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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eddy</b></div><div>I think the Pens make a move or two but if they don`t I see the lines like this

Guentzel Crosby Kapanen
Zucker Malkin Rust
McCann Blueger Sceviour
Lafferty Jankowski Tanev


Like I said I hope/pray that they do make a move or two as well. But if not then this is how I see it. I think they give Blueger a shot at 3C before they do Jankowski. I also think Jankowski and Tanev play together (college linemates). They aren`t going to waive Ceci, he will get his shot. Could they trade him part way through the year? Yes. But JR won`t sign him to just send him down. I could maybe see Matheson with Marino and MP with Ceci.

Top PP would be Guentzel (left wall) Kapanen (net front) Crosby (right wall/down low) with LD Letang and RD Malkin

I could see Poulin getting a 9 game shot too (not more though unless he tears it up) but I could also see him going back to the Q after WJHC and would prefer that. WJHC means he is going to likely miss training camp if season starts Jan 1st. No point in rushing him in uncomfortably. Let him dominate and get some confidence and then bring him up after Q playoffs. He is the captain there in Sherbrooke and they have a good team. Would be good for him.</div></div>

See I think Ceci will sink Matheson. For that reason I don't see there being room for him. They can't have Matheson sink. That's a non starter. If he does, they'll never be able to move that contract and we know they need to. He can't be here the length of it, and buying it out isn't an option.
I could see Blueger getting a shot at 3C to, he kind of did last year really with the 4th line playing so many minutes. I just don't see why they break that line up. It was really effective last year. I leave that line. The problem was the 3rd line was hodge podge and it showed.
I think it's clear we are in the same spot as last year. The 3rd line has no rhyme or reason. If you mess with the 4th line then you get that on 2 lines not just one.
But that's my take, everyone is entitled to their own. But if Poulin plays well. They are 1 piece away from having a competitive team.