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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Go_Go_Gadget_GloveHand46</b></div><div>Exactly, this is infact a salary cap dump on the last yr or so of Detroit's rebuild only difference with a player that is not on LTIR or wouldn't play again like Buffalo and Arizona have no problems taking on for draft picks. Zadina is the prize player of the draft but is still all potential, Voracek is the type of veteran Yzerman knew the Wings needed to help the younger guys along and he is more of an assist guy than scorer. The contract per year is massive which is why Detroit and Yzerman insist on getting a draft pick too. Yzerman can't fleece every deal right from the get-go, but he would have that fourth rounder along with the 3 he already has of that round. #105, #109, #113, #128. I am in Michigan, I watch the Wings and have been witnessing the rebuild, they may do 1 more year of taking on a bad contract to get draft picks, I see them as a contender for the 2nd wildcard this year, but only if some major steps and contributions happen beyond just Mo, Raymond and Larkin.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Go_Go_Gadget_GloveHand46</b></div><div>I am from Michigan, still live here, I am not saying Voracek is anything special, his contract is the thing handcuffing him which is why it took so long for Philly to be able to find a suitor and player like Atkinson to exchange. The details of the trade clearly said Zadina was the best part of the trade from the start, but Yzerman using his talents gaining 4 fourth picks along with all his others while having a guy that can get 40-45 pts on a team still building something also helps. Detroit is no longer in the space Arizona and Buffalo are where they have to take on lousy contracts of players that are basically retired that still want to get their contracts paid out or are on LTIR (Bfugylian, Kesler, Ericsson, etc). Voracek can still be a helpful mentor and get a helper every 2 or 3 games. If Yzerman was on the phone and he instead wanted a 2nd or 3rd rounder then Jarmo and his team would have to deliberate. I just chose Detroit, it could easily be Arizona, Buffalo, Seattle or Chicago that this trade could be a 4th Rder and Voracek for 1 of their younger forwards with yrs in the NHL with little shown thus far but potential. Zadina is my favorite Wing so regardless where he plays in the NHL I want to see him start getting 30 goals and 70 points.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Go_Go_Gadget_GloveHand46</b></div><div>Marchenko, Svozil, Knazko, Ceulemans, Foudy, Pyyhtia and Angle are all pieces that Columbus will want to integrate in the next season or 2. You have to remember that as much as every coach would want their entire lineup to play 82 games, they don't of course. I think cycling a few of these to get action at the NHL is fine, but you can also have each sit for another year until more things are hashed out. Nyquist and Texier maybe tough to plant a number on what they sign for next season, and that is why I have Columbus trying to get insurance moves like Zadina, Gregor and Labanc and re-signing Bemstrom this year to even out the lines for next season. It is going to still be tough destination for FA's of any magnitude to sign with the team, so trading and re-signing what they have are the priorities. Bemstrom yes is a fringe full-time NHLer, but if he had to fill in for 40-50 games in an injury ravaged season I am fine with it. I can have Labanc move up to third line LW, and have Gaunce the first forward out and put Bemstrom on the 4th line. I am not picking Gaunce or Bemstrom to either play 82 games or even like 70 each, I think they could eat into their spots in the lineup depending on rest, or the opponent ahead. If we get to the end of the year and Gaunce played in 39 games and Bemstrom 43 that is fine by me. Noah Gregor I would want to find a way on the wing a good portion too, but again it would be up to Head Coach Brad Larsen and his staff to delegate the usage.

Jarmo might want to give Texier every opportunity to be in the lineup each night, I don't know what to make of him really as anything special, but maybe since his number is at $1.5 and in a contract year we let him have priority but if he is flat-out getting outplayed in practice or games by someone like Chinakhov then play that guy. I like the scenario of getting both Noah Gregor and Bemstrom at lower numbers for longer terms than Texier because all 3 are at the same place right now, with Noah Gregor having the chance at the bigger explosion. If Texier does more of the same of what he has shown, and then wants to get $2-3 million a year, I can't say "See Ya" fast enough, if he is playing well and has been in good faith in the lineup at least on line 4 then Jarmo can check the pulse on what he might need to be signed for before the deadline and then make options from there.

