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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bcarlo25</b></div><div>Well, sheesh, you’re kind of missing a lot.

Tuukka didn’t leave the bubble because he was worried that his family was at risk for covid. He left the bubble because....it was a bubble. He needed to be with his family due to a medical emergency, and he couldn’t do that while being in the bubble. If his daughter has another freak medical emergency, and they’re playing entirely in a bubble next year, sure. But by that logic every single player in the league that is a father just saw their trade value plummet.

Tuukka Rask and Andersen are not of a similar caliber. One is a solid goaltender. The other has the second best save percentage in nhl history.

Kuemper was the 2nd best goalie in the league? According to who? According to what? Why wasn’t he a vezina finalist with Tuukka? Clearly, I would prefer the bruins just go ahead and keep Tuukka and grzelcyk. I think that’s a horrific trade for boston, and i honestly can’t think of a single reason why anyone in their right mind would make it from Boston’s perspective.</div></div>

A freak medical emergency very likely means a higher risk to COVID as well, that's pretty common knowledge.

I am by no means saying Rask is a bad goalie, but to say that renting him for 1 year at 7M vs renting Andersen for 5M is the better option is just wrong. The goalie market is extremely flooded and 7M is a lot to pay for 1 year.

Did you even read what I said about Kuemper? He got injured, for 2 months. Kuemper got hurt on December 19th and didn't return until February 25th. At the time of his injury he had the best SV% and best GAA amoung all starting goalies in the league. Of course he didn't get nominated for Vezina he missed a significant portion of the season, same reason Dougie Hamiltion didn't get nominated for the Norris
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