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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jjkhairaELTE99</b></div><div>RNH has been a 60+ point player for 3 straight years and a strong two-way centre for the oilers. You'd need to do more to that for that trade to go through cause the oilers can find an easier way to dump chiasson if need be and a 50ish point guy having 1 good year + hartman would never get that done.

Regardless though, I think that nuge will be a career oilers at this point and if the oilers want to be a contending team for the next few years they will do whatever it takes to keep him cause centre depth wins cups. Only way nuge would get dealt is if Holland was gifted a hugely one-sided offer that cannot be refused.

As for the Jost trade, the key pieces are there. Its just more of moving a pick here or there to get that done.</div></div>

Yes Nuge is a good player, but the reality of a cap world is tough choices need to be made. Literally the only downside of having 2 of the best in the game. Nuge will look at similar players of similar age like, Kuznetsov, Hayes, O'Reilly. That gives you a ballpark of 7.2-7.8 on an 8 year deal. If he wants to test the market, you can bet he would see 8x7, because he is far and away the best C that would be available

Also what do you pay Yamamoto. He's as big a part of that line as 29 or 93. Would think that contract starts with a 6 best case scenario

You also only have 2 years until Nurse can walk, he's a big part of what the Oilers do. I'm not sure the Oilers can keep both Nurse and Nuge...