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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>wabit</b></div><div>Staal for Marjo. Kunin trade. Suter buyout then have to sign Goli and trade for Middleton (cost Kahk) to make up for that hole he created. He has literally signed nobody of importance that wasn't already in the system 6/7 d-men and 12/13 FDs. Spurgeon's awful contract. Now he's going to lose one of the top-3 most skilled wings the team has ever had. Rossi over Lundell, LD over Raty, trading up to get Marat K. Not getting McBain or Lindberg to sign. Not addressing the biggest hole on the team with a top-6, heck even a third line center.

The only good moves GMBG made the Zucker trade and the Walstedt trade/draft. Cole/Pateryn was a good trade, but he loses some points for not getting him to re-sign.

Fletcher and Fenton made this team, GMBG is just living off of that.</div></div>
First off the buyouts had to happen. Suter and parise were awful locker room players. Complaining about playing time or complaining about who their dman partner was. There is evidence that Suter was a problem not just in MN but also in Nashville. The Kunin trade he picked up a vet in bonino who was a good bottom 6 player and a good penalty killer and if you dig into the trade he eventually received 2 prospects in Marat Khusnutdinov and Daemon Hunt which were drafted in 2020 in the 2nd and 3rd round. Middleton is a good defenseman and he brought some grit. Kahkonnen was worth trading. I look at him as yes he has good games but ultimately he’ll end up as a decent goalie who could maybe grow as a solid starter but more so a backup. Is losing Fiala is not on Guerin. That’s on Fletcher by handing out those contracts to parise and suter. And yes I like Fiala and really wanna keep him but watch him flip him for some value before the draft. The spurgeon contract was necessary. He is a really good defenseman. Idk about captain material but he has been one of the most dependable defenseman we have. Yes you bring up good points but seriously dude I’d rather trust a guy that actually knows the game and knows what it takes to build a winning team. I’m pretty sure he’s a much better GM then you give him credit for. Plus comparing rossi and lundell is not right. Way too early and rossi had health problems that delayed his career. He’s healthy now and I bet he’ll be on the club next year either centering kaprizov and Zuccs or boldy and personally I want Jost on the wing. Good young fast line right there! Plus whoever we get back from a Fiala trade. What guerin does next will be what defines him when you’re in a cap crunch.
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