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26 aoû 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GM17 jui à 21 h 25
Forum: NHL Signings 8 jui à 16 h 17
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>Everybody says he can, but then he sucks when they try it, even when he’s sheltered, so he doesn’t do it anymore. If he actually could play the right side at a decent level then Toronto wouldn’t have had such a major issue with their right side for so many years. He’s a 3rd pair LD who isn’t better than Rielly, Muzzin, or Sandin, and isn’t gonna be taken by Seattle without incentive because of Kerfoot’s availability and the general lack of centres in the expansions draft (not to mention that Kerfoot’s just a better player and is fairly paid). And if they go 7-3-1 he’s not getting selected over Holl, because there are so many 3LD Seattle could select and not nearly as many potential 2RDs (Shatty, Miller, end of list pretty much, Graves/Dunn/Skjei/Gio are some likely LD selections that are all better than Dermott). This is why this signing makes no sense tbh, he’s gonna be their #7 guy, or struggling on his off side as the #6. Unless he does get dealt, but ultimately how much value does a 3LD really have when guys like Kylington, Mete, and Niku go on waivers every year for less money, no acquisition cost, and similar upside.</div></div>

um what. He played on his right side for an entire season 2 years ago and put up pretty good numbers. His best season was when he played on the right side lul. And comparing Dermott to to guys who are worse aint a good idea. Only Mete is slightly similar. Niku is ahl at best and Kylington is just bad at both ends. Dermott still has top 4 potential none of those guys come even close.
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals 7 jun à 11 h 30
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>XQOM</b></div><div>Toffoli seasons is 100% an outlier. This is not saying is he bad. Toffoli is never finishing better than 7th in league scoring or touching (on pace) 44 goals in an 82 game season. Toffoli was on pace for almost 70 points this year, that is an outlier for a career 49 in 82.

This not being Marner's value is also because I hate Anderson's contract, he is an injury prone, flukey winger who is also hasn't been a good playoff performer. Hasn't done **** since game 1 on the whole playoffs. He also doesn't fit Toronto's style, we don't play on the rush, Josh Anderson is ONLY good on the rush. Kapanen is a great example of someone who plays heavily on the rush who performed much better on a rush playing team.

Also it doesn't matter how much the media ****s on him, GMs still know the value of a consistent 90 point player even if he has disappointed the last 3 playoffs. (Also on a cheap salary) (Salary is not caphit because of signing bonuses)</div></div>

I think you may have missed my point - Toffoli you know what you are getting, as for your outlier, you are right his point per game production was up, but again we saw him perform better once he was out of LA (small sample size but 10pts in 10 games with Vancouver last year). Which may indicate that moving on from LA and the system allows him to do more etc. But never the less history has shown just shy of 50 pts per season.

I am by no means saying the leafs move Marner for this particular trade - first of all why would they move a gifted winger on a forward heavy team for 2 more forwards? Makes very little sense. But also understanding what you may get in return for Marner is key and what the team needs. Many leaf fans think they will land a guy like McDavid, which is stupid. Needless to say Marner isn't their problem and nor should he be moved.