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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_Nerd</b></div><div>That's not an overpayment, and Buffalo declines it pretty easily. Eichel would start with Stuetzle. Or Maybe Norris and Sanderson as the starter if Ottawa did some convincing. But if Buffalo is trading a high impact centre, they're getting a young player with that potential back. Colin White isn't and never will be that. Pinto will likely be more of a winger in the NHL than a centre, just doesn't have that dominating ability to stick at centre. Norris is a long shot to convince Buffalo that he could eventually be a true #1 centre, but if Ottawa didn't wanna include Stuetzle then Norris is the next best option (anyone that says Tkachuk is dumb because a team doesn't trade for a guy like Eichel by trading away their best player. They bring Eichel in to play with their best player).

In all reality, Ottawa is a massive long shot to get Eichel.</div></div>

You're not getting Stutzle for Eichel when Tim could easily be a point per game player in a matter of seasons. Maybe a one for one trade would be a consideration, but even then considering 6 years of cap friendly play, its not worth it for the sens.

Sanderson has first pairing potential. His pNHLe right now is 59 points and he's elite defensively.

Shane Pinto just won NCHC player of the year (unanimous decision), NCHC defensive forward of the year, led the the league with a 62% faceoff or something crazy like that and you think he's gonna be a winger? He's got 1st line potential. He's a bluechip prospect. You could swap him out for Norris but I think Pinto is actually the better prospect in terms of potential. Also Josh Norris is 21 and at a 40 point pace in the league after winning AHL player of the year last season. He's a solid prospect.

An unprotected first could easily be the 1st overall pick in this draft. Which may end up being the best player going to Buffalo. Plus with the pick Buffalo already has they have a good chance of getting a lottery selection.

Colin White is for salary and contract purposes but he's a decent two way middle six C.

Buffalo is going to lose any trade involving Eichel but this trade can really flesh out the rebuild.
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