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Toronto Maple Leafs signed TJ Brodie (4 Years / $5,000,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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10 oct. 2020 à 14 h 30
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Great at limiting the oppositions shots with no real deficiencies at 5v5, and plays a lot against top competition. Huge upgrade from Barrie who was redundent on the PP since we have Reilly and needed to be sheltered at 5v5. Leafs now have a good top 4 and some young guys on D with top-4 potential.

Dubas Has done more for this teams blueline than any other leafs GM in 2 yrs vs the last 10. No he's not perfect but hes a good GM and doesn't get respect because he works for the leafs and is a so called "stats nerd" (even though he was a scout for many years) who doesn't care about grit (see Mikheyev, Muzzin, CLifford, Simmonds). #teamdubas
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10 oct. 2020 à 14 h 38
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Quoting: Ledge_And_Dairy
Your concerns are totally justified, but calling him an overpaid 2nd pair guy is pure ignorance. Dont bother arguing with him its a waste of your time, its too late to turn back now anyways.

I’m just hoping we get the Brodie of last season.

The contract itself I am pleased with. I really did think Brodie would sign for a bit more.
10 mars 2021 à 20 h 40
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Well this ended up being pretty good... Now will he be good in the future.
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11 mars 2021 à 10 h 59
Leafs suck
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Quoting: pharrow
you clearly didn't understand what I had said.
1st. The going rate for a 2nd pairing guy is 4 to 4.5 mil.
He's a second pairing guy. He's not a 1st pairing guy. But he'll be there for TOR, which is why he got a pay bump.
2nd. No matter how you flip it, he's still playing the off side, and that is an issue. No matter how long he's played there. He's still back handing pucks or playing set off. That changes the way the rest of the team plays.

Not a first pairing guy? Can you please elaborate? He's been great so far, just like last season. This signing was always an great signing from the beginning.
11 mars 2021 à 14 h 20
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Quoting: Saskleaf
Not a first pairing guy? Can you please elaborate? He's been great so far, just like last season. This signing was always an great signing from the beginning.

So many hockey fans have no concept of what Dman do. I don't know who is the first pairing LHD Dman on the Leafs. . Is it Reilly because he plays the most due to his PP time. Or would it be Muzzin who logs most of the PK minutes and often matches against top lines. Brodie player big time. minutes on PK also, so what is his "rating: I just think the numbering of players is kinda meaningless. Even the the so called third pairing guys who play 14 minutes a game. They often play on the PK so they have to he NHL good too.

It's similar in baseball where people "number" starting pitchers. Since three starters start the equal amount of games, how do you decipher the # 1, 2, or 3 starter. You can rate them who is the best
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8 août 2021 à 2 h 35
Hakuna Matata
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Man so many people said this was a bad signing. Well we can't all be right lul

Brodie was fantastic. The offense slowed down a bit but man was he incredible defensively and this was without Gio. Plus 5mill be pretty good now considering so many dman just made stupid amounts of money

Expecting good things this coming season and let's hope he can wrack up more points
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