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Note: Reports prior to Sept 2023 were originally graded out of ten, and also included additional categories that have been merged into the current categories.
This likely results in the overall ratings prior to 2023 being decreased in comparison to reports since Sept 2023.

For an `Apples to Apples` comparison between players, we recommend only comparing reports before, or after, Sept 2023.
Results will average out accordingly as more data is accumulated.
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Evan BouchardLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDD243 of 382 P2The Edmonton Oilers are starting to string wins together, and Bouchard has been playing to his identity offensively. Over his last five game segment he contributed 0G-5A. He's coming off a 3 assist game in the Oilers comeback win vs Seattle. Bouchard is also a (+3) in the segment. He's logging a ton of ice time - averaging 23:54 TOI for the year - 21:14 ES - 2:40 PP. He very rarely penalty kills. In fact, his defensive detail (and commitment to reads / reacts / gaps / contain) has ranged wildly. His offense wins out overall. But as the games get harder and harder as the season progresses he will need to be more crisp in his zone. Monitor defensive detail in relation to offensive production.15 nov. 202318 nov. 2023
Evan BouchardLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDD232 of 381 P2The kind of player who can impact the game offensively - especially on the PP - but also look sleepy at even strength and lack detail. When he's on his game he identifies as a 'Transitional D' and PP QB. Equal parts distributor / shooter. Shoots the puck a ton. Can beat NHL goalies, clean, from range. Accuracy ranges. Defensive detail comes down to how engaged he is mentally and how fast he is playing the game. There are times he doesn't provide enough jump to space / to kill plays or engage his check defensively. Room for more effort and detail - on and off the puck. His offensive element isn't masking his deficiencies to start the year. 4GP - 0G - 4A - (-5) Averaging 21:51 TOI - 17:01 ES - 4:28 PP - 0:22 PK19 oct. 202321 oct. 2023
Ryan McLeodLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC242 of 279 L3On the cusp of either providing more offense or being defined as a secondary scorer / 3F match-up forward. Has added considerable strength as he matured. Plays quick and fast. Gets the edge off the rush / creates a lane to the net that he could take advantage of more often. Extends plays below the goal line. Works off the cycle. Missed games with injury in (22/23). Played 51 games - averaged 14:11 TOI - used in all situations. Monitoring his role and if he defines himself more overall. Looks capable of more offense.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Warren FoegeleLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAG271 of 177 L4Good size forward who competes / plays with pace. Can be a threat off the rush. Also has ability to disrupt opponents breakout when he pressures the play up ice as F1. Has struggled with consistency at times but did produce 13G-15A in (22/23) while averaging only 12:42 TOI. Deployed mostly at ES. Clean up duty on PP and PK. Has the skill to slide into higher role in lineup if required but generally slotted in the bottom six.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Zach HymanLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAD311 of 183 L2Leads by example Not the most naturally skilled scorer in the NHL but his relentless compete and willingness to battle in the trenches separates him from the pack. Physicality comes in the form of leaning on opponents / setting screens / boxing out defenders along the boards to extend plays. Averaged 20:09 TOI in (22/23) ES and PP#1 - very rarely used on the PK Aggressive directing pucks on net. When he gets a lane / look, with the play on his stick, his first instinct is to drive pucks on net (276 SOG last season) Takes a beating out front the net but never backs down.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Mattias JanmarkLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAG301 of 173 L4Depth forward Provides some secondary scoring Deployed at ES and PK Has been averaging around 14:30 TOI for the past several seasons. Competes. Good pace. Not overly physical. Responsible. Low risk / low event in his zone. Not elite in any one category.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Leon DraisaitlLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC271 of 189 FPOne of the most elite players in the entire NHL Big, strong, offensively gifted. Picks teams apart on the PP. Scored 32G-30A with man advantage in (22/23) Plays at his own pace. Size provides him advantage to shield defenders and use his length as an advantage. Fantastic puck touch. Averaged 21:44 TOI last year - deployed in all situations Defensive detail can range. There are nights he's late with his offensive zone exits. Given his production his (+7) rating is somewhat surprising. At the end of the day his elite offensive talent wins out.