I want to keep Texier playing on his last year until next off-season, that will line up with Nyquist set for FA as well, and we'll see what we do with Andrew Peeke, maybe he signs at a good number for us, or we let him walk and call up one of our young D to take his place.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Go_Go_Gadget_GloveHand46</b></div><div>Yeah I miss-typed the age at 34 and meant 32, thank you for catching that. I meant to say 32 yrs which would include Karlsson, and I was stating that Columbus has the blue-liners in the system that are anywhere from 1-3 yrs away from their time. I for sure have Gregor and Labanc as my favorite Sharks to target, but San Jose is not going to be able to move Karlsson or probably Couture and with Labanc garnering almost $5 million for never getting to 20 goals and has been banged up a multitude of times, I think dangling a 3rd round pick and prospect can be something Sharks in the rebuild could utilize, and get a little cap freed up. I am totally fine with changing around the prospects, it is more or less, Columbus should see the plethora they have and move some, because they are not giving up on the future, they can afford to move Blankenburg, Christiansen, because of who they have developing. The whole point of this team exercise is to show that Jarmo should take a couple more swings and not just look at selecting all 9 rookies that will range from needing 1-6 years to develop. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh could be a mess as early as this year, New Jersey is behind almost every team in the Metro, Canes, Rangers, Caps are all strong, the Metro appears to be the stronger of the 2 Eastern Conference Divisions so you are looking to get one of the wildcard spots. My whole priority here was just for more aggressiveness and trading some picks, Gibson doesn't have to be the goalie either, if they wanted to sign in FA (which then would only cost money and nothing else) I am fine with that too. Elvis and Korpi have been a tandem for good part of 3 seasons, Merzlikins got the big deal and term, Korpi is decent but I want either a major upgrade at backup to get a 1B option for Elvis to be the 1A, or get that big talent at goalie to move Elvis to the 1B option of a 44-38, 47-35 kind of split for the year. Not sure what teams Gibson has on his 10-team no trade clause, but it isn't out of the realm of possibilities he just listed some "cop-out" teams that already have #1s like NYR, TBL, DAL, and then puts ARZ and SEA on there too. Some players lists won't always have just the 10 franchises perceived to be lousy.

If I am a Bluejackets fan, if I still retain Laine, Elvis, Werenski, Boqvist, Bean, Peeke, K Johnson, Sillinger and Bjorkstrand then I am good, work in some other pieces and insurance guys for if Texier, Nyquist, and those test the waters in 2023.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Go_Go_Gadget_GloveHand46</b></div><div>For your first issue about going too fast into a rebuild I would ask to please view the Cap Statistics for 2023-24, 2024-25. Next season the projected cap-space is at $15.4 million for this team currently assembled and that is with our top-scorer (Laine), top-defenseman (Werenski), our 2nd-best forward (Bjorkstrand) and all 3 goalies (2 starters and our #1 guy in the minors) all signed for at least 3 more seasons. Zadina contract maybe way too good to be true, so ignore him then, and say we get a Rasmus Asplund from Buffalo in a similar deal of a draft pick and Voracek, and that could be more realistic to get him signed to a $2.29 mil for/3 yrs number since he is currently playing for $825K, then the cap-space remains that $15.4 million too. Gives the chances for the 2022-23 evaluations to have even more emphasis on the construction of the early lineup for next year.

Very good points, I am just stating that this team has a chance to do something they haven't done with any consistency and that is trading draft picks or prospects that could be with the team in 3 years or could always stay down in the minors, or they can wait the 3 yrs and then try to deal them. I personally feel like Columbus has so many defensive prospects and that is for really like 3 spots in the next couple seasons because I see Werenski, Bean and Boqvist staying. Gavrikov could be out after 2023 and if Columbus is absolute trash before the deadline could be someone they move for a draft pick. I do not question the young guys waiting in the wings, it is a matter of preference, I really like Svozil, Ceulemans as 2 in the future, Carlsson this is a telling season on, he was drafted the same year as Werenski, at 25-yrs old he is now got to cement a chance at the bottom pair, Bayreuther the defacto 7th defenseman at the start of 2022-23, would 60 games in be different, sure, Larson might give more guys the call-up. I think if Bluejackets were in a rebuild we would see even more of the younger guys being put in for big minutes, this year feels like playoff push, see what happens in the tournament. I would rather see them take the chances prior to the season because their draft picks hold value too, #12th overall especially. The Seattle trade I proposed is merely to open up space for the younger forwards to get a chance later on this season, Danforth and Eric Robinson give chances for Bemstrom, Chinakhov, Foudy, Marchenko and the 5th rounder is slated for #132 overall, which if no other trades were made by the Kraken, would be their 10th live pick of that draft already, if Ron Francis values the 2 forwards packaged as you do for value on Columbus, then maybe one of Seattle's 4 fourth rounders could be the asking price instead.

Zadina ok doesn't have to be the player, the point I have is that if we could utilize that $8.25 million on Voracek to put towards re-signing Laine, Boqvist, Carlsson is way more worth it. If you want to change the team from Detroit to someone else the fact remains Blue Jackets would want to make a trade like that. Voracek is complimentary piece but he is being paid to be one of the 3 difference makers for the club, that is not believable when Laine and Werenski are both under 25. I would be more disappointed if they threw money at a JT Miller even if he was a 1C, or the money they would have to flash at any TOP 20 FA to even consider signing with Columbus. Labanc for sure slots anywhere on lines 2-4, does he feel like a depth piece yes, but one that can also deliver and on the same short term. I want stuff established this year and security for next year, if Texier, Nyquist, Gavrikov walk that is $9 million freed up, if somehow we had Zadina he then moves up to about line 2, Bjorkstrand I feel is one of the most underrated players in the league he would be TOP line RW, unless we take a stab at a big FA next year. Give me the mixture of the forwards here where their minutes could be anything any game, but give me Roslovic, Laine, Bjorkstrand, Werenski, Bean as the ones that get the most play. Working on the 3rd and 4th lines and getting that depth built even more is crucial, what have Tampa and Colorado done, with guys like JT Compher, Tyson Jost in past years, Alex Killorn, Ross Colton, Anthony Cirelli are just some examples.

