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20 jan 2018
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Canadiens de Montréal
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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 2:08 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mattkenn</b></div><div>Exactly... he has the speed and skill to be in the TOP 6. I actually think he could fit very well next to Bergeron and Mantha... but Huberdeau is better in that spot.

Is he going to take a place on the second line next to Dubois? I rather see a Perron - Marchessault reunion, myself. The team needs RH shots and Perron is having an unbeleivable year. There is an argument you could make for Drouin instead of Marchessault, but I don't see it.

On the Third line next to pageau... the left wing is Lafrenière's. There is no way you are not putting him. He is the the poster boy for Quebec future. He also fits better in a checking role because of his IQ which is far and above drouin's. Also, you can't take stanley cup winner gourde out of the lineup... especially since he has proven to be very valiable in a third line role.

Can't put him on the fourth, that's just foolish.

You could put him as an extra, but I wantt players that can play up and down. Left and right. Also, not sure a Drouin in the stands is going to be beneficial in the dressing room..... tampa situation all over again! Most important carateristic for 13 and 14 th forward is attitude and leadership.</div></div>

I see your point now, I thought you were trying to say he wasn't skilled enough to play in a top six (but you were saying the opposite, he's only able to play a top six role). I agree. He isn't the kind of player who could carry a poorly performing line, he needs good linemates to play at his level. I would not say that he takes the spot from Marchessault. If I were to put him on this team, I would say third line because Pageau is a skilled player and Gourde can perform well, they both have the same kind of issue though, requiring more skilled linemates.
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