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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheCelt</b></div><div>Trade Myers. He's a 3rd pairing Dman on this team right now who makes 5.5 mill. The only people who don't think he won't get a big return are Leafs and Oilers fans, and that's because they don't want to give up their 1st. He's got 36pts in 82 games. The only free agent RHD that did better was Carlsson who will make 7-8mill. He will absolutely get a 1st round pick or an early 2nd, especially if he agrees to an extension. It's ignorant to think otherwise.

Bridge Connor and wait till Buff comes off the books, to sign him to the long term deal. And don't sign Statsny. As much as I love him as a jet, Roslovic showed us that he's more or less the same style as Pauly and his points per game and corsi indicate that he will be an above average 2C next year. I think he plays the kind of game that can mesh well with Laine and Ehlers. He's very responsible defensively and he is very good at making those stretch passes that Ehlers and Laine love. If you reaaaaally want Statsny, you could trade Little before his NMC kicks in on July 1st, but even then, the only reason fans are higher on Stats than Little is because Stats meshes better with Laine.

If you want to reduce cap even further, you can move Kulikov. It will be little to no return but you clear his cap and the UFA market for LHD's is very strong this year. Hickey or De Haan could get signed for 3mill or less for a year while we wait for Samberg to develop.

Finally, we have a ton of assets that you haven't even addressed. Petan, Lemieux, and Dano are all good LW prospects and at least two of them won't ever play for the Jets if Vesalainen develops into what we think he'll be. You can use those guys to move our cap to rebuilding teams like the Islanders, Wild, and Coyotes. Also Samberg just had a monster year at college and the WJC's. He's an LHD, we have Niku who set the record for rookie scoring in the AHL, and Morrissey who will get signed long term. That's 3 good LHD young players and prospects who can make our Left side formidable for the next 10 years. That means Stanley, who is an absolute monster is left outside looking in, meaning we can trade him too to either dump serious amounts of cap or acquire draft capital that we can use in the next 3 years.

We're only in cap trouble if we can't move two of Myers, Kulikov, Little and Perrault (I love him but he can be replaced by Vesalainen), and if you want Statsny we'll have to move 3. But that's not going to be hard at all given the amount of assets Chevy's acquired.</div></div>

We agree to disagree. No matter what happens it's going to be an interesting off season.
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