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Why do all my favourite teams always have to suck.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ConservativeLightningFan91</b></div><div>Way too early 2021-22 division predictions (not final at all, but revised):
1) New York Islanders (This team just never stops producing. Barzal has an elite year, Varlamov keeps being a wall, and Trotz gets nominated for COTY again)
2) Washington Capitals (Could even be first, depending on how Samsonov/Vanecek do)
3) Pittsburgh Penguins (Time's running out on this group. That being said, they should still be competitive this year, and Brock McGinn is an excellent pickup and replacement for Brandon Tanev)
4) New York Rangers (WC #2) (I think Shesterkin takes a step forward, and with Panarin back for the full year and Goodrow providing depth, they should squeak in)
5) New Jersey Devils (Another leap taken by this team, rebuild's not quite done yet)
6) Carolina Hurricanes (Waddell has torn this team to shreds. Not a fan of Andersen, and their defense after Slavin and Skjei is non-existent)
7) Philadelphia Flyers (Poor Carter Hart has a good year marred by terrible defense in front of him, save for Provorov and Yandle)
8) Columbus Blue Jackets

1) Tampa Bay Lightning (Of course)
2) Boston Bruins
3) Toronto Maple Leafs (Am I the only person who really liked the Mrazek signing? And I HATE the Leafs)
4) Florida Panthers (WC #1) (Watch out for Spencer Knight)
5) Montreal Canadiens (I think the loss of Danault, Tatar, and Weber will wind up in them JUST missing, though the Savard signing was excellent)
6) Detroit Red Wings (Ahead of Ottawa due to Nedeljkovic in goal)
7) Ottawa Senators
8) Buffalo Sabres (Worst record in the league, even worse than Yotes, they'll get Shane Wright)

1) Colorado Avalanche (This might be the year. Kuemper might even be better than Grubauer.)
2) Minnesota Wild (Kaprizov keeps being Kaprizov, Talbot/Kahkonen remains a great tandem)
3) Chicago Blackhawks (IF Fleury plays, and that's an enormous if, than I really like this team)
4) St. Louis Blues (WC #1) (The Buchnevich trade was a steal, and the Saad signing was terrific)
5) Winnipeg Jets (WC #2)
6) Nashville Predators
7) Dallas Stars
8) Arizona (Sorry, Houston) Coyotes (They'll settle for Bedard)

1) Vegas Golden Knights (After this, it's a wide-open division)
2) Calgary Flames (Even with Giordano gone, I think Markstrom will have a terrific year, and Blake Coleman will add depth to an already stacked offense)
3) Edmonton Oilers (Weak defense, but everybody from here on in has weak defense, and I can't see McDavid and Draisaitl missing the playoffs, even if they never win once there)
4) Seattle Kraken (Just miss the playoffs due to lack of a true. No. 1 center)
5) Vancouver Canucks (Miss playoffs, and Benning finally gets fired)
6) Los Angeles Kings
7) San Jose Sharks
8) Anaheim Ducks

Hart, Ted Lindsay, Rocket Richard: Nathan MacKinnon
Art Ross: Connor McDavid
Vezina: Andrei Vasilevskiy
Calder: Spencer Knight
Norris: Cale Makar
Jack Adams: Barry Trotz</div></div>

Pretty much exactly what I think too.

Except Matthews for Richard, and Zegras for Calder.