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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>fckmattcooke</b></div><div>To be honest I see where you're coming from, but you have to take Byram out of the deal with no replacement. Barron, Jost, 1st is a very solid package for Miller. Avs could add a pick or a prospect for Motte</div></div>

Yes. That this doesn't seem to suit VAN's needs, means there is probably not a deal between teams.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeautifulIdiot</b></div><div>ok I changed it up a little bit, took out the first. The thing is, teams will have to overpay for miller because of the unique situation that the canucks are in if they decide to move him. The only thing that Allvin would concider would be a deal that includes byram</div></div>

The Byram noise is coming from VAN, making it appear that the onus would be on VAN to overpay for Byram if that is who they really really want, rather than COL for Miller. This sentence could be switched and it then it would make sense from a COL perspective: 'teams will have to overpay for Byram because of the unique situation COL is in if they decide to move him. The only thing that Sakic would consider would be a deal that includes Pettersson.' And VAN fans would respond to this the way COL watchers are responding to the Byram noise.

Crucially, it doesn't make sense for COL to move Byram - young, cost controlled, top D prospect, going through difficulties so that trading him would be disrespectful (something Sakic doesn't do) and selling low (another thing Sakic doesn't do). COL's window/cap structure is bracketed by Rantanen's contract, not MacKinnon's current deal as they've already costed that extension in their plans, something most commentators don't seem to realize. If they perceived their window as MacK's current deal, they would have bridged Makar so as to have more cap right now.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RonaldBilius</b></div><div>cbj wants picks or prospects</div></div>

That makes sense from CBJ's prospective. Isn't Domi tho UFA in the offseason, so their chance to get assets for him is pretty much the deadline? Which contenders would have interest in Domi, and the cap space or an expiring contract that they could send back? Wonder, if Domi isn't as desirable a prospective playoff run player as Savard or Foligno last deadline, a pure picks/prospects trade might not be as feasible.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>Olausson is definitely too rich for a rental. He's a recently drafted 1st rounder who the Avs were elated to pick when he fell to them as they had him much higher in the rankings than where they got him (according to both Sakic and the head scout Klippenstein in video interviews post-draft). He's also having a great season this year so his stock has improved. Avs are also short on forward prospects with legit top 6 potential so it's a non-starter; they'd probably sooner trade one of Barron or Helleson than Olausson simply due to positional needs in the organization.</div></div>

It's hard to gauge Domi's value right now, esp the difference between as a playoff rental versus a team that wants to sign him in the offseason (what would his next contract be? comparables?) But seems like those interested might be interested because of the potential to buy low ... tho Kekalainen is a tough negotiator. Have he and Sakic traded recently? feels like most of COL's CBJ alums were walking/were on a different team when acquired.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bdawwwgy1</b></div><div>Cbj ain't doing that.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>The_Cannon</b></div><div>Not enough for cbj to take that.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mergus80</b></div><div>From the Avs perspective, hell yes. A young forward who fits their identity plus an underrated shutdown D on a nice contract sounds great to me.

I don’t think Columbus is interested in moving those guys though. Texier is somehow still only 22, even though it feels like he’s been around for a while. I would imagine he’s in their long term plans. Maybe they sell high on Gavrokiv with an extra year left on his deal (like Coleman/Goodrow as you mentioned).

I would be interested in Max Domi if he’s available. He’s popped up in Avs rumors for a few years, when he was with Arizona and Montreal. Good skater, positional versatility, fits Colorado’s style, and would bring a combo of skill and grit to the middle six.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Viqsi</b></div><div>That's two young players we can't really afford to give up and in fact need more of, and you're trying to get them at a discount? Hell no.</div></div>

Don't think Domi is the type that would be of interest to COL - think they either want a top 6 versatile, cup hungry vet who's team is willing to do him a favor (aka Giroux) or do a trade like this for high quality, cost controlled depth whose contracts match the MacKinnon contract window.

