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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>draft_em_sign_em_trade_em</b></div><div>The thing with the summer of the Brodie signing, Dubas was shopping for a Rh'd Top 4 Dman, but had to settled for another Lh'd with Brodie.

It ain't easy being a GM during the Draft, so many discussions and arguments and options and stress and worry about whether the player will fit into your team and how long the development will take and the pure luck whether you get a stud or dud.

I like variety and at the time Dubas was stuck in the small, fast, skilled Euro or American born players mind sight.

Dubas has not Drafted many Canadians. Not that it matters, my view is that North American players development faster to the Nhl gameplay compared to teenagers trained on the larger oversea ice rinks.

The fancy dangles they do on the larger ice rinks will get them killed in North America because their is less space and time to think. The bigger, stronger and meaner players in North America will scare most Euro youngsters and slow their development.

Willy Nylander is an example of that. His early years as a Leaf he was (and arguable still is) that type of player.</div></div>

Yeah, he was looking for a RHD RD but he ended up with a LHD RD, so it is what it is. You are right about the type of players that Dubas drafts being of one variety, but his goal is to draft high-end talent in the draft, which often equates to smaller skill players based off where they go in the draft.

As for your take on Nylander, it's not accurate at all. 1) His early years, he was right there with Matthews and Marner, he didn't fall off until the year that he sat out. 2) Nylander is like Kessel in that he doesn't put his body on the line which is why Kessel has the iron streak. However, the difference is that Nylander allowing the other guy to get the puck to avoid the play isn't just a selfish play. He often gains possession by stick-checking the opponent and that's why he has so many takeaways vs his giveaways. I'll post a clip for you here (https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/video/william-nylander-proves-can-play-hard-puck/) but recently I believe it was in the Tampa game, his stick check led to a goal.
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