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I want to become an airline pilot for Air Canada
Forum: NHLFri at 8:30 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aadoyle</b></div><div>I know people nag on him for the big 4 (specifically Marner) but could anyone predict a pandemic would happen. No

Dubas has learned from that and has made good signings, draft choices, and has built a pretty good team in this cap hell era. Like lets be real this playoff loss was not on him it was on the players.

I still think there could be one more move but meh I like what's been done so far

Either way the off season is still going strong and there are still some names out there</div></div>

When without the pandemic, only giving 5 years to AM and 6 to MM is a major loss, cause they aren't locked for very long. The pact that these deals aren't at the very least 7 years is a major issue.

Also between 2018 and 2020 he only made 1 move to address the defense, Muzzin. Barrie is a forward and Ceci sucked. In 2020 he made 2 (Bogo and Brodie) but the fact he refused to address the major gaps on defense is on him and also the fact he waited way too long to fire Babs, the fact he took MONTHS to solve the backup issue when it was clear for much longer it was one, the fact he refused to sell high on guys like Dermott and Johnsson in 2019 (Dermott had had a good rookie season and Johnsson showed top 6 promise). Had he moved these 2 then for a top 4 d-man (even if it meant adding a pick or two to such a deal) the team would've been is a much better shape.

Also the team has 0 grit as it stands. Komarov... gone Kadri.,. gone... Brown... gone... Foligno... gone... Hyman... gone ... Bogosian... gone

And I know what you'll say. Komarov got too much which is right, that Brown was needed to get rid of Zaitsev (who magically turned his career around in OTT and turned into a reliable (overpaid tho) number 4) and that Hyman was asking for too much but the fact remains he hasn't added anything.

Simmonds can barely play hockey so I don't count him as «grit»
Forum: NHLFri at 5:11 pm