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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>What’s making you look foolish is a 21 year study looking at a 10 year period between 1990 and 1991. Perhaps we should look at this Millenium no?

In the 2018 season; of all the NHL players that played a minimum of 15 games in the season, only 39% came from the 1st round of the draft and 15 games is a pretty low bar to set.

You can take take any single season and figure this out and willing to bet if you even move that to 21 games, you’d see that 39% slide down even more so.

Now if you want to get real here, assume that Saad returns a bottom 1/2 1st rounder, what do you think those odds are of landing a NHL player and moreso an impact player?

Simple deductive reasoning and common sense would allow you to see that aside from the TDL next season if the Hawks are clearly out, moving Saad for a 1st round pick makes very little sense. Like most fans, especially on here, draft picks outside the top 10 are highly overrated.</div></div>

you keep trying to knock a legit study on draft picks and games played. As if the data is some sort of mythical thing.

You really just don't get the argument. Saad is little more value than a rental. He has one year of term left that's it.
You think you are getting the moon for a rental winger. You are not.

Meanwhile you are stuck in mediocrity trying to rebuild while clutching on. Take a good look at that team. That's not a retool going on. It's a straight full rebuild.
The only players there other than Kane that are being held is because no one else is trading for those huge contracts. Toews is not worth 10 million a year. If they could dump that they would.
Seabrook is also dead weight only there because they can't get rid of him.
Keith is the only other one there that might actually still be worth his value.
Everyone else is younger tending to the 25 and under catagory.

You hold Saad, a rental, and get no return. Cool. where does that leave you?
No where.
Come FA he's gone. Because why would anyone who wants to win stay with a team spinning it's wheels and going no where.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>He hasn’t played in Columbus now for how long? You clearly haven’t watched him the last 18 months to suggest Chicago should dump him for a 1st. Hopefully you realize that only 1/3rd of 1st round picks become NHL players. It’s ignorant of you to think Saad is only worth that gamble which tells me you don’t know his value and arrogant to continue arguing about it.

Saad is extremely important to this team if they have a chance to make the playoffs or better yet in the playoffs as Saad’s game is more playoff oriented then a lot of players and certainly a rookie.

If you also watched the Hawks enough you’d know when they are playing in sync, they are a good team as demonstrated by beating the best in the league only to falter by loosing a lot of games against lesser teams. The Hawks need a dynamic scoring winger, but are loaded with defensive prospects, loaded with bottoms 6 prospects, and goaltending is strong. The problem is a dynamic winger and you don’t solve that by giving up your best two way defensive winger.</div></div>

He's the same player he was in CBJ lets not pretend he's not.
1st round picks actually have over a 50% chance of becoming an NHL player.

A simple look at this team would tell you the future is in guys 25 and younger. They are not going to "win now."
Stick in mediocrity forever. But if you are going to get somewhere before Kane is too old to be useful you are going to have to go all in on the rebuild instead of thinking you can patchwork it.
You got 1 year left of the guy. You act like you got 5 years control. You don't. He's most likely gone at the end of the season. If he can play for a cup, he will. He can't do that in chicago.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>If you need cap space from Rodriguez, Rikkola and Simon then just don't qualify them, no one is trading for them in the offseason, as playoff depth maybe but not in the summer.

Islanders fans were certain last summer/fall that some team would give a late round pick for Hickey and he ended up on waivers not claimed and sent to the AHL, if not one wanted him I can't see anyone wanting Johnson and I'm not a JJ hater like so many are here, it's just that no one wants an expensive third pairing dman and rebuilding teams would rather give the ice time to a developing player or sign a cheap one or two year depth dman placeholder which there's plenty of availabe in free agency every summer, maybe if you sent some picks/prospects with JJ a team like Detroit would take him but they're not giving a pick for him, not even a late one.

I think Bjustad is probably tradable, this stoppage, him missing so much time and his cap hit might make dealing him difficult though, not sure you'd get a 3rd but I think they'd get at least a 4th round pick.</div></div>

For Rodriguez that might be true.
However, people always are looking for defense and Rikkola has some value there. Simon also has value as a low price forward who can play. I'd much rather have him than say Sam Gagner, especially at a cheaper price. note, I'm not saying any of them will return a 1st. But they will return something and they do have value and could be traded. Neither of them is Hickey.

As for JJ that may or may not be true. It's one of the reasons I didn't spend all the cap space. Because it could very well be they start with him on the roster.
But if they could dump Matta and Gudbranson in the same year....... they will be able to dump JJ as well.
After all, Gudbranson was a 4 million 2 year 3rd pairing D man. JJ is a 3.25 million 3 year D man. Price and value wise you are looking at a really close call there.
Truth is there is never enough defense in the league. It could be they move Rikkola and JJ in the same deal. or JJ and Simon. Whatever. I think the later in the year they move him, the more likely they get a small return.
The point being those 3 teams listed above. All need defense. All of them are in rebuild mode so they aren't going to attract guys who want to win or even look like they have a chance at winning.
I keep going back to DET with him because they have no one.
You got Nemeth who's contract ends next year and will probably be sent out by years end as a rental.
You got DeKeyser who is always hurt and on IR. He played 8 games this year. 52 the year before. He's either tired of losing and just riding IR for the hell of it. Or he's looking like he's busted and done.
Then you have no one. Cholowski is not ready and has not looked good. He's been sent back down to the AHL.
You got McIsaac who is not ready and needs to spend time in the AHL.
And you got Hicketts who is an AHL caliber guy.

We can go round and round on this. And I don't care how you flip it, you got a team that needs 3 LD.
When you need 3LD, and FA isn't giving it to you because there isn't that much defense available. Because everyone worth anything is leaving a hole somewhere else. And you got a slew of guys who are retiring and not really many people coming in to replace them. Much like what you see here in Detroit. It means a guy like JJ can be moved.