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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Buffalove</b></div><div>Well dude,
there’s A LOT here that’s just flat out wrong

For example:
Even though, even though Quinn &amp; Peterka are technically on the 2nd line, they don’t play 2nd line minutes.
They’re actually 9th &amp; 10th in average icetime for forwards on our team- so they, in fact, are NOT “counted on as the primary secondary scorers”
Mittelstadt AND Olofsson get more icetime than them

But your post here really demonstrates my overall point to a t
The Sabres have taken a HUGE STEP FORWARD this season
And instead of putting your focus on the GOOD THINGS that have been done &amp; are happening,
you have a laundry list of complaints you’re focusing on-
MANY of which just aren’t correct
At one point, you are even complaining about us re-signing Okposo- which hasn’t even happened yet ffs

If you don’t see how this comes off as “bitter” then idk what to say
This season has NOT been the “same story year after year”
And if you can’t see that, then there’s nothing i can do or say to help you

Good luck pal
I hope your bitterness fades away &amp; u can find some happiness in us moving in the right direction finally</div></div>

As for Okposo I put TBD after that...TO BE DETERMINED bc that's how this organization keeps rolling
You have to sprinkle a vet here and there for the future...see Alex Tuch and what he has brought to this team
The only problem I have is Adams has done nothing in terms of bringing in more talent to help the youngsters and improve this team into the future.
You can't keep spewing the same BS every interview and not accomplish anything. I'm not saying make a trade for the sake of making a trade but they knew they needed at least 2 D during the off season and
Adams acquired one.
I'm not saying empty the cupboards but you have so many forward prospects that there isn't enough room on the roster for all of them, no harm using one or two to help in areas this team has holes.
I'd like to see the playoffs but that isn't as important as just improving the team with the future in mind.
Can't build an entire team through the draft, look at Boston...probably 50/50 in players drafted and players acquired by trade/UFA. They continue to win every year.
If you like the direction the team is taking that's fine but I see it different in that the kids need some help...give it to them. They've carried the team this far, reward them bc this is the time of year where each game counts and 3 of those 4 losses they got bombed.
If you consider me bitter bc I want to see upgrades in this team for the better than so be it.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Buffalove</b></div><div>We’ve got quite a few bitter, old Sabres fans around here
Some can be quite dramatic 🤣🤣</div></div>

I don't think it's about being bitter...it's the same story year after year.
As an example..Girgensons is brought back ya never won with him don't you think it's time to move on from a player like that
Okposo, captain or not should not be re-signed after this year-TBD
3 kids are thrown to the wolves Power needed a steady defensive D-man to lean on and Adams did nothing to help the kid
Peterka and Quinn were put in a position to fail...they should have started as 3rd liners and worked their way up instead of being counted on as the primary secondary scorers
and I'm not saying they won't be NHL players but to much pressure was put on them from the start.

The team as a whole has forgot what defense is...to many missed assignments and teams are scoring from point blank range.
What you say is true...we have games in hand but you have to win them and not go on a 4 game losing streak after winning 5 in a row.
Bottom line is it leads back to Kevyn Adams not do his job...not one trade has he made as GM to improve this hockey team.
An entire team can't be made through the draft nor can it be made entirely through trades...there has to be some trade off in both directions.

He is so hung up on the draft do you really think that he doesn't see his team is now drafting in the 12th position that visions of an outside shot at Bedard isn't becoming realistic.
I know it takes 2 teams to make a trade but you can't wait till Mar 3rd when your team is at a breaking point like the Sabres are.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Buffalove</b></div><div>While i don’t disagree with most of that….
Absolutely nothing you just said is helped in any way, shape, or form by bringing in Boeser
Bringing on these mid-tier guys, simply bc at the moment they may be better than Peterka, is just pointless to me

We have plenty of guys who project as “middle6” talents
The smart thing to do (imo) is to package a couple of these assets for a top line type talent

Just look what Cozens is doing- while playing with Quinn &amp; Peterka…. He’s has more points than those 2 combined
And while i do like them, bringing in a legit top6 player who can be here long term makes all the sense in the world
It would stabilize that 2nd line
And take pressure off the rookies so they can develop at a natural pace instead of having too much on their plate- which, to your point, they’ve struggled with a bit

I don’t see guys like Boeser as the type of upgrade we should be looking for though- bc it’s modest, at best

Go get a Meier type player &amp; use up the extra couple mil in Cap
That’s how i see it anyways</div></div>

You and I agree
I'm not trying to convince you on Boeser...if you look at my prior acgm I'm all in for Meier but sabre fans on here and other boards don't want to pay the price for Meier.
If today's game doesn't convince fans there needs to be changes I don't know what to say. There is no size coming down the highway...
If Tuch fits the timeline so does Meier who I think is a few months younger. Yeah, he'll cost more in money but that's what star players command.
As you know we don't get Meier to make the playoffs, you go get him for a future piece of the puzzle.

I did this for the simple reason so nobody complains about trading a prospect or a protected first. Offering Ostlund in a trade won't hurt this team. IMO you can't build an entire team through the draft,
You need to sprinkle in the vets like they did with Tuch. There has to be a balance, you're knowledgeable I'm sure you get that and you can't do that all in one swoop. In the last 10 years we've drafted top 10, 10 times and where are we?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>OK work it out....but until then he's a RFA. Yep that changes his value in a trade. But until that happens the trade posted is way too high for Sabres to pay for a RFA.

Yep there isn't that many UFAs available in the same realm as Meier. Pasta, Larkin. How about Patrick Kane, who will cost less than Meier, shorter term, and don't have to give up assets.

And there certainly are lesser wingers available. Leafs would love to resign Bunting but don't know if they have the cap. Gee for 5.5m you get a player who have 20 to 25 points less than Meier but don't cost anything to obtain.

In a cap strapped UFAs will be looking for contracts., and I do think the Sabres are becoming a nice to place for some UFAs.</div></div>

No team is going to give a haul like that without having a extension in place, see the NYI and Horvat. How long after the trade did a contract get done and Horvat could of walked after this year.
Lou can say "to long and to much money" but it was said with a smile. I'd bet Kevin Adams knows what it would take to sign Meier but it's more about what he has to give up to get him and I still think he wants to get one more solid draft in.
You can get a lesser player but Meier brings something we neither have on the roster or in the system a power forward. Tuch is the closest we have to it. He brings size also which is another thing the forward group lacks both here and in the system. I don't think Quinn is included but Ostlund would be the perfect candidate as we are set at C1 and C2 for the next 7 years. Savoie and Kulich could play center also.
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