but not overly physical. Uses his quickness to get places ahead of opponents. Offensively he is directing pucks on goal on the PP, launching accurate outlets, and pinching down to extend offensive zone time.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Kevin StenlundLogo de Panthers de la FlorideC271 of 178 L4A fourth-line journeyman who is playing a bigger role in Florida. Averages around 13:00 TOI. Used in all situations - ES - Primary PK - Depth PP Big body. Long reach. Finishes his checks. Battles to extend plays. Active stick on the PK taking away time and space. Everything about his game has gone to a new level. Time will tell if he can maintain momentum. Trustworthy. Competes.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Niko MikkolaLogo de Panthers de la FlorideDG271 of 181 P2Big, rangy, physical, '2-way D'. Has the ability to be thrust into a variety of roles. Can match up against top six forwards. A primary penalty killer. His long reach, and big frame, make it difficult on opponents to make plays around him. Solid skater on straight lines. Average plus edges / agility. Moves well, overall, for his stature. Manages the puck. Shoots the puck with authority from range. Provides some depth / secondary offense. Averages around 20:00 TOI.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Brandon MontourLogo de Panthers de la FlorideDD291 of 191 P1Missed most of the first quarter of the season recovering from off-season surgery. Coming off a career year offensively. Logs north of 24:00 TOI - ES - PP #1 - PK #2 Matches up against top opponents. Great skater. Pushes the play offensively. Joins the rush as an extra layer. Pinches down to extend offensive zone time. Quick to space / closing on opponents in the defensive zone. Never backs down. Competes physically. Always involved. High end compete. Has taken his game to 1st pairing level.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Gustav ForslingLogo de Panthers de la FlorideDG271 of 189 P2Doesn't get the attention, or credit, he deserves compared to some other names on the Panthers 'D'. Used in all situations. Excellent skater. Sound defender. Head on a swivel / spatial awareness / reads and reacts very well in the defensive zone. Has the legs to lead the rush on his own or join as an extra layer Sneaky shot from distance. Can beat NHL goalies clean. Sets up on the weak side on the second PP unit. Solid one timer. Reliable in a variety of roles. Matches up against top six forwards. Some bump to his game. Blocks shots. Does a lot of 'little things' very well. Could be a top pairing on some teams. Averages over 23:00 TOI.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Eetu LuostarinenLogo de Panthers de la FlorideC251 of 182 L3Big body center who is used in a variety of roles for FLA. Tall, rangy, pushes back physically when required. Solid in the face-off circle. Generally on the right side of 50% winning key draws. When he isn't producing offense he can be relied upon on the PK and to check properly in the defensive zone. Break out year in 22/23 with 17g-23a. Offense has been slower to arrive in 23/24. Averages over 16:00 TOI - ES - PK - secondary PP. 27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Sergei BobrovskyLogo de Panthers de la FlorideG351 of 187 1AHas picked up where he left off last spring in the Panthers run to the Stanley Cup Final Butterfly / Athletic style. Active. Excellent lateral quickness. Has the ability to make acrobatic stops reading the play and moving side to side. Competes to make saves. Something clicked last spring. He's more confident looking with his approach. Limiting poor goals against. Making timely stops when required. Carries a heavy load in FLA27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Uvis BalinskisLogo de Panthers de la FlorideDG271 of 172 P3Depth defenceman who is likely to be in / out of the lineup for stretches Solid skater. Tracks up and down the ice effectively on straight lines. Occasionally joins the rush as an extra layer. Can pinch down to extend plays and retreat to defend on time. Generally keeps things simple. If nothing is available, he chips pucks to open space. Has no issues with bumping up against opponents or absorbing contact to make a play. Defensively there are times he loses body positioning on his check below the hash marks and around his crease. Work to do containing / boxing out.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Carter VerhaegheLogo de Panthers de la FlorideC281 of 184 L1Has found a home at the top of the lineup with the Panthers. Break out season in 22/23 when he scored 42 goals. Fantastic release. Corrals pucks and rips them on net in traffic. Can be a threat off the rush. Open ice pace creates separation. Leans shooter more than distributor by a wide margin. Exceptionally dangerous on the PP. Reads the ice / finds space in the offensive zone. Reliable enough defensively. Averages around 18:00 TOI - ES and PP#1 - does not PK. Brings skill, speed, and goal scoring as primary elements. Not a physical player.