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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Cannon</b></div><div>So we don’t have any leverage, except we don’t need to trade him only to those teams. But those who want to have him extended, will have a bidding war. Dallas, Chicago, Colorado are all teams he’d be interested in extending with with others still unknown.
So you think we’re gonna get pennies on the dollar for him? I’d argue not. Anyone who thinks dach is getting moved for him is kidding themselves, however thinking we have no leverage what so ever, is also kidding themselves. Anyone who is trading for Jones thinks he is a top pairing/ top defenseman. The price will be very high as has been reported. Just not a package around a future 1c ++.

This trade isn’t that. Not even close. You don’t get laine or jones for this trade. It is more outrageous than the dach++ trades. This isn’t nhl 21 where Alex nylander is still a medium elite. He’s exposed to be taken and likely won’t be.</div></div>

As a hawks fan, I’d rather not even have Laine because he’s really not worth the absurd contract he’s going to ask for. As for Jones, keep him if you want. There’s no point in the Hawks trading a ton of prospects for him. Like the most I can see is Strome, Beaudin, and a 1st and that’s with an extension. I can understand CBJ not wanting that but like it is what it is. Maybe Boqvist and Strome. I get that I’m basing this off potential but like that’s really all I’d feel comfortable trading.
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