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(CAR/CBJ) - Hofmann for 2022 7th RD pick

Who won the trade?
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If the Blue Jackets know for sure that he’s coming over, why not? Don’t know whether he refused to sign with the Canes, or if Carolina just wasn’t interested in signing him.
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Bergy is a good GM
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Carolina making moves today, I think Columbus wins off the fact that Hoffman is most likely better than a 7th
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Hofmann had draft pick value a decade after being drafted? Who knew? Sounds like he's finally ready to make his NHL debut, at least. 29 year old rookie, that'll be fun to watch.

I like Carolina's strategy of pick-hoarding in the 7th. The fact that Carolina actually got more than future considerations is hilarious, though it could well be that another NHL club was interested, which naturally would up the return. You truly never know, especially if the overage crop in 2022 is as abundant as I think that it's going to be. They've unearthed Lorentz in the 7th round before, and Pashin/Seeley were nice little 7th round swings in the last draft.
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The Hofmann trade all of CBJ was waiting for.
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Hofmann has some good stats over in Switzerland. Perhaps CBJ thinks they can do what CHI did with Kubalik?
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Quoting: A_Habs_fan
Carolina making moves today, I think Columbus wins off the fact that Hoffman is most likely better than a 7th

Exactly. More or less a “win” by default. Most 7th rounders have a less than 10% chance of ever even playing in the NHL, let alone becoming regular contributors. If CBJ are confident enough they can sign him because he used to play with Elvis, then great. Even one season of play is better than most of what you get from that same 7th rounder.

But for CAR, if they didn’t think/want to sign him, you’re making up some value for a guy that was just going to take up a reserve spot anyway.
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