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I don't think Holland is motivated to trade Puljujarvi. His high asking price is more indicative of a desire to keep the player, and he certainly doesn't appear to be concerned that he hasn't had a serious offer yet. In fact, I suspect his response to media questions regarding any discussions with other GMs was targeted directly at JP and his agent. Publicly acknowledging that there have been no discussions with other GMs serves Holland's agenda. There is some wisdom with this approach.

Puljujarvi provides Edmonton the same low-risk high reward potential that seems to be fueling all the AGM trade scenarios involving him. The huge changes among management and coaching staffs essentially render the Oilers a different organization than the one that mismanaged JP during his ELC. He has a real shot at the 1RW position in Edmonton. Chiasson, Archibald, and Haas are not viable top-six NHL forwards. James Neal is no longer a top six forward, Athanasiou hasn't been able to fit in with either McDavid or Draisaitl, and Yamamoto looks to be solidly locked on Draisaitl's line. Currently Kassian is his only competition. In comparison, JP is already a more responsible 200-foot player and he has more potential to produce offense. Further, Puljujarvi offers Gulutzan another big-bodied forward to provide net-front presence on the power play, and JP's wicked wrist shot offers additional options with the man advantage.

Yeah, I think Holland is playing the waiting game. The potential rewards exceed the possible costs. JP is still a RFA, and he can be signed for one year and at a relatively low salary. If he excels then he can be extended at a more appropriate salary. If he can't maximize the opportunity he has, then he will simply be an inexpensive bottom six forward and his trade value won't be drastically impacted.
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