Rapport de dépistage de Anton Silayev

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Le Groupe Pro Hockey
Créé: 9 mars 2024
Mis à jour: 30 mars 2024
Type de talent: Amateur
Position observée: Défenseur droitier
Âge lorsqu'obeservé: 17
Projection: Première paire
Tendance: Futur espoir
Anniversaire: 11 avr. 2006
Taille: 6' 7 | 201 cm
Poids: 212 lbs | 96 kg
Non repêché
It's not too often a 'defensive defenceman' is as highly touted as Silayev, but he's deserving of a top five ranking for this draft, and could go as high as second overall. He's a massive defender who takes advantage of his stature, and long reach, to keep opponents away from his crease. He's also a fantastic skater who has no problem defending against a speed rush, or moving in and out of small areas with his excellent agility.
Silayev won't provide much offensively, but his ability to kill plays defensively and move pucks from his zone will contribute greatly to team success.
The kind of defenceman who would compliment players like Cale Makar / Quinn Hughes
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2023-24Torpedo Nizhny NovgorodKHL633811-910
2023-24Chaika Nizhny NovgorodMHL000000
2022-23Russia U17 (all)International-Jr8000129
2022-23Chaika Nizhny NovgorodMHL41268-328
2021-22Russia U16 (all)International-Jr500066
2021-22Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod U18Russia U18 Finals8022010
2021-22Team Volga Region U16Districts Cup U168022-6
  • Esprit de compétition/Constence: 94
  • Départs en zone défensive: 89
  • QI Hockey: 90
  • Départs en zone offensive: 89
  • Infériorité Numérique: 89
  • Avantage Numérique: 70
  • Robustesse: 89
  • Maniement de rondelle/Passe: 88
  • Lancer: 85
  • Patin: 90
  • 20%: Esprit de compétition/Constence, QI Hockey, Patin
  • 12%: Maniement de rondelle/Passe
  • 8%: Lancer
  • 4%: Départs en zone défensive, Départs en zone offensive, Infériorité Numérique, Avantage Numérique, Robustesse