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Have followed sports most of my 60 years. Long time Toronto resident now retired by the lake, north west of TO
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bc44</b></div><div>I think i have done 12 gm leaf teams trying to figure this very thing out. There are 100 trades that make sense from a value for value perspective ie hockey trades. However the cap situation around the league is troubling to teams like the leafs. An extra million retained or traded can handcuff a team moving fwd. With that said i thinknthe leafs have 2 choices trade kappanen kerfoot or johnnson to a cap sapce team ie ott or njd for a pick or several picks to clear their cap to hit the ufa market strong and sign a big ticket dman . This is not ideal as this wouldnt maximize the value of these nhl caliber players. Almost a strategic salary dump scenario. Option 2 is going to be very unpopular with leaf fans and its basically do nothing major resign all your obvious guys and add 1 million dollar veteran defenceman to try and plug holes for now. This option is probably the best thing for the organization but the fan base would flip.</div></div>

The Leaf certainly haven't the worse cap situation. Other teams with NTC and are team that have trouble signing their own RFAs.
One suggestion I had was just give 3.4m Johnsson away and replace him with a 925,000 winger. Now Johnsson playing value certainly is OK but in these crazy cap situation for so many teams, the Leafs (and other teams) just might no choice. Last year the Leaf had to give up a 1st just get rid of Marleau's 6.25 cap year for one year.
I know so many folk think the Leafs Dmen are just so bad. I don't believe that. For one, the Leafs worse Dman last year Barrie will be gone. Ceci and has 4,5m cap hit is gone. Reilly, Muzzin and Dermot were all on LTIR. Reilly, Muzzin, Dermot, Sandin, Holl, Marincin and Liljegren....that's 7 at just 19.5m. Gotta think there a way to sign a competent NHLer. You're 1m solution might be the answer.
If we looked at revenues for the 2019/20 season, gee the cap should for 2020/21 should really be 70m. The owners and the NHLPA have to find a solution to the cap. Plus the NHLPA and its members will have to vote and the sharing of their share of the cap. I believe ALL salaries might be reduced. If I was betting the 2020/21 season will not start in October, and really the whole season could be lost.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>marleau had to go with a first as it was a cap dump. Brown was not playing well and zaitsevs value was horrible and he demanded a trade. Trading for Ceci was one of the conditions ottawa made for taking zaitsevs entire contract and taking on a potential disaster in brown. Now signing ceci for 4.5m was dumb 1 year at 2 mill would have been fine he rejects he could go play in europe we would not have cared. Johnsson would have been traded at the deadline but mikeyv got the wrist injury. Johnsson can easily get u a 2nd np as that contract especially now is reasonable especially to teams looking at rebuilding. Ottawa, NJ, San Jose could all have interest in him and the return offers would be good. Ottawa and the leafs have good relations when it comes to trades so probs gonna here johnsson going to ottawa. If the cap falls below 80million the league will be screwed and the NHLPA wont let that happen. they will keep it at 81.5 or drop it to 80.5. As for Gudas no thank u leafs can do better.</div></div>

I gave Gudas as an example. But that's for agreeing with me. Marleau was a one year cap dump that costs the Leaf a first rounder as you suggest. I'm suggesting Johnsson may have to be dumped for cap seasons at no cost or return. There just aren't many buyers for the all the "Johnssons' that are going to be on the market.
Seems you're stretching the truth when you say Brown was a potential disaster. Gee you had 43 points this season. Ceci had been agreed to contract with Ottawa, and the Leafs just took over that verbal contract, though the contract was signed later. Leafs had no choice with the 4.5m X1 deal.
The cap is based on revenues not on the NHLPA wants. Don't know why folks think the league will be screwed. No reason that owners and NHLPA won't agree for ALL player taking a reduction if the cap goes lower. Doesn't matter to the owners, they are going to spend to the cap anyway (mostly). But most of the NHLPA are mid to lower price players. Those players be taking the brunt of the salary haircut and let the big ticket players maintain their current contract.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>Johnsson rn is worth a good amount despite being injured a 7th is a straight up joke. He has just seen an injury prone season this year. Many teams would love to have him as he can play on any pp unit, he can pk, can, play on any line given, and is a 20 goal scorer and if he wasnt injured he would have probs done it again. This kid has won SHL Rookie of the Year, was a Calder MVP in the AHL. Only reason Toronto moves him as they need to think about their defense and moving him can help with that</div></div>

No, I wasn't joking about Johnsson's TRADE value. Let' say the Leafs have their 23 set with a 2m in cap space. But they really want sign Gudas for 4.5m X 3. There only option might be trade Johnsson for nothing...and the fill forward position with 1m player like Korshov. So the it's Gudas and Korshow in the lineup instead of Johnsson and Marincin.
Even if the league starts next season on time with cap in the 80s (I'm doubtful of both), there are so many team in the same position as the Leafs. They just have to shed players without taking cap back in a trade. The Leafs are one of so many sellers and there are very few buyers, meaning teams with cap space.
Just look what the Leafs did last summer to get long term cap space. They traded 4.5m long term contract Zaitsev and 2.1 Connor Brown for one year of 4.5m Ceci. That wasn't a fair one ice value but it was a necessary trade for cap position.
Heck the Leafs had to trade 6.5m Marleau and first just offload his one year cap hit.
So let's not confuse on ice playing value and trade value.
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