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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 3 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NickC1988</b></div><div>I understand what you're saying, but it's very hard to believe that the scouting roles, the managerial roles, the advisor roles are that complex. Watching the Leafs series on prime video, a large majority of these roles is communicating within work groups, something a large portion of the general population already does. The other part being player evaluation and financial, but they use private software for that (Like most companies).

It's frustrating how none of these jobs are posted online. How does that not violate EEOC labor laws? Doesn't seem like there's any equal opportunity in that.</div></div>

On one end, it goes back to your point of being a “boys club.” The NHL, which compared to other industries is quite small, does work within a bubble. Many current front office folk are former scouts, managers, players, or people who just worked up the chain from the bottom. In that sense, “boys club” might not be the right phrase, but it’s definitely self-contained.

I haven’t seen the series, but I’m hesitant to look at anything these people do and simplify it to any extent that can read “I could do that,” at least on this forum., we are a bunch of Very Online Hockey Nerds. Maybe someone around here tosses a good idea around here or there, but the environment they work in is very different from the passive way that we do things here.

And, just trust me, EEOC has nothing to do with this. There is no requirement anywhere that an available job be publicly posted. Be it the NHL or any other industry.
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 16 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChiHawk</b></div><div>I like what you posted with one exception; Bowman didn't create a dynasty, he inherited a dynasty after the first cup. He did a decent job making some smaller moves to keep the next 2 cups in place but the core was already locked in prior to him. What he did after the 3rd cup, is more a lack of what he didn't do. Instead of realizing the cap issues and ages, he tried to bring in aging cheap vets to fill gaps and it was clear in 2017 when the Hawks got blasted out of the first round by Nashville that it was over. That would have been the time to start building the youth movement but he held on another two seasons thinking they could compete. Then this season, he abandons the rebuild to go all in with a team that isn't going to be nearly good enough and a coach (Bowman fired Quenneville remember) that is a rookie and has this man and half defensive scheme that doesn't work. Bowman and Coach Q didn't see eye to eye apparently, and now Coach Q goes to Florida and has made that team relevant. Bowman is the problem here; it starts and ends with him.</div></div>

Got it - apologies for the mischaracterization. Not as keened in on a lot of the team history.

And re FLA, JQ has done great with them, and Zito has as well in putting that roster together (The Bob contract was signed before he was hired), though it helps to inherit a roster that already has Barkov, Huberdeau and Ekblad up front, and a kid like Knight already in the system (For the record - big Zito fan. He was great in Columbus).

Gonna be real interesting to see how they develop and maintain in the years to come.
Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 10:33 pm
From CBJ’s perspective, they were going to ride out Werenski until he told them he wanted out. I.e. he wouldn’t have been available this past offseason absent a big overpay. If he really did follow through on the “I want to go home to DET” rumors, he would have been a TDL or off-season move.

And I get it when it comes to the general frustration of front-office league makeup. On one end, you will never see an outright job posting on these positions because the qualifications to handle them go far beyond what anyone in these boards can fathom. It’s easy to post ACGM’s and play MMQB, so to speak, it’s much more difficult to handle the personalities and bureaucracy behind the scenes - quite similar to being a politician, except it isn’t a matter of just casting single votes.

These GM jobs are so exclusive because there is only 32 of them in the world, and owners want people with the experience already; so, either people who have worked NHL front offices already, or former players. And when they make these hires, money drives everything - I think we often overestimate the amount of involvement team owners have. Unless you are, say, the Jerry Jones’ of the world, most of them just want to hire someone who will take the reins on the team, and until the bottom-line starts hurting, or they otherwise feel pressure mounting to the point of being unable to ignore it, most will let it ride. Coming from a CBJ fan, this has largely been how the team has been run, for better (Jarmo and JD) and worse (basically every other front office hire ever).

That being said, it’s difficult for me to really accord whatever is going on in CHI’s office. Bowman creates a dynasty and, as is inevitable, it ended due to age and expense. He finally makes the right move, admits to a rebuild, but then pivots to a bunch of win-now trades (Jones, Flower, releasing an affordable and productive Suter). Perhaps it’s because of, shall we say, attention off-ice with the Blackhawks, but it felt like Bowman swung hard for the fence on moves that, by his estimation, will either (a) lead to wins and make him look like a genius; or, (b) be the next guy’s problem.

Maybe CHI ownership has an astounding amount of faith in Bowman, or maybe they are doing the whole “3D chess” thing we often joke about. But if I were ownership, I would have reined in some of these moves. Then again, like I said above, most of these guys may very well just not be as involved in team construction as a bunch of Very Online hockey nerds like us.

And, FWIW, most of these critiques are not just CHI, but could apply to many other teams at one time or another.

Sorry for the short novel. Damn, I didn’t realize I had written this much.
Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 2:58 pm
Sujet: 2023
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 10:53 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Great comment, I rarely receive such a detailed reply to my posts.
You are correct preseason does not translate to the NHL, but the Sabres were competitive in the other two games, and easily outclassed by the Jackets.
I also liked all of the moves the Jackets made in the off season.
Voracek simply over powered the Sabres.
Boqvist will be solid at RHD.
Jack may be enough to put the team over the top.
Many Sabre fans think they are going to get a a couple of firsts, and a prospect who has a ceiling as high as Jack's.
I think Buffalo will get a couple of decent prospects who have 2nd line futures who may jump to the top line occasionally, a couple of picks (maybe 2 firsts), a roster player who is added to balance the cap.
If Domi and Nyquist could rebound this trade is a huge return.

