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Its pretty mint.
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22 jun 2017
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsFan77</b></div><div>:canadiens 4 :mapleleafs 5 (OT)
Montreal played well but an unlucky bounce off a ref caused the loss imo. Anderson was so fun to watch and Suzuki is the real deal. Guess the Habs management kind of lied when they said Romanov was on the third pair...(He played 22:49, 2nd most on the team behind Weber). He had a great pass that led to a goal and he played well too. I liked KK and Toffoli had lots of good chances just couldn't finish (including an open shot in over time that he shot straight in the goalies chest) Overall a good but unlucky game for the Habs. Next up: Saturday vs EDM</div></div>

Yeah, it was a good game, but the bounces didn’t go our way. And I don’t think that Romanov was meant to play so much. He just ended up playing a lot because of all the PP time, and got time on the PK because we have D in the box. He still spent most of his even strength time with Kulak. But he looked really good, and I could definitely see him playing higher in the lineup if they wanted to make the D pairs less even.

One of my takeaways is how good the powerplay looked. When they’re in the zone it isn’t too different, but the zone entries were exponentially better than they were last year. My only gripe would be that I would want KK to shoot more, rather than just trying to dish the puck away every time. Even if he’s taking a stationary wristlet, his shot is still deadly, and worst case scenario the puck has a better chance ending up on another hab’s stick than when he’s passing directly through the PKers.