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Connor McDavidLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC261 of 196 FPThe most dangerous offensive player in the entire NHL Fantastic skater. Quick. Fast. Elusive. Almost impossible to defend off the rush when he has a full head of steam. Goal scoring went to a new level in 22/23 season Averages over 22:00 TOI - used in all situations Detail, defensively, has room to be better at times ... but he more than makes up for it with his offense. Competes. Pushes back along the wall. Generational talent.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Ryan Nugent-HopkinsLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC301 of 184 L1Found another level to his game in (22/23) Played all 82 games. Averaged 19:48 TOI. Used in all situations. Exceptional results on the PP. Scored 15G-38A. Play driver off the rush. Aggressive directing pucks on net. Has the IQ to find 'quiet' ice in the offensive zone. Sees the ice. Makes plays. Considering the importance of winning face-offs, his 45% winning percentage is an area he can improve upon.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Evander KaneLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAG322 of 282 L2Missed significant time with injury in (22/23) Dressed for 41 games. Averaged 18:42 TOI. Used in all situations. Big. Strong. Power forward. Plays with pace. Never backs down from contact. Difficult to defend / contain in the offensive zone when physically engaged. There are nights he plays with a chip on his shoulder and can lose focus / get baited into penalties or uneven play ... but his presence is important for the Oilers as a team.11 oct. 202314 oct. 2023
Dylan HollowayLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC221 of 172 L4Has proven he can produce offense at the AHL level but has not established consistent results in the NHL. Playing a depth role with the Oilers. In 51GP last season he averaged 9:35 TOI. Deployed at ES and very rarely on the PP. Good size. Plays quick. Involved in the trenches. Pushes back. A work in progress. Monitoring if he can provide more offense or is leaning energy / checker.11 oct. 202313 oct. 2023
Derek RyanLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC361 of 171 L4Depth role player who averaged 11:09 TOI in (22/23) Deployed at ES and PK Competes, plays quick, tenacious off the puck. Generally light but he's involved. Wins 50% of his face-offs. Sneaks up on opponents offensively. Chips in with depth scoring. Hard match-ups defensively, especially on the road, can be a challenge some nights.11 oct. 202313 oct. 2023
Philip BrobergLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDG221 of 173 P3His development has been slow to arrive as a consistent NHL defenceman who can be trusted in a regular role. Big body who moves well - Came into the league projected as a potential transitional defenceman who could man one of the PP units. Instead he is being deployed at ES and some PK when he plays. Skated in 46 regular season games in (22/23) - averaged 12:36 TOI. In playoffs, when he did dress, he averaged only 6:53 TOI. Undefined - needs to solidify a role - puck play needs to be more consistent and reliable - has to show more detail on and off the puck defensively. A work in progress.2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Vincent DesharnaisLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDD271 of 174 P3Big body defender who earned the trust of the Oilers coaching staff in (22/23) Dressed for 36 regular season games - averaged 13:32 TOI at ES and PK. Physical presence. Average plus skater for NHL - Same for puck skill / execution Hockey sense to keep things simple when required - no frills - finishes his checks / blocks shots / uses his length and long reach to his advantage - Dressed for all Oilers playoff games - same role as regular season - A bottom pairing 'Defensive D' - Monitor hard match-ups on the road when opponents have last change - better suited vs bottom six forwards2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Brett KulakLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDG293 of 378 P3A reliable '2-way D' who moves well and stays in his lane Generally low risk approach - Can play a role in all three D pairings if required Mid-range bump to his game - also willing to block shots Nothing elite / Nothing poor about his overall game Averaged 17:30 TOI in regular season - 105 hits - 106 shot blocks Ice time fell off marginally in playoffs - but not a red flag - mostly due to special teams Signed through (25/26) - goof value for his role - $2.75M AAV2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Darnell NurseLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDG281 of 185 P1Big, strong, physical defenceman who logs a ton of ice time for the Oilers. Used in all situations. Averaged over 23:00 TOI (overall) including playoffs - in (22/23). Has a nasty streak. Sometimes crosses the line - but keeps opponents aware in the process. Long stride. Capable puck mover. Provides better than secondary offense. Has ability to lead the rush on his own or join an an extra layer - 146 hits - 164 shot blocks At times he looks off his first option and takes too long moving pucks - resulting in turnovers in key areas of the ice. Law of averages at times with the amount of TOI he logs. Sometimes, however, less = more and he could keep things more simple.2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Mattias EkholmLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDD331 of 184 P1A workhorse who logs a ton of ice in all situations. ES / PP#2 / PK#1 - '2-way