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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Tjm220</b></div><div>You must be out of your mind. Reinhart a a 24-year-old 50 point a year player. Stepan and Goligoski are old, overpaid, and will be gone in a year. Plus they are cap dumps, you couldn’t try to tell me different. Stepan isn’t even the number 2 center anymore, the Sabres don’t have a spot for him. Fischer is an ok, borderline NHL player. Every team has several of those in their organization. Kuemper is a good goaltender, but he will want a huge raise after having a good season. You’re asking the Sabres to give up a first line player who is 24, a young power forward who is also 24, a capable number 2 pairing defensemen, and the one year back up goalie for that? You’re getting mostly assets that you can hang onto, the Sabres are getting mostly one year dumps.</div></div>

Ristolainen capable? LMAO 😂

Stepan, Goligoski, Hutton, &amp; Ristolainen are all cap dumps. If those 4 were being swapped, I’d say that benefits Buffalo greatly, but we’ll leave that alone for now.

I think we can both agree Fischer for Thompson isn’t anything egregious.

Now let’s look at just Reinhart for Kuemper. Their contract situation is about the same. They both make around the same amount of money, and both could easily be UFAs in 2 years.

Even if you’re calling Reinhart a first liner, (which I’m not sure I agree with) he’s at the lower end of first liners in the NHL. Darcy Kuemper is a top 5, and the 2nd most valuable goalie in the NHL right now. He would immediately be the 2nd best player on the Sabres if he was traded there. Sure he’s older, but good goalies tend to age well, and age definitely won’t play a factor in the next 2 years before both players could be UFA. And even if you’re thinking about 6 or 7 years down the road, (assuming that you think you would be able to keep Reinhart from walking) the difference between him and Reinhart more than makes up for the difference in age. Not to mention the value the Sabres get from Stepan/Goligoski.

And the argument that Kuemper could ask for more money at the end of the contract isn’t a reason why the Sabres wouldn’t do this. Of course, good players are going to make a lot of money, what did you expect?
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