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Forum: Armchair-GM14 mars à 16 h 24
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OilersRule</b></div><div>With the likelihood of drafting Bedard/Fantilli/Carlsson and having Johnson and Sillinger, all who have higher ceilings than Hayes, yeah, I'd rather build internally and not limit one of those 3 to 3rd line minutes.

Columbus isn't winning the cup in 2024... so better to draft and develop where they can control.

They have a lot of veterans already there for leadership, they need talent, and RFA status tat they can control for the next 7-10 years so people stop leaving Columbus for nicer fancier teams.</div></div>

Agreed, it's a lot of youth and potential with those names, but in the end, some players don't pan out. A team needs to have the right leaders in the locker room around them too. I know guys like Johnny, Jenner and Gudbranson are there, but is that enough to have in the room while bringing up these young guys? Are all of these young talents going to slot in where they played in Juniors or maybe make their money on the wing? There are always questions up and down a lineup when you play the youth, with Hayes, you know for a fact where and when he plays, and his track record in the locker room.

I'm saying, there are worse options out there than him, and he brings a lot of value. Especially being buddies with Johnny, I think this makes sense as a fit more so than other places tbh. Who knows, maybe in 3 years when Hayes is gone, one of those guys who was playing 3rd line minutes and getting useful experience from a guy like Hayes, absolutely starts tearing it up when promoted. Just like several guys in this like, two that come to mind right off the bat are Sean Couturier and Ryan Kesler.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bluspy88</b></div><div>This is just categorically false, signing a UFA that is then flipped happens all the time. Especially on one year deals. Just from this year: Klingberg, Stetcher, Bjugstad, Motte, Niederreiter, Namestnikov are all examples of 1 or 2 year deals signed this offseason and flipped by the TDL. Unless you are saying the thread starter is saying to sign these guys and immediatley flip them, which is pretty silly of you to interpret when its stated they are deadline deals. You also say "this team blows" as if the Flyers should be trying to win the cup next year. Are you a Flyers fan? If so, do you really think they should be making moves to win the cup next year with how the team is constructed, versus "blowing" and trying to rebuild? If you aren't, are you just being snarky to dunk on them?</div></div>

Soooo, Einstein, all of those guys you mentioned, signed in the offseason, then got flipped at the deadline. How many examples are there of guys signing in the offseason and then traded in the offeason...? Idiot. Im done with this guy now.

Secondly, how do you not get that, outside of the Canucks, the Flyers are the most mismanaged franchise in the NHL to date. You don't think that a team who has several character flaws, a front office who is clueless and has no interest in the product and only the bottom line, which is now shrinking by the day (proved by all the free **** they giveaway and the amount of season ticket holders not renewing), doesn't constitute blowing?

It seems like you're Chuck on a burner, but even he wouldn't be as dumb as you.
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Forum: Armchair-GM24 févr. à 12 h 39
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HockeyIsMyPassion61</b></div><div>Yzerman would never do that to Bertuzzi, He's not trading Bertuzzzi to a team that's in the Connor Bedard sweepstakes. Bertuzzi's play style is perfect for playoff hockey. And if Yzerman changes his mind in the next 7 days. He'll be traded to a team that's on a strong playoff run.

Detroit has a strong young core coming up that excites Larkin, Too bad the same can't be said about Philadelphia. Zero chance in hell Larkin would ever commit long term with Philly. They're nowhere near competing anytime soon ever for the playoffs. That teams a mess and they need to start rebuilding.

And the Sean Couturier mentioning his future is right there on Youtube look it up. After his 2nd major back operation. he said he doesn't know how his future will be it could be 50/50. And several credible insiders for Philly who know a lot more than you do said the exact same thing.</div></div>

"Yzerman would never do that to Bertuzzi" Tells me all i need to know about how much hockey you know. Yzerman isn't looking to trade him to playoff contender, please give me any evidence that says Yzerman cares about where Tyler Bertuzzi's situation ends up??? It will be a playoff team inquiring about him, not Yzerman choosing it. That's just one of the worst takes I've ever heard.