D' Averaged nearly 22:00 TOI when the games got harder at the end of the regular season and into playoffs. Matches up against top lines. Brings combination of size, grit, high-end hockey IQ, and secondary offense. A top-pairing 'D' who manages the game exceptionally well. Settles things down on the Oilers back end. A young looking 33 year old veteran. Signed through 25/26 - $6.0M AAV2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Cody CeciLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDD291 of 178 P2Provided valuable minutes for the Oilers in (22/23) Averaged over 20:00 TOI - deployed at ES and PK - does not see the ice on the PP - Some hard match ups / especially on the road vs top six opponents - Provides some push back (139 hits) and blocks shots (110) / gets in the lane to disrupt opponents. He's a better version of himself at this stage of his career than he was earlier. 2-way 'D' / leaning Defensive 'D' at times. Keeps things closer to the vest. He's not a #3 but is a #4 the way he plays the game in its current state. Can be paired with a more active partner. Signed through 24/25 - $3.25M AAV - 29 years young - feels like he's been in the league forever2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Evan BouchardLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDD231 of 381 P2His compete and consistency improved steadily in (22/23) to the point he was logged a team high 23:00 TOI in playoffs. Proficient on the PP but the majority of his scoring came at ES. Shoots the puck with authority. Can beat goalies clean from distance. Big body but not punishing physically. A bumper at best. Average shot blocker. Uses his long reach and range to keep opponents to the perimeter. If his playoffs stats are the start of the next level he will be fun to watch and he's signed to a value contract - $3.9M through 24/25 - Playoff stats to end the season speak for themselves - 2-way / Transitional 'D' / PP QB - Top pairing is possible in time2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Stuart SkinnerLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonG241 of 180 1BYoung goaltender who took a massive step forward last season and won the net in Edmonton Big in the net - tall in his butterfly - takes up a ton of space - Strong regular season stats - 2.73 GAA - .914 save % - not elite however - room to go to another level before being christened a #1A. Appeared to run out of focus in playoffs. Battled - but not the same goalie he was in regular season. He will be better for the experience in the long run. Playoffs produced 3.68 GAA and .883 save % . Areas he can improve on include - starting on time some nights / first stops / high blocker when dropping to his butterfly / and occasional rebound control issues - with pucks spilling out to the flank instead of direct corners. Like any young goalie - when he's 'on' he's hard to beat.2 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Jack CampbellLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonG313 of 366 2AMonitoring Campbell for a bounce back year in 23/24 Last season couldn't have gone much worse. He struggled to string together consistent starts and failed to steal games for the Oilers when they needed him. Eventually, Campbell lost the net to Stuart Skinner. Despite his stature he appears smaller in the net than his list size. Cares. Competes. Wears his emotions. No doubt he's a team guy and good human overall. Butterfly style. Stats last season speak for themselves - 3.41 GAA - .888 save % His win / loss was surprisingly strong 21-9-4 - Speaks to quality of the team in front of him. Signed through 26/27 - $5 Million AAV - Ten team no trade - Needs to be better in 23/242 oct. 20233 oct. 2023
Beau AkeyLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDD171 of 164 P2Excellent skater - quick - fast - agile Leans transitional 'D' Ability to lead the rush or distribute and join as an extra layer Room for improvement defensively - attention to detail and stopping on pucks Best paired with more of a defensive 'D' to allow for him to free wheel Shows ability to score from the middle of the ice and flank on the PP as well as distribute effectively - Leans MPD that will be deployed at ES and PP -25 janv. 202313 juin 2023
Carl BerglundLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC231 of 165 RLCaptain at UMASS Lowell. Used in all situations at the college level. Solid skater. Quick out of the blocks. Not exceptionally fast in transition - but definitely above average. Agile in small areas. Good edges / recovery. Around the play in all three zones. Uses his length to his advantage. Not overly physical. He competes but is barely a bumper - more of an energy provider. The kind of player who doesn't have one exceptional element. He's trustworthy in a variety of roles. NHL 4th line / energy is possible. Close to finished product at age 23.17 mars 202322 mars 2023
Tyler TullioLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAD201 of 163 M6Tullio has had a solid rookie season at the AHL level with Bakersfield. He's got his feet wet being used in a variety of roles. Since the middle of February his primary ice time has come at even strength and the power-play. On the PP he has scored from the weak side flank via quick catch and release and one-timers. Off the rush he has pushed the play, got the edge, and shown willingness to drive to the paint. Overall, his three zone detail has been reliable. He generally keeps himself above the play when the Oilers don't have the puck. Tullio isn't elite in any one category. He has a chance to be a middle of the lineup NHL player in time.10 mars 202312 mars 2023
