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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 2 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>I'm not saying to use the pick in the draft necessarily, but not be pressured into spending it just because that's the best available thing like the Foligno trade. Personally, I don't think the Foligno trade was a mistake because it didn't work it, a lot of people were saying that's who they needed too, I'm not sure if that's true but if it that's the case then it was worth it, it just didn't payoff in the worst possible fashion. The difference between now and then though, is that the Leafs as much as they are in a win-now mode, need to think about the future as well. I agree though that doesn't mean they should be drafting but looking ways to add young or mid-age players with terms that could fill a role I want them to get at least 5 years out of that 1st rounder if they aren't getting multiple pieces. ROR deal was worth it, they didn't end up keeping him or Acciari but at least they were able to replace them in a sense with Bertuzzi and Domi, at least for the season.

According to EF, the Leafs and Flames couldn't agree on a price for what Tanev + Zadorov with retention on both is worth. We saw with the O'Reilly + Acciari deal and the fact that Dubas couldn't also get Barbashev that the cost to get multiple pieces in demand from a single team is going to cost a ton. There has been talk about the Flames potentially taxing Treliving to make deals, and they just showed that you pay up or they go elsewhere. I don't think Tanev alone even with a 2-year extension, as much as the Leafs need him would be worth it. Something like Tanev 50% (even without a contract) + Dube for a 1st+3rd+3rd+... is something I could get behind or if it was Zadorov in the deal, the equivalent of a 2nd instead of a 3rd.

They might not have 4M to spend on McCabe when the time comes which wouldn't be a bad thing because that would probably mean that they acquired a 5M+ in the season prior.</div></div>

Brad does not spend 1sts for rentals anyway so no concern. Probs would only do it if both Zadorov and Tanev would come

My guess is CGY probs didnt want to ret on Zadorov thats what broke the deal. They probs had the picks in place but when CGY said no ret on Zadorov it killed it. The Barbashev thing was mainly because Toronto didnt want to move Kerfoot thats really it.

And I would not pay that for Tanev + Dube just no

And trust they will have money to give McCabe 4m as people forget how much money Toronto gonna have these next 3 seasons and beyond. By the time hes up JT's money comes off the books and cap will be probs 95m
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 2 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>I think he means more so that they didn't get much out of their investment than the actual trade being bad, which is the nature of the rental market. Although, the Leafs are probably at a point where they need to get more out of their investments.

Muzzin was 31 when acquired, they got him for 3 and some runs which is pretty decent, could have been more if not for his injury. McCabe was 29, they should have him for 3 runs, he'll be 32 at the end of his term, and they likely won't have the money to re-sign him depending on how much they spend this year. Tanev is turning 34 on the 20th, the guy has a lot of miles on him already and puts his body on the line which is what interested teams would love about him, but maybe they get 2 or 3 runs out of him. So, even if he came with 2-years of term, I don't think it's worth it for the Leafs to give up a 1st for him since they need to start thinking about the future as well with only Rielly, maybe Liljegren, and possibly Timmins who might be on this team in significant roles beyond 3-years. Prime-aged UFA signings are pretty much out of the question since they are getting to be expensive, even for more defensive Dmen like Pesce (looking for an AAV in the 7s supposedly, probably gets something in the 6s).

I would like to see Treliving keep his first this year and see if someone like Lindgren becomes available in the off-season unless he can get someone with term who is at most 28 yo now.</div></div>

Keeping the first is a no

Unless you can find a steal of a deal (doubtful) in order to improve the blueline its gonna have to go especially if someone with term is coming back

Would rather not use it in a draft when we dont need prospects we are in win now mode

As in general if the Leafs have kept ROR and the other guys I dont think anyone would complain

Muzzin was the best deal of the bunch

And knowing Brad he probs looking for something big. As we saw (other than Monahan) he dont spend 1st unless its a good deal with term (Toffoli)

Something is cooking will be curious to see what but yea would not surprise if Tanev is coming. Also for McCabe would not worry cap will be in the high 90's by the time hes due so they can afford him hes not gonna cost more than 4m
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