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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PAX</b></div><div>Both of you are wrong.

First off — With the cap being locked for the next 3 seasons at 81.5m, and the season following at 1m, it’s likely that we see at least one if not multiple compliance buyouts awarded throughout the league.

That being said, even if seabrook were to stay or Keith chose to retire over the next 3 years, we have a logjam of defensive talent already here.

Beyond Keith and Boqvist are the first pairing, we’re keeping DeHaan and Murphy who are both 29 and 27 years old. On top of this next year we are adding Mitchell and have a variety of prospects including Beaudin who are noted for their skating, as well as Carlsson who the management is sweet on. After that, from Vlasic, Regula, Demin, etc we have a lot in the pipeline 2-3 years out. Haven’t even mentioned Maatta who is likely not a part of the long term.

So for players who skate excellently and are puck movers we have Mitchell and Beaudin, followed by Boqvist who’s average, and then a lot of defensive defenseman most notably Vlasic after the veterans are long gone.

So in terms of needs, Montour doesn’t check the box there. The value provided by him doesn’t put him higher on the depth chart than any of those puck moving defenseman. Beyond that, the fact you think he’s there in value for Strome wouldn’t even fly in NHL20, not even if he was the same age at 23 years old. I could ramble on but this is an absolutely terrible trade for Chicago</div></div>

You're wrong about a lot, but I will start by saying Beaudin's skating is not better than Boqvist's. He was never an excellent skater, not in juniors nor in the AHL, but he was an adequate puck mover due to his hockey IQ. Even Beaudin's scouting reports noted that he had issues skating backwards. While he can still improve, he'll never be what you're describing him as.

Second, it's a huge assumption to make that all the prospects you listed will even make the NHL, let alone provide substantive value. While I think a few of the prospects such as Carlsson, Demin, and Regula could be decent surprises, I think it doesn't make any sense to put all your eggs in that basket. Vlasic's development at Boston this year also didn't instill any confidence for his future.

While I personally would keep Strome and not make this trade, we don't know how Colliton feels about him as he had spent a decent time at wing and on the 3rd and 4th lines. If Stan and Colliton aren't sold on Strome and they think Dach is for sure going to be their No.1 in the near future, they might be willing to move him. I think that would be a mistake but if we were to trade him, I would be okay with getting a guy like Montour back, who's still in/entering his prime and is a good player. My main concern is that this obviously doesn't change the fact that we would still have to re-sign Strome or whomever if Strome is traded away.