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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lenny7</b></div><div>Yeah, that's also without Matthews though.

Not saying that I disagree at all, but for the sake of conversation, I'm genuinely curious as to how you could go about improving this roster. To me, the whole "Trade Engvall, Dermott, and Mikheyev" thing is kind of a tired effort on here. They're depth players who I would be extremely surprised to see any sort of return on, let alone someone who would bite. Yes, they're all useful depth guys, but every team in the league has an Engvall, a Dermott, and a Mikheyev. This isn't meant to be a slight towards any of those guys, because they're all fine, it's just (Again, IMO) not realistic to think that there are teams out there that have interest in helping the Leafs out of their cap issues.

So, let's say the challenge is "How do we improve the team's even strength scoring without the classic "Engvall, Dermott and Mikheyev to wherever for whatever" trade, followed by a 1st and 3rd for a rental". How do you do it? Is it purely a lineup adjustment? Like, I don't know exactly where he is in his development, but I personally would have skipped the Nick Ritchie signing, and had Robertson up to fill that spot, followed by some depth signings to fill out the AHL roster. That gives you a bit more space to evaluate the team in over the first couple of months. Aside from that, I'm not exactly sure what the right way to improve it would be.


IMO the biggest holes on this roster is a top 6 LW (or RW and play Nylander on the left) who can produce consistently. Hopefully Ritchie and or Bunting can do that and if they do then I’m going to sound stupid, but I would prefer a proven player, who can take some of the heat off the big four if something like last years playoffs happen. Beyond that I think ideally Holl is 3rd pair dman. The only problem is, as you said, the leafs are severely handicapped by the salary cap. I’m also not super up to date on Robertson’s development but I agree, in an ideal world I think you throw him into the top 6 and skip out on Ritchie and see if Robertson can handle that. When you have cap issues you need production from contracts &lt;1m, Spezza looks like he will continue to do that and hopefully Bunting can too but if Robertson could as well that would be huge for the leafs and free up 2.5 mil that could be used to improve elsewhere, and if Robertson can’t handle top 6 yet then it’s easier to make a move for someone who can, with that 2.5 mil later in the season.

You make some really good points. It’s easy for everyone on this site to make a post and say this is what we need to do, but most of the time they forget to take the other teams interests into consideration and the deal makes no sense. The leafs have their hands tied and like you I’m not exactly sure on what they need to do, hopefully Dubas can figure it out.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensonfire</b></div><div>I beg to differ.

1. I'd rather have Brady signed to what his brother Matthew has than take on Marner.

2. Marner's contract has too much signing bonus money.

3. Marner has a NMC for the final 2 years of his contract.

If Pierre Dorion made this trade, he would be fired.</div></div>

1. I'm not sure if you are saying B.Tkachuk at 7 mil is a good contract or not, but still. I get he does a lot of good things besides score, still, Landeskog just signed to 7mil, he plays a similar power forward type game to Tkachuk, maybe not as physical but many similar attributes, big body, moves pretty well, great off the cycle. Tkachuk has the potential of one day becoming the player Landeskog (big maybe) is but he's not there yet. I don't think 3.9mil in salary makes up for the value difference between Marner and Tkachuk.

2. True, but assuming this trade is made after this year, Marners total salary is around 8 mil for 24 mil in total for the remaining 3 years, he would've already been paid 41 million dollars of 65 million dollars he's owed. Even though the signing bonus is so large you are still paying him less the his cap hit and what he is worth.

3. Also true, but by the time Marner reaches his final two years of his contract I expect Ottawa will be a playoff team. You wouldn't move your best player anyway when you are competing for the playoffs.

You've made 2 pretty good points, but salary, signing bonus, NMC, etc. aside the value difference between Marner and Tkachuk is too big to be made up through all these technicalities, Marners value hasn't dropped off that much over one poor playoff performance. Tkachuk is a great complimentary player type and will be a very good player in this league, but he cannot drive his own line and produce like Marner can. The Dorion reference was simply just sarcasm, Dubas never in a million years would offer Marner for Tkachuk, so really this arguement is pointless.