Xavier BourgaultLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC202 of 266 T6Bourgault is developing nicely in the AHL with Bakersfield. He is averaging over (15:00) TOI and producing his share of offense - especially for his first full season as a pro - He continues to display his quick strike impact offensively. When he gets pucks in scoring areas he releases them to the net before defenders, and goalies get set to defend. His battle as F1 is better than average. He isn't a heavy player but he is showing willingness to bump and battle along the boards. Most impressive has been his attention to detail defensively. He is above the play when his team doesn't have the puck and supports well in his zone.10 mars 202312 mars 2023
Carter SavoieLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAG212 of 252 M6Savoie's first full pro season has been a struggle. He sustained an injury at training camp in an exhibition game, which led to several weeks of rehab. His element is offense. He has a very good stick. He scored at a high rate at the college level, but has found it difficult to be consistent in the AHL. His defensive detail, puck plays on zone exits, and overall confidence is off. He was held pointless in a recent ten game segment. Over the same amount of time he was a (-9) defensively. Savoie is a much better player than he has demonstrated this year in Bakersfield. He will be on the clock to have a productive off-season, and start fresh next year10 mars 202312 mars 2023
Matvei PetrovLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAD191 of 158 RLPure offense. Petrov has good size and excellent puck skill. He is a prolific scorer at the Major Junior level. There is ton's of cheat in his game in all three zones, however, and he will need to get more dialed in defensively at some point in his development. Historically, he's had massive stats and impact in regular season. When games get closer checking (Playoffs - World Championships) he has to find a way to push through checks and provide, at least, reliable detail off the puck. If he, eventually, provides average attention to detail (and keeps playing to his element offensively) he has a chance to be an NHL player10 mars 202312 mars 2023
Samuel JonssonLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonG191 of 151 MLGood size goaltender who plays a mostly butterfly style. When his crease composure is on he takes away a ton of net with his stature. Generally good down low / quick pads. Rebound control ranges. Tends to get moving too much - getting outside his posts or too far up top of his crease trying to front pucks. Gloves are average. There have been times this season he has looked dialed in for half a game, then allows a couple of quick goals against and loses his focus. An average foundation overall. Needs time. Mostly playing at the J20 level / not with the men's pro team.11 mars 202312 mars 2023
Luca MünzenbergerLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDG202 of 247 DPA very straight forward player. He plays a simple / low risk game. Average TOI has surpassed 18:00 in his sophomore season at Vermont A defensive 'D' on projection Doesn't have a history of producing offense Good size. Moves okay. Nothing elite stands out at this stage of his development. Deployed at even strength and penalty kill at college level.25 nov. 202230 nov. 2022
Joel MäättäLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC201 of 156 DP2-way forward who competes the full length of the ice and can be used in match up scenarios Not a threat to produce a ton of offense on his own. His handles / transition game lacks deception. Not shy about working the wall and going to the hard areas. Reliable team player. Offense will need to come to be considered more of NHL prospect25 nov. 202230 nov. 2022
Xavier BourgaultLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC201 of 267 T6Element is offense. The kind of forward who can be a difference maker Needs to play a top 6 role to maximize his impact Wants the puck on his stick in the offensive zone. Equal parts shooter / distributor. A solid skater who should be able to handle the NHL pace in time. Hockey sense offensively is elite. Sees the ice at an advanced level.22 oct. 202226 oct. 2022
Connor BrownLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAD281 of 161 M6Ability to contribute offensively is attractive element. Smart. He is used in all situations. Not an open ice threat with the puck on his stick. Doesn't have an extra gear between the blue lines in transition. In the offensive zone he sees the ice and can definitely make plays at the NHL level. If he was a better skater he would have more consistent results.13 oct. 202214 oct. 2022
