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Actually change the Jets 2021 3rd to an unprotected 2021 1st. Totally forgot to take in Bjorkstrands 5.4M 5 year deal. How does this trade sound? For the Jet's would it possibly be ''third time's the charm'' using a first for a trade involving a 2C? This also helps CBJ get an RFA 40 goal scorer and a still solid 2nd line center for the year. Around $5M freed up after using Stastny's services for the year. This also gives the CBJ hometown Roslovic the one year deal at around $700K-$1.5M, Roslovic will have a show me year to prove if he is ready for a lock on the top 6 role. If this was a full regular season, I believe Roslovic would hit 15-25 goals and 45+ points. He'll prove his worth with more opportunities while playing somewhere he can also be 'around' family and friends at the same time improving his game. Jet's on the other hand get Bjorkstrand and Dubois to fill the 2nd line. What's also interesting about going for Bjorkstrand is that he can play with his fellow Denmark player Nikolaj Ehlers, while also playing with his teammate Dubois and make the Second line. Ehlers and Bjorkstrand are probably gonna be amongst Denmark's best players in their history so it would be interesting to see them both achieve a lot together. I think at least over $3.5M would need to be added for a Trade with Elite and talented players in this option. So Savard at $4.25M would most definitely fit the bill for what the Jet's would want in a strong top 4 RD. The Jet's retain around $1.5M to keep Columbus around the same cap. The Jet's take the late 7th round pick for the 1st round pick, more development time but not losing out on a pick in your system. CBJ on the other hand gets a valuable first Rounder. Along with the first they'll have a 40 goal scorer, hometown middle 6 guy, 2nd line Center for the season and have his cap to use after the season. I honestly believe this is a really good trade option for both teams and can happen.
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals31 déc 2020 à 11 h 32
You guys act as if Laine wouldn't get traded. Which would not stop making the rounds for months already if you pay attention. I originally had this as a 1st and a 2nd instead of the 3rd, wanted to see what the response would be. A first rounder is very valuable to have on you and you've got to consider that Bjorkstrand is a very good hockey player and is a 30 goal scorer now. 25 years old He's already had 3 strong consecutive years, and on a full 82 games Bjorkstrand was on pace for 60 points and 35 goals. More likely gonna have a breakout season next year too. If he was on a more stronger offensive team then he would forsure have a breakout season and show his full potential. A steal at $2.5M, A Natural RW which the Jets don't have much of besides Wheeler, Roslovic and Appleton and Reichel. If Laine wants out, as well as obviously Roslovic not staying then you have to find a way to get something to work with-out overcomplicating things so working with one team could probably be best, that also works for both teams.

Obviously taking almost 1.5M is too much and can't do it because the Jets are already over $697,856 in cap space only freeing up $12,393. As an 'incentive' the Jets at best could only retain(10%= *$669,181) and leave $815,410 Cap compliant including Bryan Littles $5,291,667 without dealing with LTIR. Because of a shortened season Littles $5,291,667 could free up around $45K a day. This allows the Jets to give the juiciest incentive they can(*$669,181 off). By Trade deadline there would be around $4.0M freed up, and Jets could upgrade their bottom depth for the playoffs. Sbisa's turning 31 in a month, probably only another decent season or 2. Hardly worth anything but to fill the LD side with Gavrikov going, who's worth a lot more than Sbisa. Also only 25 at 6'3, 213 coming off a 5G, 18P in 69 Games. This is actually a fair and realistic trade for both sides that could happen. Adding in Savard($4.25M) is a totally different conversation, besides changing Gavrikov for Savard(+Bjorkstrand) this is my only trade proposal that involves Laine and Roslovic for CBJ and their need for offensive firepower. Obviously the Jets would probably try get Savard added in this conversation instead of Gavrikov but I just wanted to explore this possibility. If anything Laine more likely won't get traded till next season unless the Jets can find a way to repair relations and have an amazing deal that works for both sides.
Forum: Trade Machine Proposals25 nov 2020 à 5 h 01