But to your comment, I understand you feel that Columbus is moving pieces that do not fit into the Jackets future, adding them only makes the trade more palatable to Sabre fans.
Let's presume that trade is made and Skinner, Domi and Nyquist all respond extremely well to the Granato system, this could be an interesting line up:
Skinner Domi Nyquist
Olofsson Mittelstadt Cozens
Bjork Thompson Hinostroza
Caggiula Girgensons Okposo.

I do not know enough to judge is Korpisalo could win some games when the team is playing poorly.

Again thank you for taking the time to respond.</div></div>

Exactly - guys like Foudy, Voronkov, Texier, etc. are great future pieces, but will just be excessive on a CBJ roster in a year or so. I'd project their next season roster as:

Laine* - Eichel - Voracek
Johnson - Sillinger - Bjorkstrand
Marchenko - Roslovic - Chinakhov
Jenner - Kuraly - Robinson

Could be a fun group.

The general rule with Korpi is the more playing time the better. He was great his rookie year when Bob was out due to injury. Was not great when he was Bob's backup. He was great (an All-Star) when Elvis was out due to injury, and when he had the net in the playoffs, but has been sub-par when splitting time with Elvis.

I think he is at the least a cheap G who could cover the net for the year. Doesn't look like BUF has much to offer at G.

*If we re-sign him. If not, give Bjorkstrand, Johnson, Marchenko, maybe Chinakhov an opportunity at the top-line, and shuffle Bemstrom into the mix. To say nothing of whoever we'd draft in 2022, in all likelihood in the Top-5/10, or which young guns develop in the system as is.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 10:22 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Let me begin, I watched three Sabre preseason games, the Jackets were the best team Buffalo played.
Second, that is a HUGE offer for Jack.
Voronkov, probably a bottom 6 forward removing him would not change the trade IMO.
Domi, ($2,500,000 retained) who knows what he will be, IMO he is added to balance the cap.
Foudy, probably a mid 6 forward, he could also be removed and not affect the trade.
Texier, best part of the trace top 6 center would challenge Mittelstadt and Cozens for ice time.
Korpisalo, ($1,400,000 retained) IDK how to value him, some one tell me, Buffalo could use him, maybe they do not as they want to be bad this year.
Nyquist, ($2,750,000 retained) a solid veteran center at half price. IMO he should not be included as the Jackets could use him to make the playoffs.
2022 1st round pick (CHI)
2022 2nd round pick (CBJ)
2023 1st round pick (CBJ) Make this condition on Jacks performance.

Trim this down to 2 firsts, second, Domi (or Nyquist), and Texier, no retention and no conditions.
Buffalo takes the risk that Domi will rebound and resign.
Jackets takes the risk that Jack will play this year.
What if Buffalo were to add Miller what would the Jackets add to my suggestion?

<strong>Maybe other Sabre fans would disagree, but I would do back flips if this was the offer.
Nyquist could be flipped for additional picks to a team looking for 2B RW.
If Domi rebounded and resigned, Buffalo could move Cozens to wing.</strong></div></div>

From CBJ's perspective:

Voronkov - A very large middle-6 forward who plays a game very similar to Jenner, who just signed a 4-year extension. I'm high on his potential; but, were we to acquire Eichel, I just think he'd be someone who would be pushed out of playing time;
Foudy - A very *fast* middle-6 forward. He's done the work at the AHL, but he's had trouble cracking the NHL lineup, since the battle for good playing time boiled down to a competition between him and Bemstrom. I just think he needs to go to a team like BUF, who has plenty of F space and will allow him the opportunity. Again, if CBJ were to acquire Eichel, it would just push his playing time down even more - there just wouldn't be space for him, since I would foresee guys like Johnson going from C to W.
Domi - He doesn't have a future with CBJ anyway. Whether it's this trade or another, doubt he finishes the year with the team;
Texier - Has been too inconsistent. Flashes promise of a top-6 forward. I have a feeling he would do quite well in a non-Torts system where he is allowed to make mistakes and mature. Torts was far too quick to yank the leash if a player made a mistake. Again, with Eichel and the incoming talent a year from now, I think he'd be squeezed out.
Korpisalo - See Domi.
Nyquist - Big fan of his game. Not a flashy player, but doesn't make mistakes. With CBJ rebuilding, the timelines just don't match up - he's an older guy who should contribute to a competing team.

Salary cap isn't an issue. CBJ have plenty of space this year and next. The retention is simply to sweeten the pot for BUF. Like I said, imagine what a TDL team would pay to get Domi or Nyquist for, what, less than $2M cap hit? Similar to what CBJ pulled last year with Foligno and Savard...and that turned into two 1sts.

As to Miller, we'd take him. Not sure I like him enough to add to the package, particularly since he is a rental, but if BUF wants to simply move on from him, CBJ could use some RD.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I really don't put weight in the pre-season. Five years ago, Saad-Johansen-Foligno scored something like a combined 30 points in the pre-season and were looking to be one of the best F lines in the league. That team started 0-7 and finished with the fourth worst record in the league.

Obviously, if Eichel is acquired, it'll be on the condition that he gets his procedure. Considering where CBJ are right now, and the fact Eichel's procedure has never been performed on an active NHL player, I allot him all the time he needs to recover and assume he is out for the season. If he can return in time for the end of the season, great, but I'm not planning on that. 2023 would be his expected return and, yes, I'd put some protection on the 2023 pick in regards to Eichel's playing time/ performance.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 9:22 pm