Jack CampbellLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonG301 of 369 1BExcellent start to 21/22 season came off the rails mid-season due to lack of confidence and injuries. Rebounded well and had a better than average end to the season and playoffs. Has yet to establish himself as the kind of #1 NHL goalie who can play 60 plus games. He does have the ability to steal a game on occasion. At his best when eating pucks and controlling rebounds. Average playing the puck. Crease composure and positioning is generally sound when he is on his game. Mental makeup is a concern. Butterfly style. Second stop quickness is slightly above average. He does battle. A #1B more than a true #1. Better suited to play 45-50 games than 50+ games.21 févr. 202212 juill. 2022
Evander KaneLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAG301 of 268 T3Including playoffs Kane contributed 35 goals in 58GP. Averaged nearly 20:00 per night TOI Power forward who is deployed at ES and PP. Does not PK Goal scorer Plays with a presence. Brings size, pace, and skill. Easily identified element(s) Ability to be a difference maker.1 mars 202212 juill. 2022
Ryan McLeodLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonC221 of 263 M6On the rise By season's end he was being used in a variety of roles for the Oilers Plays quick and fast. Off the rush he has the speed and skill to get the edge. Needs to continue to develop more net drive. Has established himself as an energy provider at worst. Potentially a secondary scoring option.1 mars 202212 juill. 2022
Brett KulakLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDG281 of 370 P22-way D with transitional element Quick to space. Closes on opponents / takes away time / kills plays off the rush Averaged over 17:00 TOI. Deployed at ES and PK. Did not see time on the PP in Edmonton Has the legs and skill to join the rush as an extra layer or follow up his outlet and go on the attack. Can be used as a #4 or #5 depending on make up of D core. Reliable.1 mars 202212 juill. 2022
Ryan FantiLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonG221 of 177 1BEnds the season with GAA 1.83 and Save % .929 Butterfly / Athletic. Active. High end compete. Never quits on a puck. His lateral push is excellent. Low net coverage is sound. Quick pads. Tracks the play and squares up to make first stops. Second saves are required when his rebound control is off (an area he will need to improve at the pro level). Could sit taller in his butterfly when down. Outlets pucks on his own (long range when opponents changing).19 mars 202229 mars 2022
Shane LachanceLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAG181 of 150 RLBig body. Power forward. Heavy in the trenches and out front opponents net. His game comes and goes over the full 60 minutes. At times he displays better than average puck skill and release. His ability to win a battle along the wall and walk to the net / middle of the ice is an element. Skating needs to come. He has time to work on getting more explosive. Overall, at 6'5 / 210lbs, he does move pretty well. Needs time. Plays hard. Competes. Needs time to define his overall upside.26 mars 202227 mars 2022
Jack CampbellLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonG302 of 355 1B80 , 81 , 86 , 67 , 97 , 80 , 92 , 97 , 85 , 87 , 80 , 82 , 87 = Average save % = 85 It's been a struggle over his last 13 starts. His perseverance is being tested. Butterfly goalie. A solid teammate. He has worked hard to put himself in a position to succeed. His early season numbers were fantastic. It's been difficult to watch some nights. His positioning is off. He's struggling to make big saves at key moments of the game. Pucks are finding the net from distance and through traffic. Average playing the puck. He has proven he can be a solid back up and #1B option in the past. Its the most important time of the year and he's unfortunately lost.8 mars 20229 mars 2022
Brett KulakLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDG282 of 325 P3AVG TOI (17:53) for the year but he has been trending up in recent weeks since the coaching change in Montreal. Now being used in all situations. Spot duty on the PP but a role he seems to be auditioning for more time in. Otherwise ES and on the PK. Solid skater. Quick to space. On the PK he gets in the lane and jumps on pucks. He competes but isn't a heavy player. Not shy about bumping along the wall and bodying up out front his net. Transitions pucks effectively. Can skate pucks out of his zone. This is a player who can add depth to a 'D' core and be used in a variety of roles. Expiring contract.5 mars 20228 mars 2022
Carter SavoieLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonAG191 of 258 M6Pure offense Really good stick Used regular shift and on the first power play unit Weak side on the PP shows his ability to open up and distribute or one time to the net Can be quick to space. Has the ability to play fast but does pick his spots at times. His 200ft game will need more attention to detail at the pro level. Has the skill set to trend up into the top 6 forward group.11 déc. 202117 janv. 2022
Luca MünzenbergerLogo de Oilers d'EdmontonDG181 of 240 DPA young college player who is learning the North American game after coming over from Germany Good size. Moves okay. His agility in tight areas needs to improve. Read and Reacts will also need more detail. He needs to learn to contain and keep opponents to the outside in his zone. At this point in his development his impact ranges from reliable to poor. When he has time he is capable moving pucks and will lead the rush on occasion. When under duress he struggles to make smart decisions with and without the puck. Has time on his side to mature30 oct. 20211 janv. 2022