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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jets1pt0</b></div><div>Look at the Eichel trade.

Tuch (25 year old guy - 20 goal scorer) + Krebs ( a top Vegas prospect), a 1st and a 2nd.

Scheifele is a lot better offensively than Eichel and signed to a bargain contract. Something along those lines is not an unrealistic ask/expectation in a trade.

I agree Boston is not a great fit. They are not really in a position to trade any top prospects with a below average prospect pool and an aging roster. The only really interesting piece (IMO) in a Scheifele trade is Carlos. If Boston can't give him up then I dont see there being much to discuss.</div></div>

scheifele i think is marginally better if that even eichel put up similiar numbers in buffalo with olofsson and reinahrt as his wingers scheifele has had either connor/ehlers or wheeler way different quality of teammates. another thing is eichel is 5 years younger and another thing is eichel is way way way better defensively

scheifele anayltics
EV offence: 94% PP:81% PK: NA Finishing: 91% G/p60: 67% A1/p60: 95%
EV defence: 2% QOC: 99% QOT: 94%

eicehl analytics(post vegas trade)
EV offence: 88% PP: 94% PK: NA Finishing: 88% G/p60:39% A1/p60: 81%
EV defence: 94% QOC: 59% QOT: 86%

in reality looking at those numbers though scheifele leads offensively by a very small margin eichel dominates the defensive side
eichel has way better 2 way stats while again only being 24 and yet he still didn't even get a top 4 dman so why do you think scheifele will? no one is gonna ruin the integrity of their defence by moving a defensive dman for one of the worst defensive forwards. maybe the barkov/bergy built types can but that is because they can be relied on to help fill that whole
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CMcAvoy73</b></div><div>Ahhhh good. We’re at that point of the season…the point where bruins fans channel their inner felger and Mazz and just start saying soft as much as possible. The bruins were soft last night. No question. I don’t think folks should be too reactionary. But if we’re going to do it, do it right.

Grzelcyk was so far from the problem last night. If you want to hold the guys that were soft last night accountable, lets do it. It starts with Bergeron, Marchand, and Pastrnak. And before we even go down the road, yes, I’m aware that Bergeron had two goals last night. A puck banked in off him, and a rebound landed on his stick with an empty net. That was still his worst game as a professional hockey player. He was horrible.

Pastrnak had a bigger effect on that game than any other player. First with the dumb penalty, and then just turning and looking at Slavin pinching down right before the second goal.

So if we’re going to do it, lets do it. You’re sick of soft play, where you trading pastrnak to?

Not really the point here, but why do you think calgary would be looking to restructure their blue line?</div></div>

pastrnak and grzelcyk aren't even close skilled wise. grzelcyk is a -14 in his last 26 games he isnt helping worth ****.

as for calgary maybe boston could send them an offer they can't refuse i doubt he is an untradeable player for them just needs to be a strong offer.
cap problems could also lead them to a slight team restructure
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