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Forum: Armchair-GMSat at 1:40 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BallPuckFellow10</b></div><div>Why is Brooks going to get claimed? There are better players around the league that are going to have to be put on waivers, so expecting him to automatically get claimed is wrong IMO. He could very well be our 13th forward over Engvall, but I have Engvall ahead for now. Why is either 1 one of Bunting and Kase going to fail? What are you basing that on? Rielly won't be traded unless the Leafs suck and are out of playoff contention. He will walk as FA or resign, but he won't be traded if we are in the playoff race. There just isn't a deal out there right now where I can see us getting a return that doesn't make the Leafs weaker. Trading him at the TDL when we are 2nd or 3rd in the division makes little to no sense at all. Absolutely NO NEED to put extra pressure on Sandin this year. There is two reasons for that. Firstly it can backfire really hard. He might not be ready and the team can become worse because of it. Secondly, he might perform really well, which is nice, but then his contract next season will be much more expensive which isn't smart from a business perspective. He will play on the third pair with Dermott, and hopefully they can crush the opponents bottom six lines when they are on the ice.</div></div>

For Brooks, I don't know if the NHL will be doing another expanded roster taxi squad, so I don't know if the Leafs will be forced to send him down (he has developed enough with the Marlies, no point believing he needs more time there, unlike a Robertson who does).

I'd rather see Brooks as 3rd line C, than Kerfoot, the $2.75 million difference could have helped the Leafs in other area's of need(most likely add a Dman in the short term and to give Campbell a raise next season),

As for Bunting and Kase; one was a career Ahl'er and the other was injured for the past 1 1/2 seasons. So failed experiment comment is justified.

Reilly will not be traded, Dubas track record proves that fact, but it would be a good idea. Wrong GM though.

It's so hard to forget that Sandin is still a rookie, though he seems to been around forever.
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