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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>DeSimone &amp; Gilbert were both just called up, should have been Meloche instead of Gilbert but I guess I’m on to something, hey!?

I know +/- isn’t the greatest stat, but it is what it is. More goals are going in while Hanifin &amp; Andersson are on the ice than the other defenders who also play against the other teams top players from time to time. Can’t match the lines 100% of the time. If they can’t stop the speed the Oilers &amp; Devils bring, than they’re not good enough to win in the playoffs

That’s a lot of money tied up on defence come next season and clearly we need a Top-6 Forward so might have to move Hanifin to do that and having Weegar, makes that decision easier is all. I’d prefer Kylington to be moved but he’s not going to bring back a 1.00PPG+ forward by himself, whereas Hanifin should</div></div>

1. Predicting recalls when Stone goes on IR, Tanev is injured but not on IR and we are leaving on an east coast road trip, isn't "being onto something", it's basic common sense that the Flames would want 7 healthy defensmen on the road, they would have recalled someone before Saturday's game but w/ the Wranglers and Flames both at home, there was 0 need.

2. Hanifin &amp; Andersson are our top pairing, and have been for 2 seasons, don't mess with that.

3. Based on your Wranglers comments throughout the thread you haven't watched them at all. Jones has been okay, but in no way has he been better than Pelletier or Zary. And Meloche has been much worse than Gilbert and DeSimone.
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