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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>This is absolutely dreadful for Ottawa

Mathieu Joseph is better than Jason Dickinson. Sure they are saving some cap but it's 1.625 and not the full cap

The cost to do that would be a 2nd + 4th + solid RHD prospect?

Dorion already squandered 2nd + 4th to get rid of Zaitsev and 3rd + 7th to move Murray's contract

If he pays 2x more to move an useful player...

lol this is absolutely NOT how it works and at this point, I don't even know how to explain it anymore

The first mistake you make is assuming that Joseph is a 2.95 AAV cap dump while Dickinson is a positive 1.35 AAV asset.

Every NHL team has a distinct value they put on player and it's how they determine how much a player is overpaid (to them) or not. And this is coming directly from NHL executives

The formula here is :

Joseph value - Dickinson value vs 1.625 AAV

Both teams then have to determine the value based on the market and their own valuations

I'll let you figure out the rest</div></div>

Wow where do I start with this nonsense? This is 100% how this business works and if you can't see that you're delusional. If you want to be a smug b#%ch I'll match you step for step. The Hawks don't need to make trades. Other teams do if they want to become cap compliant to start the season or sign RFAs. Because of that, Chicago sets the market value in any trade scenario. Don't like it? Find another team with cap space willing to make a deal. Kyle Davidson has already stated he's done unless something comes his way that makes sense. This proposal makes sense. In any trade scenario involving the other team shedding cap space, the Hawks have the upper hand since they can simply walk away. I'll let you figure out the rest...