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Nick CousinsLogo de Panthers de la FlorideC301 of 176 L3Middle of the lineup forward who brings energy and compete. A player who can get under the skin of opponents. Tenacious. Doesn't shy away from traffic. Battles to extend plays. Not huge in stature, but more than willing to finish his checks. Has shown a propensity to score timely goals. Provides secondary / depth offense overall. Averages around 12:30 TOI - Bulk of his ice time comes at ES - some secondary PP - doesn't PK.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Matthew TkachukLogo de Panthers de la FlorideAG252 of 287 FPA bit of a throwback. Plays the game with a mix of tenacity, skill and physicality. Gets under the skin of opponents. A distraction. Never goes away. Always comes back for more. Competes in all over the ice. Battles along the wall. Goes to the crease. Produces high end offense. Creative in tight quarters. Leads by example. Ultimate team guy. There are nights he crosses the line and can be a bit 'over the top' with his edginess, but there is not denying his value to team results overall. Averages over 19:00 TOI - ES and PP - rarely PK27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Steven LorentzLogo de Panthers de la FlorideC271 of 167 L4Depth forward who averages less than 8:00 per game. Has shown, in the past, he can pitch in with some depth offense. Good size. Has some bump to his game. Involved. Competes. The kind of player who could be in and out of the lineup at times. When his number is called he empties the tank27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Evan RodriguesLogo de Panthers de la FlorideAG302 of 280 L3Veteran forward who can be used on any one of the top three forward lines. Quick to space. Plays the game fast in open ice. Competes the full length of the ice. Deceptive release. Pucks are off his stick accurately in tight quarters. Has a role at ES and PP. Logs around 17:00 TOI. Compliments anyone he plays with. Reliable.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Aleksander BarkovLogo de Panthers de la FlorideC281 of 195 FPOne of the most complete player in the entire league. Logs over 20:00 TOI in all situations. Matches up against top opponents. Drives the play in transition. Elite vision / playmaker. Creative. Deceptive release. Sees plays developing ahead of time. Almost a sure thing in the shootout. No holes. Doesn't cut corners. Big. Strong. Excellent skater. Hard to defend. Panthers Captain27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Anton LundellLogo de Panthers de la FlorideC221 of 183 L3Young forward who is still developing at the NHL level. High end hockey IQ. Plays the game with detail. Skating has improved as he matures. Not a burner in open ice but has shown he can transport the puck with more pace and get to small areas quicker. Used in all situations. Averages over 15:00 TOI. Responsible on and off the puck in all three zones. Wins over 50% of his draws. For now, he contributes secondary layer of offense, but there is another potential level on the horizon.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Sam ReinhartLogo de Panthers de la FlorideAD281 of 187 L1Got off to a fantastic start to the season and hasn't looked back. Riding wave of consistent contribution offensively. Deployed in all situations. Averages over 20:00 TOI. Leans shooter more than distributor. Reads the ice very well. Finds quiet ice. Quick / accurate release. Tracking the full 200ft. Improved commitment / detail defensively. Competing, arguably, the hardest he has in his career. All round game has gone to another level27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Jonah GadjovichLogo de Panthers de la FlorideAG251 of 166 L4Depth forward. Very limited role. Averages less than 8:00 TOI Has shown he can score goals at the minor league level, but has a different role in the NHL. Skating holds him back from finding time and space to create offense. Resorts to physical / energy role. Finishes his checks. Involved. A 13th forward who will likely be in and out of lineup.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Sam BennettLogo de Panthers de la FlorideAG271 of 185 L3Struggled with injury to start the 23/24 season. Logs around 17:00 TOI per game. Primary role at ES and PP. Some clean up PK. Plays fast. Battles for space along the wall and out front the net. Has a nasty streak at times. Doesn't back down from confrontation. Equal parts play maker / shooter. Florida roles all four lines. His role lands somewhere between 2F / 3F27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Dmitry KulikovLogo de Panthers de la FlorideDG331 of 176 P3Veteran 2-way 'D' who is deployed at ES and PK Keeps his game relatively simple. Outlets effectively. Pinches down occasionally to extend plays in the offensive zone. Closes on opponents in his zone. Finishes his checks. Blocks shots on the PK. Leans third pairing but can slide in to second pairing if required. Like any NHL defenceman, he's at his best when he plays with poise and doesn't run out of his way to finish a check or chase gaps.