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Forum: Armchair-GM10 oct 2020 à 15 h 23
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingKroeker</b></div><div>right side is very weak and although Donato is listed as a center, he really isn't a capable center in reality</div></div>

Yeah that's fine and all but most likely the roster we're getting. I believe in Gregor and Blichfeld because it's their make or break year essentially. They've done well in juniors, decent in the AHL on a bad barracuda team, so it's time to see how they stack up on the roster, especially considering Wilson isn't spending any money on significant upgrades in FA. Blichfeld has a good shot and I think playing him on the second line affords him the ability to adjust much quicker because of the space Hertl and Meier can create for him. If he can bring his finishing ability to the NHL level he can thrive on that line, if not the option of moving Donato into the top 6 is always there. It's a low-risk gamble that could pay off. For the 3rd line my idea was that while Donato can't play center I think he can still play there because Gregor can take most of the draws on that line. They need some type of offense on the third line so they need to bank on Donato, Leonard, Gregor, and Thornton to be a rotating cast that can get the job done there in a likely condensed season. It's now or never to start plugging ELC's into the lineup and stop worrying about "ruining their development" the sharks need these players around the 22-24 age mark to step up, how much more development do they need??? Because past the age of 23/24 you're no longer a prospect it's approaching bust status. While it's hard for us fans to see them do this I begrudgingly agree that committing more cap space at this moment is a bad Idea, it's better to wait it out and see how the younger players respond and hope that next offseason they can unload a big contract on Seattle and really have a more effective re-tool.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JumboJoe</b></div><div>totally agree with both things <a href="/users/papishark" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@papishark</a> said

Simek definitely has more value to us than 2 mid round picks and it makes more sense to let our young guys play 4th line than sign a FA

don't love Gregor on the 3rd line but having Galchenyuk on the 3rd line is pretty solid so they kind of cancel each other out

overall this is a pretty solid team. we didn't give much up and we definitely could make the playoffs. probably out in the 1st round or 2 though, but hey it's a step in the right direction.</div></div>

This is just another idea in terms of how they can invest in their forward group. Rather than have one guy making 6 mil, if we retain Labanc on a decent deal and gamble on Galch and Anderson it could pay off in a huge way if they excel and at worst they're still good depth pieces who can move around the top-9. I moved Simek because I think that 2 mil can be used on adding a bit more depth (in this case I thought Reider and Soucy) as well as freeing up a top 4 role for Ferraro (who I really want to see next to a healthy Karlsson). Also I was actually looking at Gregor's advanced stats and he was actually very solid. He projects to be a top 9 forward and is probably one of the best players on the roster in terms of his conditioning and skating. He will turn some heads if he plays more minutes next year, the only thing we need to see improve is his finishing ability but that comes with more ice time and playing higher up in the lineup, if anyone is ready to step up and fill in a spot on an elc it's him, I really believe in him! Thanks for the feedback, love having a respectful and open discussion about the team, it's refreshing to see on Armchair LOL.
Forum: Armchair-GM30 mai 2020 à 15 h 21
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>papishark</b></div><div>Ill be honest I dont really like having one right hander on the whole forward core. I also dont know if you can expect Haula to be able to handle a 2c role as he has not been very good recently. Also I dont see the need to trade Simek right away as he provides a stablizing presence on D, and physicality that none of our other D have.</div></div>

Yeah I’ll agree that we don’t have enough righty’s, as it relates to Haula I just put him there so we could load up the first line with as much talent as possible. Hertl, Meier, and Couture would garner all the attention from top lines and pairings, so Haula would have easier competition and with Kane and Toffoli flanking him, that line would be pretty darn good imo. If it doesn’t work out you could always move Toffoli up, slot Hertl back at 2C, and shift Haula to the wing. He’s a versatile forward and at 3 mil is a good investment if they get him at that price. Simek is good but I think they can replace him with Soucy honestly and give Ferraro more minutes. That’s just my opinion but I think having mobile defenders means spending less time on the boards and in your own zone which also means you don’t need to have a lot of physicality. It won’t happen yet obviously but a Ferraro and Karlsson pairing is the way the sharks need to go imo. That is the future! Honestly I’d be ecstatic if Merkley made it too but thats not likely so having soucy and Rutta as stop gaps should fill those rolls while prospects develop in a year or two.

Just my opinion though, I can see why having more physical presence would appeal to people because it offers a stylistic variance. But I think committing fully to speed and mobility on the blue line will mask the lack of speed in the forwards.
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