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Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 12:22 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CJets</b></div><div>Disagree, the Flames will not rebuild under Sutter. Tkachuk is here to stay, he is our next captain and our next face of the franchise. Gaudreau wants to stay in Calgary, so I can see him accepting a smaller contract. Plus, the Flames can make the playoffs, and with all their good prospects in the system and young rising stars like Tkachuk and Mangiapane, it’s a matter of time before Calgary becomes legitimate cup contenders once again.</div></div>

I know Gaudreau "wants" to stay, and I hope he does. But I also wouldn't be surprised if he looks at two players who entered the league at the same time as him, Stone and Kucherov and wants the same deal as them. 9.5x8. I doubt he gets it on the open market, but he may ask for that from the Flames

Tkachuk's next contract will be a contentious negotiation, much like the last one. An extension would need to be more than the 9 he could take on his QO and walk to UFA. I'm not sure he's worth north of 9.

Sure, Sutter didn't sign up for a rebuild. I'm a fan of Treliving, but if the Flames fail to meet expectations in 21/22, there will be significant changes in hockey ops. If a new GM was brought in, it wouldn't be crazy to see Sutter "promoted" to a front office role for the final year of his deal. And again, the Flames could be forced into a rebuild because why would Tkachuk and Gaudreau want to sign long term if the team face-plants again.

Look, I hope the Flames do well, but I have no idea what to expect this season. I'm just saying there's a chance the team looks very different by 22/23 if the team doesn't do any damage in 21/22.
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