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Aaron EkbladLogo de Panthers de la FlorideDD271 of 188 P1The start of his 23/24 season was delayed due to off-season shoulder surgery. Has come back strong. Plays a ton of minutes in all situations. Significant role on the PP / PK / and matching up against top forwards. Blocks shots. Mid-range physicality. Pinches down to keep pucks alive in the offensive zone. Walks the blue line to direct pucks on net. Finds open lanes on the PP. Contributes in all facets of the game for the Panthers. Gap control / timing / can range at times.27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Anthony StolarzLogo de Panthers de la FlorideG291 of 183 2AProviding exactly what is expected out of a backup goalie for the Panthers. Only playing occasionally, but holding down the fort when it's his turn to play Massive goalie. Takes up a ton of net. Playing with poise. Crease composure has been excellent. Squares up. Absorbs pucks. Hard to beat from range. Battles to make second stops. Sometimes pucks find him through traffic simply due to his stature. 27 nov. 202329 nov. 2023
Daniel VladarLogo de Flames de CalgaryG264 of 481 2AShowing signs of establishing himself as a more trustworthy option for the Flames Example being the game vs Vegas (November 27th) when he was not scheduled to get the start but Markstrom came down with the flu and he was thrust into action in a huge game. Battling. Pushing laterally more effectively. Improved rebound control. Better focus finding pucks through traffic. Making timely saves in all three periods. Everything about his game looks more confident and focused. Better gloves. Closing his pads to smother pucks on breakaways. Monitor consistency.27 nov. 202328 nov. 2023
Alex OvechkinLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAG382 of 284 FPNo secrets at this stage of his career. Elite shooter. Remains difficult to defend on the weak side flank on the PP. Pushes the pace on occasion. Shift length effects how quick he plays the game overall. Heavy in the trenches. Big, strong, hard to move off the crease and push off pucks along the wall. Defensive detail / commitment has always ranged. Offense will always win out. Competes his own way. Averages over 20:00 TOI - ES and PP#1 - Does not PK24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Nicolas Aubé-KubelLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAD273 of 368 RLDepth forward. Minor league recall / 4F Skates well. Provides energy. Doesn't produce much offensively. Has struggled to find a role on the PK. A 13F.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Evgeny KuznetsovLogo de Capitals de WashingtonC312 of 283 L1Plays the role of 1C for the Capitals. Can be a bit of an enigma on any given night. Good size. Moves well. Sees the ice. Play maker. Loads of offensive skill. Being deployed in all situations. Understands his role and identifies well on the PK. Not physical. Motion player. Active stick defending in his zone. Can be a threat off the rush ... with and without the puck on his stick. Consistency ranges.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
T.J. OshieLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAG362 of 278 L3His offense has tapered off in recent years, but he empties the tank for the good of the group. Plays consistently hard between the whistles. Brings a combination of energy and better than average skill. Middle bumper on PP#2. Competes to extend plays. Tracks back the full 200ft. Pace is average plus.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
John CarlsonLogo de Capitals de WashingtonDD332 of 287 P1Top pairing 'D' who logs a ton of ice time in all situations. His pace ranges. At times it appears like he is saving energy and has room to play the game quicker and faster. Equal parts shooter / distributor on the PP. Shot blocker in the defensive zone. Averages over 26:00 TOI. Aggressive getting pucks to the net in the offensive zone.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Trevor van RiemsdykLogo de Capitals de WashingtonDD322 of 277 P2Mostly 'stay at home' defenceman who rolls over the boards at ES and the PK. Matches up against top three lines. Not physical. Blocks shots. Average plus skater. Out of the blocks he takes a bit of time to get up to speed. Once up to speed he is the kind of player that will look to distribute / or gain the red line and dump the puck deep. Keeps things simple. Reliable. No frills. Right shot. Good size. Active stick on the PK. If he brings offense its a bonus.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Beck MalenstynLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAG251 of 175 L3A 3F / 4F depending on opponents and in game scenarios. Good size. Moves well. Competes. Goes to the hard areas to battle and extend plays. Finishes his checks. Blocks shots. Role player. Opens up space for line mates. Averages around 13:00 TOI - ES and PK. Works the entire 200ft / zone to zone.