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Leafs Arethebest
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29 avr 2020
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23 jui 2005
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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 12:53 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TrueCanuck</b></div><div>Don't hate this, though I don't really see Staal as an option for the team. Keefe has been saying pretty much since the day he took over that he wants a 3rd line as a shutdown line and Staal isn't really a fit for that. I think Riley Nash will impress enough to be brought back and centre the shutdown line, Keefe said he's liked him since he saw him in the bubble so I think he'll impress him now.

I do like the top 6 though! I think Robertson has been the answer all along and they're just waiting for him to be ready for more minutes. And Galch has look even better on the top line than he did with Tavares and Nylander so the fit is there.

I think Bogosian will play himself out of Toronto. He hasn't been great this season but he hasn't been bad. I just think he'll be looking for a bigger raise this off-season and won't be able to fit in Toronto, although I think they highly consider bringing him back.

A lot of this obviously depends on the expansion draft and Kerfoot being taken for salary relief. I assume you protected the 8-1 option? Which would leave Kerfoot and Dermott available. I think Seattle wold take Kerfoot too, but if I'm Dubas then I'm throwing something at Ron Francis to make sure he takes Kerfoot so I knew I had the money to re-sign Hyman and not have to worry about leaving him exposed as a pending UFA.

Goaltending is a big question mark to me here. I'm not a big believer in Rittich and I don't think he deserves his same salary after a poor last 2 seasons. Campbell seems too injury prone to be ready for a starter's role so I'd bring in someone that could handle a bigger load if needed. What would your thoughts be on bringing Andersen back on a cheap 1 year deal to prove it again? I think as rough of a year as its been for him it may work out well for Toronto because now they can bring him back cheaper, and see who's really better between him and Campbell.

I actually just posted something pretty similar to what you have here with a lot of the things from my comment here. Check it out if you wanna see more of a visual of what I was thinking:



Staal doesn't have be the guy they sign, Nash is perfectly fine as well.

Bosogian might leave. I think the leafs defense will have Rielly, Brodie, Muzzin, Holl (or if he is lost to Seattle, his replacement), and one of Dermott, Hutton or Bososian kept (and also Sandin and Liljgren). If the leafs would rather keep Dermott, then that is also fine.

As for Kerfoot and the Kraken, I don't see a point in doing anything there. If I'm Francis I take Kerfoot, because 1-2c options are limited (Kerfoot is ideally a 3c, but if Seattle has him as a 2c, they aren't doing too bad). If they want to take Dermott, let them. He's a 3rd pairing defenseman and at this point I don't think he'll be anything more with the team. If they want to take Hyman, which I doubt they will, then sending them a late pick may be smart, but Hyman could come right back to Toronto, he has been clear he wants to stay, even if it's for a little less money.

I'd be fine to have Andersen back for a cheap one year deal if it's less than he currently earns. Personally I'm confident in a Campbell Riitch tandem though. They both have shown if the workload is right they can be a starter/tandem goalie. If one is bad, the other can be the starter.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 12:43 pm
Forum: NHLTue at 11:46 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>The thing is if you have David Rittich starting in the playoffs, then you’ve already lost the series unless the team you’re facing has also lost their starting goalie.

And if the Leafs resign Foligno or Rittich, then they’re immediately making themselves worse because it means they won’t be able to resign one of Hyman or Andersen.

And sure, the Leafs would be justified in the trade if Foligno ends up being a valuable piece of a cup winning team, but the whole point of this thread is to judge trades now and project the likely outcome of these, and a Toronto Stanley Cup win is not likely whatsoever.

And Glendening isn’t any better than Turris. Carter would retire if traded to Edmonton, and the rest don’t fit the right shot C they wanted. Plus after last year, Holland isn’t going to make any rash decisions by trading away picks for players that don’t help.

And you can’t get upset at Winnipeg for overpaying for the single top 4 defenseman that was moved at the deadline. Plus, IMO Heinola could probably be just as good or better than Savard, and by not adding anyone big they aren’t blocking him.

:tearsofjoy And I’ll definitely hold it against you that in the unpredictable NHL you’re so sure that Toronto will make it to the conference finals because they added an extra 3rd liner. You do know that they have Alex Galchenyuk on their 1st line, right? Get back to me in 2 months and we’ll see how that went.

I don’t understand how you can think this. The top 4 teams in the division are all good and very similar to each other. IMO anyone can beat anyone, and it would be unsurprising to see any of the teams in the conference finals.</div></div>

Goalies are unpredictable. David Riitch has been Calgary's 1b for a while. Starting him in the playoffs is not an automatic loss by any means. And not resigning Andersen is not bad at all. Rather have Riitch because he'll likely be much cheaper as well. I think he'll be a long term guy.
Folingo, yes, they overpaid. And chances are he'll only be in Toronto for the rest of this year. But he's a guy who puts Toronto firmly at the top of the division. They are now the deepest team in the north, and I highly disagree each North team has an equal chance. Toronto easily has a better chance. That does not mean it isn't possible for another team to make the conference finals, but it's highly unlikely.