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I would be a great GM, hit me up NHL
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Propeller09</b></div><div>That is 100% false. He is a top 3-10 goalie in the league. You didn't hear anyone call him out.

I don't think it was a good look, but he still has value. He is still going to win the Vezina.

I agree he didn't help his value, I also think it depends on the reason. He could go to a non traditional market and be just fine. He couldn't go to Tor, NY, MTL or somewhere like that, but Colorado, he would make them better. instantly. McKinnon isn't going to care he flaked on the Bruins. It's not how it works.

Carolina could work.
LA (quick deal?)

Personally, I think the Bruins will ask him to waive, they will get a deal and he will retire because he probably doesn't want to move and they move back to Finland and he plays in the SEL or lives off the 50m+ he's made.</div></div>

You didn't hear anyone call him out because the vets know better than to do that and they still run the room. But don't think for one second they weren't all pissed.
Chara probably his last year, cup hopes dashed on one dumb decision.

Don't think other teams don't notice this. No one knows how next season is going to play out yet. Does he sit again?
Why would any team take that risk. None would. It's not worth the effort.
He sold his team out. Other teams won' t give him the chance to do the same.
Every other player out there put them self at risk for the good of the league. Even Domi, who has health issues got off his ass and played.
He choose not to. Other people will notice.
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