Could only see CBJ trading 2 players they want to keep, but may not be considered integral pieces of the future and therefore pry-able, for a significant overpay. Perhaps get rid of retention on Texier and add Behrens to the package offered? Feels like CBJ's prospect D pool might be stronger on RD than LD? For a rebuilding team, the 2023 1st (esp. if only minimally/or not at all protected) might have more value than usual a year out 'cause 23 is supposed to be a deep draft and the last couple of drafts have had COVID scouting difficulties. Have heard rumors of some rebuilding teams wanting 23 1sts over 22sts, and also that CBJ coaching staff likes Compher. It all comes down to when CBJ feels their window will be, and how they plot it in relation to PIT, WSH, NYI's expected declines in the Metro. Ranta and Helleson would probably be on the table for COL for such a trade, but most likely not Barron, who looks like he may well be a contributor for the next two playoff runs.
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Based on Montreal-based writers (Basu, Godin, LeBrun) Price at 50% retained seems to be attractive to contenders, and the names that keep coming up are COL and EDM. Price seems to want out, with a rebuild on the horizon, Bergavin gone, and his willingness to waive for expansion, and seeing how Gorton treated Lundqvist at the end. Since PLB is one of the few insiderzzz that Sakic talks to, COL has no NHL roster goalie's signed for next year, and the team for all their extremely smart analytical moves (Toews, Nichushkin, Burakovsky, Girard) has a streak of old school hockey in their decision-making (MacDermid) their could conceivably be a fit there, in spite of most most of the unlikely agms, there might be something to <a href="/users/SevenLeg" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@SevenLeg</a> 's thought experiment ... GMs do love Price, esp. after the last play-off run, even if I'm in agreement with <a href="/users/xqb15a" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@xqb15a</a> and <a href="/users/coga16" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@coga16</a> that based on his last several regular seasons, injury history, and current health difficulties, COL shouldn't take the risk.

General thoughts:
1. This would have to be an off-season trade, as Price would have to 'prove' mental and physical health by playing games this season.
2. 50% for 4 years is A LOT to retain even for a rebuilding team with deep pockets, and MON would much prefer to take bad money back instead. Thing is, COL doesn't really have any - EJohnson's contract isn't long enough, he is valued so highly by the org for whom he just did a solid waiving his NMC for expansion, and he has a modified NTC which most likely has all Canadian teams on it. This makes EDM a more likely partner than COL, if MON took on some combination of Smith, Ceci, Barrie, Klefbom.
3. COL's cap structure means that they don't want to pay more than 5.5 for a starter - why they wouldn't bring back Grubauer. It's hard to get a starter for that, but Price at 50% fits. COL is a very disciplined abt cap structure and isn't willing to deviate until they get MacK re-signed. However, Kuemper isn't yet playing himself into more than a 5.5 contract, and the team had wanted him for awhile and paid a lot to get him. Francouz is looking good (and before he got hurt 2 seasons ago was challenging Grubauer for the starter role), has an opportunity this season to demonstrate health and reliability, and wouldn't be due a large contract next year because he's been out for so long. Depending on how the season and play-offs go, one of them could be well positioned to be the starter for the next several years at a price point that fits COL's cap structure. There is the 'COL effect' of how goalies look behind the team, front offices are noticing the difference between Grubauer from COL-&gt;SEA, and COL doesn't want to pay for this glow up.
4. COL don't have LTI contracts to shift, which MON would want since they will be in LTI for a while with Weber - depending on Klefbom's status, EDM might.
5. Price ages 35-39 at 5.25mil for 4 years with an NMC and an un-buyout-able contract is a big risk - with it looking likely that games in Canada may end up having to be played w/o gate revenue, the cap won't rise as quickly as the league seemed to think in the autumn. His contract is also signing bonus heavy, something COL's ownership doesn't like. If by season's end one of Kuemper or Francouz look like a reliable starter for less than 5.25x4, then COL is in a position to be choosy.
6. Price has to want out for the trade to happen, and Gorton/Molson/MON have to REALLY want him out in order to retain so much for so long. Moving Price would be a signature move of the new regime, and I think it would be hard for them to do PR wise w/o getting back what looks like a prime return, and based on the above, I don't think COL would be willing to give that.

TLDR - a COL-MON Price trade might be somewhat conceivable, but probably not on terms that most MON fans would like.
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