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Forum: NHL29 oct. 2021 à 21 h 25
Since the Torts to FLA rumors have started I've been hearing so many people say that he's a bad coach, would ruin Barkov and bla bla bla

I need to roast these people...

First, you don't win 673 games as a coach if you suck, you just don't, that's impossible.
Second, to the argument that he only wants work ethic and hates talent: a coach develops his philosophy throughout his career, the lessons learned and the experiences that he went through. And Torts, for something like 65% of his career, has had to deal with injuried as hell teams, teams that lacked talent on both the backend and the offense, and he STILL won 673 games. For many many years he didn't had a true number center and number 1 d-man in NYR, he only had Hank to carry the team, but everyone bought into the system and he brought the team to the playoffs almost every season. You cannot blame him for having developed a philosophy that fitted with teams he had throughout his career. He's a coach that will forgive mistakes as long as players try, he values hard work because that's how he always has had success. Hell, in 16-17, with CLB, he didn't have a top line center, S.Jones wasn't a number 1 d-man, he only have Bob and a few guys here and there and won the Jack Adams. After losing Duchene, Dzingel and of course Breadman (thx) and Bob and after a season full of injuries he:
-brought his team to the playoffs
-got to the 2nd round
-and even gave TB a bit of a run for their money for a big part of the series

He's one of my 2 favorite coaches of all time (the other bring Patrick Roy(I live in Quebec City, and he coaches the Remparts)) and IMO, one of the best coaches since the beginning of the 21th century.
Forum: NHL27 oct. 2021 à 14 h 53