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You're overvaluing Trouba, Tanev and Morrissey by about a mill each. These aren't premier puck movers they're just solid defensemen, and Tanev is a 4th liner. A good 4th liner but not almost twice as good as Copp. That's ridiculous. If you don't take my word for it, take Matt Cane's.

Trade Myers because you can't have a 3rd pairing man playing less than 20 minutes a night make 5.5mill. Trade Perrault for the same reason and because Vesalainen is ready for the NHL.

Don't trade Mason, because the 4.1mill cap hit for 1 year isn't bad if you do the two previous trades, and Eric Comrie is absolutely not ready for NHL duty.

Next year trade Kulikov, because trading 1 year of 4.3mill is exponentially easier than trading two year of that cap. That will give you enough cap to sign Wheels, Laine, and bridge Connor.

If Connor won't take a bridge, let Wheels walk because 91 points is overrated when 46 come on the power play as a facilitator for 3 of the best shooters in the NHL. Vesalainen should be ready to replace him, and Scheifs becomes the new C. This is the worst, worst case scenario, but all in all, it could be much worse.

Two years down the road when his NMC turns into an M-NTC ship Little off to Seattle in exchange for either sending a high draft pick or a year of Buff to make that contract easier to swallow. Use the cap space to sign Roslovic, a bridged Connor, Niku, and Vesalainen.

This requires us in the next two or three years to acquire a strong RHD prospect to replace Buff and one of Stanley or Samberg to replace Kulikov. Trade the remainder of Stanley or Samberg for that RHD prospect or draft a strong RHD with one of the picks we get for Myers or Perrault and we're in the clear.

Congratulations you have successfully escaped cap hell without trading off a young star player, and hopefully without losing Wheeler.

And what Scarbrow said. 5 stars from me as well, for having me really puzzle this one out.

Bonus: I didn't mention our bottom 6, but with Lemieux, Appleton, and Tanev all being pretty decent or projecting as pretty decent 4th liners that shouldn't be too much of a problem. For a bonus RW depth, I wouldn't mind seeing us trade for Jake Virtanen or Oliver Bjorkstrand this year, or Colton Sceviour in the next couple years.
Forum: Armchair-GM20 juin 2018 à 16 h 50
I'll take a run at it for you. First off everyone you've signed to contract is respectable and could be reality. Myers is not getting re-signed so he's either traded this year for assets (my personal favorite option) or used as an own rental. Unfortunately as it stands right now you'll need to move money (approx 3.1M minimum) just for bonus purposes this year to ensure no overage next year. As it stands regardless of what happens Myers comes off the books for 5.5M CAP relief. The CAP should increase so lets just use a modest 2.5M increase there. Now we're sitting at 8M in space. Signings next year include Wheeler, Connor, and Laine as the 3 big raises due. Connor will jump to 5-6M, Laine likely gets 8-9, and since Wheeler is the biggest unknown lets leave that for a minute. For just those two guys you need 15M (on the high end). They already make about 1M each so the raise is 13M. That means 13M-8M is 5M more in space we need. First to go should be Kulikov if possible. Little would be another ideal but those two contracts will be hard to move (kulikov due to injury history and little due to NMC and term) but if you can move either or both thats a start. If you're lucky enough to move both Wheeler can be re-signed as a bonus to getting the others done but as long as you move 1 you get just about the amount of space you need for Laine and Connor (depending if it's Little or Kulikov). The other is Perrault. You wouldn't want to move him but might have to. Perrault is replaced with Vesalainen on an ELC, Chiarot with Niku or Morrow. The other option is to move Buff. Now if you're doing most of these moves it's best to do them this year while all those guys are off a great season/playoffs. Buffs value will never be higher and that 7.6M off the books would be very nice especially considering what kind of good young player or top picks you could probably get for him. Back to Wheeler. If the Jets don't win the cup this year, but again are close he may take the same money or give WPG a break contractually to give it a shot for a year or two. I could absolutely see that but it's up to him. Finally, Tanev and Armia are making too much money. Tanev will get a raise but if he goes to 1.7M per that's got to go. Tanev shouldn't come in at more than about 800-900K and if he does you've been fleeced. Armia also should be around 1M and if not you trade them too and replace with cheaper options for the 4th line like Lemieux, Dano, Appleton, etc.

So in summary and in order of guys you should move:

Mason-Myers-Kulikov-Chiarot-Little-Tanev-Armia-Perrault-Buff-Ehlers(added because this is a last resort but you could pull off a Drouin-Sergachev type deal with him).

5 Stars for making me type a paragraph response!