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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>After many hours of watching Kaprizov over the past few years, I like his game a ton for the NHL. He makes plays in tight, he's a beast along the boards and in puck battles, and he seems to thrive in sticky situations. Very skilled puck handler (his hands are incredible) and his lateral skating is very good. Hopefully the NHLPA keeps fighting and we get to see him in the NHL.

As for the roster, only thing I don't like is <strong>I want to see a playmaker feeding Kaprizo</strong>v, likely Zuccarello since Parise and Fiala had some pretty amazing chemistry IMO. Kaprizov is a great playmaker himself though so that line might be good.

Ultimately as much as I hate the idea of rooting for us to lose, we're probably better served to lose and get a shot at Lafreniere. Worst case scenario we take a very good prospect at 12 (I like Mercer, but that's just me).</div></div>

Just put him on a line with Foligno. Foligno makes everyone around him better. :cheers

Actually, I don't want Kaprizov with a Granny/Zucc playmaker, they are too hesitant to shoot on their own. I'd rather see him on a line with another willing shooter like Kunin/Fiala. I really want a Kaprizov/JEE/Kunin line for this reason, all 3 FWDs would be shoot/pass options. It makes it harder for defenses to cheat towards one FWD and away from another. I also don't want a stacked line of Fiala/Staal/Kaprizov simply because it makes it easier for the other team to say "that's the line we need to shut down".
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