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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gmurrayt</b></div><div>The only thing worse here than leaf hate is leaf blinders. Kerfoot has 1 year left on his contract, and is not a considered one of the superstar players in the league. So why would a rebuilding team want him, especially paying draft capital from a deep draft for a one year rental. Kerfoot also knows that if he wants to score on his next contract, this year will be important to repeat last year's stats. He is not going to do that on a rebuilding team. So his 10 team NT list is going to include teams who are not contending. Just about every team that has cap space falls into this category. For the few team that are do consider themselves cup contenders this year and have cap space, do they have a hole in their middle 6 forward line up that picking up Kerfoot would then elevate them to cup favorites? Answer = no. Kerfoot scored 50 points once so far in his career, last year, playing with multiple team mates who also had career years. The few teams who may need a middle 6 forward to bolster their play off chances will not want to deal now, they will wait until the trade deadline and see where they stand, and who else may be available. It is not like Kerfoot has wowed anyone with his play off performance, which is what a play off contender is most looking for. There are also multiple, multiple teams who are not cap compliant right now and may be looking to let go a middle 6 forward as the season gets closer. As the league stands today, those with cap space have all the power, they know teams will be coming knocking at the door with options that are more appealing.</div></div>

"leaf blinders", I'm trading a 50 pt winger with a $750k salary for a 4th. Anaheim could easily flip him for more at the deadline, or if they surprise they can keep him for the playoffs, Anaheim has leverage and this would be a win-win regardless of how they play this year.

The only thing you could be right about is him having Anaheim on his 10 team NTC (or any other team willing to offer this).

a) we don't know that, it is likely he'd have a non-playoff team on the NTC but who actually knows, players have different considerations when filling out an NTC (family, actually city, the country)
b) players might only have say 5 teams they actually don't want to go to, but they have to have a list of 10 as per their contract, so he can waive
c) players with NTC's get moved. Bjorkstrand got moved to Seattle and they are bad, by your logic shouldn't Seattle have been on his NTC
d) even if you're right and Kerfoot won't go to any rebuilding team, Minny has over 5 mill in space. Wouldn't they want a versatile middle 6 player for a 4th

Kerfoot barely makes any real money and can play centre, which makes him more attractive than other middle 6 wingers.

It is more likely in my mind that a team this would happen rather than NO TEAM be willing pay a 4th for him (and kerfoot accepting should they be o his NTC)

If I did an AGM as Dallas and trade Gurianov for a 4th literally wouldn't be an issue. But because it's the leafs people have to twist themselves into a pretzel to this trading a middle 6 winger with league min salary and a 10 team NTC for a 4th is impossible. The leafs traded Zaitsev, Clarkson and Phaneuf. But yes, this can't happen
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>You just can't move up players to the lineup. The guys that is injured still counts against the cap unless in goes on LTIR which is a minimum of 10 games.</div></div>

teams are allowed emergency call-ups https://www.dkpittsburghsports.com/2019/10/12/nhl-standard-emergency-recall-rules-differences-tlh

"Emergency conditions apply when a team “is reduced below the level of two goalkeepers, six defensemen and 12 forwards,” per the CBA."

"This means that even if a team has enough players to dress, say, seven defenseman and 11 forwards, as teams sometimes do by choice with a healthy roster during the season, it's still considered an emergency situation. If a team doesn't have enough players for four forward lines and three defense pairings, even if they have 18 total healthy skaters otherwise, it's an emergency situation.
Example: The Penguins used three emergency recalls on forwards because they did not have 12 healthy forwards, even though they were carrying extra defensemen."

this could be applied if say Dermott got injured but they still have 13 fwds

I'm not sure how emergency recalls affect the cap, I couldn't find it in writing, but I know the leafs have used them in prior years when they were near the cap and were still compliant. If I had to guess, it would be similar to LTIR in which they'd be allowed to go over the cap with the recalled player but they cannot accumulate cap space in that time period.