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I would be a great GM, hit me up NHL
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ajp_18</b></div><div>Simone- 53.2 corsi%, 35 oiGF, 43 oiGA (-8)
Robinson- 53.3 corsi%, 23 oiGF, 13 oiGA (+10)

Robinson and Simon are closer then you think... Simon is a 3rd/4th liner. In Columbus he’d end up on the 4th line with Robinson and Nash or Gerbe.</div></div>

I follow both of these teams. I have seen a lot of games of both teams. I am very familiar with both players.
Simon is a playmaker with absolutely no finish to his game. However, his game IQ is so much higher. The averages almost 1.6 shots a game. A lot of them high danger. He just knows where to be and the right play to make. I'm sure it's a bit easier given his line mates are vastly superior. But one can't deny the work aspect of his game. Which is why everyone describes him as hard on the puck. He fights for it. However, when he shoots, every penguins fan looks at him and goes. "how the F did he miss that, jesus the net was wide open" as the puck rattles off the back boards. I mean it's embarrassing level of a shot. But he always makes the plays to get there.
I never end up saying things like that watching Robinson play. He's just not noticeable in the same way on the ice where he's always there making a play chipping in. Be it a pass, or shot he has no ability to make.
Robinson is a good player, but the comparison here is really much different than what stats are going to show. Robinson is a physical player, a true 4th liner. A look at his hits shows this.
Simon is a skill guy with no shot. Just looking at things like take aways shows that. Simon has 41, Robinson 13.
Given Simon coughs it up more, but the penguins play a high risk high reward offense trying to stretch the ice and he's been matched up on hard matchups due to being on Crosby's line.
But he's still making those plays which makes him stick out.
Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 6:46 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AFOX10900</b></div><div>Hallander, nice, not sure he'll be ready, but he'll be close(er than Poulin/Legare) imo</div></div>

The job is Hållander's to lose, they have all but stated that when they said, he won't play in the AHL. He's coming into camp next year to earn a roster spot.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ajp_18</b></div><div>Because Columbus has too many depth forwards already... he might be on the 4th line vs Gerbe, but hes not better then anyone else.</div></div>

Simon is a much better player than Gerbe and Robinson for that matter.
Not that CBJ is trading Josh to the penguins. They aren't, under any circumstances and they would match any penguins offer sheet on him so that's just pointless too. They won't let him go to their in division rival at all. So the whole idea is just nonsense to start.

Simon is not a bottom 6 forward for the record. He's not a 4th line kind of player. He's a guy who has to play at least mid 6 minutes. He's clearly not a 1st line player he doesn't have offensive chops to be one.
If anything he's a 3rd liner. He is really strong on the puck and he does make things happen. He has good knowledge of the game but he has no real shot. He'd look like a much better player if he had any kind of finish in his game, because he does get opportunities. But truth be told, I could have a 12 pack and still shoot better than he can. He can't hit the broad side of a barn.

But looking at CBJ it's hard to not say he's a better player than Wennberg or Nash especially at the cap hit. Both of which have top 9 roles. But CBJ is already carrying those contracts.
But he's not worth JA and I don't think a 3rd makes up the difference.
I honestly think this idea that JA can be had for a 2nd is kind of nonsense. If they would have traded him at TDL he would have returned a nice package.
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