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Matthew PhillipsLogo de Capitals de WashingtonC251 of 177 L4Undersize skill forward who's hard to contain in small areas. Has the skill / vision / and ability to escape pressure and make plays in the offensive zone. Quick catch and release in high danger areas. Fringe NHL player overall, but a proven scorer in the AHL who could end up providing a secondary layer of scoring - especially on the PP Extended time in the defensive zone can be a physical issue.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Tom WilsonLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAD291 of 183 L2Power forward. Averages over 18:00 TOI Deployed in all situations. Leans goal scorer more than distributor. Extends plays along the wall. Solid skater. Heavy player to defend off the rush - and overall. Plays on the edge. Imposing figure. At times lacks discipline / crosses the line ... Competes. Cares. Stands up for his team mates. A bit of a throwback approach.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Martin FehérváryLogo de Capitals de WashingtonDG242 of 283 P2A reliable '2-way D' who logs the bulk of his minutes against top six forwards and on the primary PK. Solid read/react in his zone. Jumps to pressure pucks on the perimeter. Leans on opponents. Competes to keep the puck out of his net. Outlets are well thought out and generally on time. Glue guy. Provides depth scoring in his role. Keeps the play in front of him.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Anthony ManthaLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAG292 of 275 L3Big body forward who moves very well for his stature. Despite his size he's more of motion player than a physically dominating power forward. Good puck touch. Excellent release. Picks his spots energy wise. More compete would result in more trust and more consistent results. Foundation is attractive. Capable of moving up in the lineup. Streaky. Element is offense. Can be a threat off the rush when he gains the edge. Net front / middle bumper role on the PP. Majority of his ice time comes at ES and PP.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Rasmus SandinLogo de Capitals de WashingtonDD233 of 385 P2Has evolved into a solid second pairing 'D' who can be used in the top pairing if required. 2-Way / Transitional 'D' who distributes and joins the rush as an extra layer. In the defensive zone he will surprise opponents, occasionally, by gapping up and finishing his checks with authority. Rotates well into shooting lanes to block shots. Averages over 23:00 TOI. Bulk of his TOI comes at ES and PP. Some secondary PK. Leans distributor more than shooter in the offensive zone. 24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Hendrix LapierreLogo de Capitals de WashingtonC211 of 175 L4Young, still developing, combination energy / skill forward. Averages less than 10:00 TOI when he's in the lineup. Not physical, but is tenacious along the wall attempting to extend plays. Has the skating ability to win races up ice as an extra layer. Room for significant improvement in the face-off circle. A 4F for now ... but at least a 3F in the future. Capable of providing secondary layer of scoring and finding a role, eventually, on special teams.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Alexander AlexeyevLogo de Capitals de WashingtonDG241 of 172 P3Third pairing 'D' who takes the majority of his shifts at even strength. Big body. Not physical. In the way. Absorbs contact to move pucks out of dangers. Long reach is an asset. Adequate distributor. Can't afford to hold onto the puck too long / doesn't have the creativity or escape ability to get too cute. Good feet for his stature. Competes. Recognizes his role. Keeps his game mostly simple. Averages around 11:30 TOI24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Nic DowdLogo de Capitals de WashingtonC332 of 282 L3Valuable middle / bottom six forward who plays a key role on the penalty kill and matching up against top six forwards. Good skater. Plays with detail in all three zones. Takes key draws. Rolls over the boards on the 5vs4 PK and 5vs3 PK. Blocks shots. Has some battle to his game in the hard areas of the ice. Provides secondary layer of offense. Reliable veteran forward. Has battled back from injury. Averages north of 15:00 TOI - ES - PK At times some clean up duty on the PP.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Connor McMichaelLogo de Capitals de WashingtonC221 of 184 L3Evolving player who is still a developing prospect overall. Future 2F is likely. 3F for now in his current role. Earning shifts in a variety of roles. Deployed in all situations. Skates around 15:00 per game. On occasion he shows a burst of speed, especially off the puck, attacking through the neutral zone. Good puck touch. Equal parts distributor / shooter. Not a ton of bump to his game. Mostly a motion player. Not a grind it out along the boards / in the trenches player. Room for improvement in the face-off circle. Well below 50%.