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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 5 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 5 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TanSor</b></div><div>Well the player you suggested is still in the NCAA, so we can't call him up. And even if we could, McBain is only 21. It's pretty rare for players drafted late to play in the NHL before ages 22-23, especially if they haven't played in the AHL.

I feel like the Fletcher era really ruined a majority of our fanbase's outlook on how prospects should be handled. For most of these young players, they benefit greatly from at least a year in the AHL before being sent to the wolves in the NHL even if many of them don't realize it at first. They get bigger minutes down there, play against better opponents than they're used to, but not so much that they're overwhelmed, and learn the ins and outs of professional hockey.

I feel much more comfortable having someone like Rask come in and out of the lineup as our 13th forward than someone like McBain who is still developing and could really use big minutes in Iowa once he's done with his NCAA career, even if the player is always going to want to get to the NHL ASAP.</div></div>

It's pretty common to give a college guy looking at FA status in a few months a few NHL games, as part of getting him signed instead of losing him.

If BC goes to the Frozen-4 then there is only like 3 weeks of of the season left for McBain. AHL pay is like $350-$400/day so that is less than $10k in money. NHL pay would be $4500/day. If he is paid for 21 days it would be it would be $8k from the AHL compared to about $95k in the NHL. It's much easier to walk away from $8k and play where you want next year compared signing and making to $95k for a months worth of work. His ELC would be a 2 year deal if he signs next season. It's a 3 year deal if he signs this season. It's an ELC so the money/year will be the same. So no real gain/loss there for him.

You are forgetting how much of a tire fire Iowa was during those years. MN called guys up just to get them away from that bad team and losing culture. Nobody developed into anything in Iowa until Fenton made it a priority and cleaned house there a couple of years ago.
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 5 heures
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Sujet: 7th D Man
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jnowariak</b></div><div>As opposed to the 20% Hartman and Foligno are shooting for the first time in their lives at the back end of their 20s? Minnesota is actually way above their xG this year, extreme luck. The best way to be competitive on a limited budget when you have limited star players is to play a system that tilts the ice in your favor. That’s fancy stats in a nutshell.

If/when depth in star power comes, I’ll care more about the regular +/-. But until then, I’d rather my team understands their personnel and puts them in a position to succeed. Ala fancy stats.</div></div>

That's the problem. Spurgeon is part of the reason there is a tight budget. He's a $7.5m cap hit playing the least amount of 5v5 time of any of the regular d-men on the team (even before the 3 min game where he was injured).

If they were really putting the best team on the ice every night Rask would not be in the pressbox at all. It would be Bjugstad.

Hartman is at 15.5 s%. It's high, but he did have an 11.2% in CHI when he got time as a skill player, not just a grinder. He's also shooting the puck a lot more than normal.
Foligno is actually down from his s% from last year. He doesn't take a lot of shots, but when he does they all seem to come from very high danger areas.
The Pitlick and Fiala s% are the completely unsustainable ones.

Last year Fiala, Foligno and Hartman had a 13.8 s% combined. So far this year they have a combined 12.6 s%; which is about what should be expected for that trio. Fiala will heat up and the other 2 cool off, but the overall s% from then should stay about the same for the season.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caerii</b></div><div>There is no chance in hell McBain makes his debut this year. Boldy didn't get his debut last year, and still hasn't. They didn't even give Rossi a chance at making the team in camp. If McBain even plays this year, he's going straight the to AHL, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Incentive or not, he's not playing in the NHL this season.</div></div>

Rossi is nowhere near ready to play in the NHL. He's probably the 4th best FWD in Iowa right now: Boldy (he's been the best player on the ice in the AHL games I've watched this year), Dewar, Rau are better than him.

Boldy not getting at least a couple NHL games last season was bad management. They need to learn from that and do better. Prospects need to get a cup of coffee and experience the speed of the NHL game so they at least have an idea of what to expect when the next preseason starts.

McBain and Boldy are completely different situations.
Boldy had 1 choice: go back to college and play 2 more years or sign with MN and at least burn a year of his ELC.
McBain can wait a few months and be a FA that sign anywhere he wants. The number of years of his ELC will be the same if he signs with MN or waits to become a FA. The only thing MN can offer him is money this year. The only way to make the money rally matter is to have him getting NHL pay, not AHL pay. NHL pay is like 10 times greater than AHL pay, per day. That money is the real cookie, the couple of games he gets into is just the icing on the cookie.