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Sujet: Tom Wilson
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lyle_Bubas</b></div><div>are you like 65 years old what, fashion shows with nylander?

Nylander is an elite playmaking winger who's got a deadly wrist shot. He has more career goals and points than wilson does in 215 less games.

Wilson is a bruiser who is a career minus in the playoffs who prior to the cup win was completely invisible and useless for offence.

<img class="for_img" src="https://i.gyazo.com/d1bbeeece9cbd90d1511bdc1ce8b3d57.png" alt="d1bbeeece9cbd90d1511bdc1ce8b3d57.png">

Since he's got his cup his "playoff clutchness" hasn't gotten his team out of the first round

Wilson's a solid player, and I'd love him on the team, but he's overpaid as hell and is way less useful than an elite winger like nylander</div></div>

Yup of course Nylander has more career goals and points than Wilson in many less games, that's not Wilson's primary role. It's just like saying, Wilson has 20x more hits than Nylander in his career (a true stat), so he's better. That stat is also true, but that's not Nylander's game. (And btw I'm not even saying anything close to that Wilson is a more valuable or better player)

"Wilson is a career minus in the playoffs" he's -1 don't act like he's -30

I love that you purposely cut out his recent playoffs in that image to make it seem like he hasn't improved from when he was 20-23 years old and just playing a 4th line role lol.

Overpaid? Really? If anything underpaid, on pace for 25 goals and 53 points (over a full season in 19-20) while being such a unique and physical player in the league.

I'm not agreeing with the trade or anything, but don't exaggerate or willfully ignore particular details to make your point seem more logical, because it's so glaringly obvious for those that are informed enough to see through that bull****.
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