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Aliaksei ProtasLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAD222 of 279 L3Trending in a positive direction Big body. Long stride. Long reach. Solid puck touch. Ability to shoot the puck in stride. Extends plays around the net and along the wall with his reach. Not overly physical. Difficult to defend when he boxes out opponents. Once up to speed he can be a threat to make plays off the rush. First three strides will likely always be a bit deliberate due to stature. Responsible. Doesn't cheat in the defensive zone. At this stage of his development he's skating 4F minutes, averaging around 11:00 per game at ES and PK#2. Providing secondary offense Competes.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Dylan StromeLogo de Capitals de WashingtonC262 of 281 L2Strome has proven to be a reliable point producer since arriving in Washington. Deployed in a top six role. Borders on being the Caps top center. Averages around 18:00 TOI. Used at ES and PP#1 Capable skater. Not exceptionally fast. Not slow. Lacks a physical element for his stature, but uses his long reach and frame to shield pucks in the offensive zone and interrupt flow in the defensive zone Pounces on opportunities in high dangers areas. Takes advantage of his chances. On pace, in 23/24 to score the most goals of his career. Solid in the face-off circle. Wins around 55% of his draws.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Sonny MilanoLogo de Capitals de WashingtonAG271 of 172 L3Skilled, middle of the lineup, secondary scorer. Somewhat sheltered minutes at even strength. Best suited to match up against middle / bottom six opponents. Average plus skater. Motion player who has the ability to push the play through the neutral zone and make plays just inside the opponents blue line. Not a ton of physical push back. Excellent puck touch. Has a role on the second PP unit. Averages around 13:00 TOI. Deployed at ES and PP. Defensive detail / commitment ranges24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Joel EdmundsonLogo de Capitals de WashingtonDG301 of 180 P2Started the year with injury and missed significant time. '2-way D' Big body. Capable distributing outlets from his zone. Uses his length and reach to his advantage defending against the rush and in his zone. Opponents have difficulty making plays around his frame. Physical when required. Blocks shots. Match-up 'D' who plays against opponents top six forwards. Average plus skater. Not fast, not slow. Limited offensively. Looks after his zone as a priority.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Nick JensenLogo de Capitals de WashingtonDD331 of 181 P2Averages over 20:00 TOI Deployed at ES and PK Right - shot - '2-way / Leaning Defensive D' More quick than fast. Jumps to space to take away time and space effectively. Willing to bump up against opponents and block shots. Tasked with matching up against top six forwards. Any offense that he generates is a bonus. Head on a swivel / solid spatial awareness Reliable. Plays to his strengths. Competes.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Charlie LindgrenLogo de Capitals de WashingtonG292 of 284 1BSouth paw goalie who gives the shooter a different look. Good size but does have a deep stance that makes him appears shorter in the net Sound crease composure. Plays between his posts. No unnecessary movement. Good feet. Low net coverage is sound. Solid rebound control. If he sees the puck, clean from range, he absorbs shots very well. Does get playing a bit deep in his crease at times / almost along the goal line when opponents have extended zone time - exposing high quadrants in the process. Trending up overall - Easily provides a 50/50 option for starts.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Darcy KuemperLogo de Capitals de WashingtonG332 of 280 1BBig body in the net Butterfly / hybrid / paddle down on occasion style Rarely outside the blue paint. Size affords him the opportunity to play deep in his crease Tracking, from side to side, ranges. Generally squares up to the play from distance - resulting in pucks finding him through traffic. There are times he struggles to time his 'drops' into his butterfly - exposing space over his pads and between his legs A #1B more than a #1A.24 nov. 202327 nov. 2023
Mika ZibanejadLogo de Rangers de New YorkC301 of 191 L1Complete player. Does it all for NYR. Matches up against top lines. Takes key face-offs. Equal parts shooter / distributor. Elite offensively overall. Difference maker. Competes. Used in all situations. Plays the game with three zone detail.25 nov. 202326 nov. 2023
K'Andre MillerLogo de Rangers de New YorkDG231 of 183 P2Big, strong, '2-way D' who is being used in all situations with NYR. Strong skater. Game management has evolved. More reliable and consistent with his reads and play making. Gaps up to take away time and space with his long reach and large frame. Has the legs to lead a rush occasionally. Can also join as an extra layer. Provides better than secondary offense overall.25 nov. 202326 nov. 2023