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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AndrewLadd</b></div><div>Really? What a turn if events. I thought it was a foregone conclusion that he’d be traded</div></div>

This from Craig Morgan's recap of last night. For those who don't know Craig is the singular best source for Coyotes new and info. From Craig's piece,

"There was all sorts of chatter surrounding Chychrun early on Thursday, with multiple teams including Columbus, Vancouver and Ottawa reportedly in discussions with Armstrong. Per sources, the Coyotes actually had a deal in place to send Chychrun to an Eastern Conference team but it never reached fruition.

Although he has no trade protection, Chychrun has made it clear that he wants the chance to compete in the playoffs. None of the teams that were rumored to be in the mix for his services are a lock to do so, so with his options too limited to strike what he considers a fair deal, Armstrong has altered his stance on Chychrun.

“Jakob is going to come back and play for the Coyotes next season,” Armstrong said. “That’s our plan and we expect him to be a big part of our team.”

If you hear finality in that statement, you hear correctly. The Coyotes do not intend to trade Chychrun now, but you can bet that Armstrong and Chychrun will sit down for a long discussion on why the 23-year-old defenseman was unable to take another step forward in his development under coach André Tourigny while forwards Clayton Keller, Lawson Crouse, Nick Schmaltz and Barrett Hayton all did so.

Armstrong didn’t say much about Chychrun, but he made it clear that he expects him to regain the form that saw him score 30 goals in 119 games between the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons."
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