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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pinslack</b></div><div>Ok small rant for me this morning

I once again read something that triggers me, and now it's coming from nothing less than Pierre Lebrun : https://theathletic.com/3958531/2022/12/02/nhl-restricted-free-agents-2022-23/

Lebrun claims that there's something like a "<em>Bruins-like culture</em>" where "<em>players sacrifice a bit on the cap in order to build as deep a contender as possible over time</em>"

Take this as granted : <strong>players NEVER sacrifice money</strong>

If they opt for a long term deal, it's for financial security (like if they regress or if they get injured).

If this long term deal turns out as a bargain (like for the Marchand-Bergeron-Pasternak line), it's NOT because players decided to sacrifice money at the time of the signature but simply because they outplayed their contract.

At best, you can say that these players with a bargain deal got fleeced, but it's certainly not because they decided to sacrifice money.

In short, there's 2 golden rules for players in my book:

Players <strong>play to win</strong> - you can't expect them to help you tanking
Players sign f<strong>or the most money possible</strong> depending on the degree of risk they want

Have a good weekend</div></div>

Players may take small discounts ( like Bergeron and Krejci having low cap hits but a bunch of performance bonuses ) or taking like 500k less than they could get but no player will decide to take more than like 750k less on a 8 year deal, that’s money that accumulates quickly when you add up the term