Good points all around, I am saying the window to do something is now to be one of the TOP 4 or 5 in the Metro which equals a chance at the playoffs, if they decide to just have the wait and see approach, then we are looking at a season of finishing 6th or 7th in the Metro maybe only ahead of NJD and PHI, right now, the Islanders are the main competition for that #4 spot behind Carolina, NYR, and Washington that is the window.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Go_Go_Gadget_GloveHand46</b></div><div>AndrewPawlack, Jarmo would get on the phone with Ron Francis and first ask for a higher draft pick, literally Seattle has 9 picks all way before Round 5, so they can move a few of those if they wanted but they are still trying to build their minors up as well. Robinson is a fair piece depending on the team, he probably stays on the bottom 6 anywhere but I was just looking at the TOP 7 teams with projected cap space and yes I maybe a little generous giving Seattle 2 NHL ready guys for a 5th, but I don't see Danforth as much for his age, and I am fine being wrong on either or both and give those minutes for the under 25 crop the Jackets have that are their 11th or 12th forward on a given night. The Metro is going to be so physical with it's games I am fine mixing in a cluster of 4-7 forwards to get some fresh legs and energy boosts in the group of Chinakhov, Gregor, Angle, Foudy, Luoto, Pyyhtia, Marchenko to see action in any amount of games, if at the end of the year that means a bunch of them got 15+ games of action but none were suited up for 60 games that is ideal because it means my starters have remained relatively healthy and have been producing. Columbus should very much be in the mix for the playoffs and in competition of where they will slot either as TOP 3 seed or a Wild-card so I don't anticipate lots of volume for the young core unless the number of injuries is massive or they can't make the postseason with the last 20 games remaining.</div></div>

My dude, first and foremost, you *need* to be more concise with your writing.

This gets exhausting.

Second, re-iterate: this team has never had a true rebuild. Every rebuild has either been blown by management, or changed course due to some unexpected chemistry turning into winning.

Jarmo and JD were just given extensions. There is truly no need to rush. Part of the reason for CBJ’s relatively mediocre history is due to management choosing a poor time to push the chips in, usually far too early.

The cap will not be a concern for this team for the next several seasons during the flat cap. Laine may push things, but I have no real concern; the benefit of keeping these young guys who may need a few more years is also that they are cheap and under team control.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Go_Go_Gadget_GloveHand46</b></div><div>Well this is like best case scenario at price to land Zadina, if it took more of Columbus' 2nd this year instead of a 4th that would be something too. If we wipe out the trade for Zadina, then Bemstrom figures in to play about half the games on the bottom 6 (unless injuries happen where that has to change). This whole team/post/exercise was to more-so say that Columbus has been drafting the young talent over the last 4 yrs, and at some point (and the window looks like it can be now) they should take some swings and get guys already in the NHL with a few of their picks. Specifics of which prospect to give up can be altered for sure, but I am saying Blue Jackets have some pieces and with the draft capital, I would rather put 3 of their picks before Round 4, and especially at one of their 2 firsts, in packages to get players. Good discussion.</div></div>

I get that, but a few issues:

(1) CBJ are two years removed from beating TML in the first round. That was part of a, what, 4-5 year sustained run of making the playoffs and competing? When I hear talk of their window and their rebuild, they are one season into a true rebuild - no need to rush things. If anything, this team’s Achilles heel throughout its history has been the fact it too *often* rushes rebuilds, rather than actually let’s things develop out.

(2) The problem with Bemstrom and Carlsson? We already have many better versions of them on our roster. That is obscene money for their relative level of production. Frankly, I pass. We have guys on our roster and in the AHL I’d rather give the playing time to at this point.

(3) I just don’t see Zadina signing that contract. He is arbitration eligible, and under team control for several more years. No real incentive to sign such a low-ball long term contract. Best case? He finally pops into a T6 guy, and he loses a lot of money. Worst case? He remains a B6 guy with a bit of offensive touch, which CBJ already have in spades. And that is all before we even get or DET actually doing that trade. Example - that SEA trade is just awful for CBJ. I’d rather have Danforth and Robs playing than Bemstrom or Zadina at this point. Both are largely as effective (at worst), and much cheaper.

(3) I can see CBJ using one of their two 1sts to put together a big trade; but, again, there is no move on the board involving depth guys that makes this team better. CBJ need high-end players right now, not depth dudes who aren’t worth the trade capital.