I wish we were in the Connor sweepstakes but sadly we're probably going to fall outside of that. Wrong again.

If Larkin was so excited about it, how come he hasn't signed an extension yet? Not saying he wants to be in Philly, but a top FA has signed during a team's rebuild (see Artemi Panaran, Sergei Bobrovsky, Johnny Gaudreau, I could go on forever, that's just in the last 5 years.. Wrong again.

I asked you to prove it, send the link, show where he said it. He definitely did not and also that was over a year ago so things change, ya know, like things do in the world on an everyday basis.
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Forum: Armchair-GM24 févr. à 9 h 52
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DefenseFirst</b></div><div>Lol, “agree to disagree, but you’re wrong.” What a ridiculous statement.

Anyway, so I say i’m not a big stat guy and more of an eye test guy, but i’m not ignoring a 50 game sample (i didn’t make that number up, he’s played 54 games this year) because of four games and you say, “see, those are numbers!” That would be like me saying, “oh, you’re talking about Patrick kane being 33? See, numbers!” He’s also not 33 btw.

JVR would be fine….as a 13th or 14th forward. He’s not a fourth line guy and the bruins have six wingers that are worlds better than him. He’s not good enough to be on their second PP. just look at the roster man. It’s just not a thing.

Kane has been bad this season, plain and simple. Hang on to nostalgia all you want, but he hasn’t been that offensive dynamo, and he’s a liability defensively. Not a fit.</div></div>

World's better, you're a joke if you think that. Do you know what worlds better means? it's like comparing Brandon Manning to Charlie McAvoy, McAvoy is worlds better. Trent Frederic, Pavel Zacha, Nick Foligno, et al, are not worlds better. Sorry to say, you are wrong. Now, would I want JVR for the next 5 years over any of them? Maybe Foligno, but the answer is no, I can admit that. However, that is not what our conversation is about. it's about the next 4 months. And adding a guy who would really be your 9th-11th best forward, for a playoff run, is something a contender should do. Especially for the cost.

JVR is better than 3 of your forwards, it's facts. His production says it, his overall play has said it, and his experience says he would be more valuable than what you have on your roster. There are injuries in the post season all the time, injuries leading up to the post season all the time (see Matty Barzal), it would implore GM's to add players who can contribute in putting the puck in the net. You don't want JVR....fine, that's a better case than everything you have said in every single response. That's almost impossible so congratulations.

You're also wrong about Kane, and majority of the hockey world would agree with me. End of story.
Forum: Armchair-GM23 févr. à 17 h 54
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DefenseFirst</b></div><div>Well see here’s the thing - I’m not an idiot. I don’t look at 4 games and throw out the previous 50. He’s sucked. Reasons? Tons. The legs aren’t the same. The energy isn’t the same. He’s a defensive liability. His neutral zone play without the puck is trash.

Not sure what you didn’t understand about the previous post - quite literally do not understand how you possibly missed this - I’m not a numbers guy. I don’t care about the fancy stats. I don’t even know where to find those stupid charts, or the WAR/GAR/expected whatever. I watch. Kane has sucked.

But why are we talking about kane? This is about JVR, who sucks even more than kane has this season. JVR could not crack the bruins roster. Full stop.</div></div>

You literally just said I don't look at 4 games and throw out the previous 50. Those are numbers no??? I explained all the reasons why those games, you wanna call it 50, fine - there are reasons for it. To not want a guy like Kane, who if you did watch, you would see, is a difference maker even at 33, it's just ridiculous how you don't see it. When he does switch teams and puts up a point per game on a playoff team, ill be back to remind you.

Back to JVR, agree to disagree, he would fit in well with this Bruins team. They have very responsible two way centers, who would allow him to operate the way he likes. He could add to their 2nd PP unit, Frederic cannot. And in the playoffs, he would add to a veteran group who knows how to deal with the pressure and adversity of the playoffs, something your boy Freddy can't compare with.

Agree to disagree bud, but you're wrong, and I think a lot of people would disagree with you that he wouldn't crack the B's roster. Plain and simple.