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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>look at the end of the day players get a short window of getting paid. They aren't out there risking CTE simply to "win" why do you think they all make tons of money. At the end of the day they want paid too, instead of someone else getting "their" money, be it owners, other guys etc... You got young guys getting paid a whole lot more than 7 mil per. Point being, if he views himself as equal and capable of putting up 100 points he's got to be wondering where his is too and what's stopping him from getting it. Team only goes so far. Crosby was always looked at as "team" friendly. But when he signed he was the highest paid player in the league. Make no doubt on that. Guys play for $, Let me know at the end of their career about how they make a move for a cup win when no one is going to pay them big money anyway.
It's not just a JT thing. You didn't see Hall take less to go content. These guys get 1 shot at a long term big money deal. 1 They have to make the most of it. If the system is what's holding him back, a saying from the fan base itself, what do you think the player is thinking. That's the point. Not saying he can't resign there. Just that it would have been wiser to do 2 years so you had more control going into that final year. As the final year sits now. If he's not even close to a 100 pt player in this system. He's got to start wondering if it's time to move on before he gets his next contract.</div></div>

I'm not trying to say "your opinion is wrong", however I don't think you are taking into account that it is in fact just your specific opinion. I am always wary of putting my worldview on others, and I fear you are doing that here. Trying to psycho- analyze things like personal motivations is extremely complicated. What motivates a specific individual varies greatly and there is alot of nuance to it.