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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Claebom</b></div><div>If you're quoting Guy Boucher and using that as words of wisdom, you're already fighting a losing battle. He's a former head coach for a reason, and is also one of the most poorly viewed ex coaches in both Ottawa and Tampa's circles where he has coached before. I do agree though that Byron's speed is a nice weapon and likely the only reason he's still maintained a spot in the NHL at this point; it's his best skill by a long shot. But Boucher's word isn't gospel, and won't sell a trade a bunch of years later, especially when Byron has taken steps back and Ottawa has zero interest in trading for a bottom 6er when they have 12+ of those. Their entire roster is made up of bottom 6ers; why would they sell assets for more, pray tell? I'll help you out... they wouldn't.

And the best part? I've made one single post defending my opinion and you've already moved the goal posts. First, you think he's Coleman level which is actually downright laughable. The sweetheart deal of a guy who's killing it in the playoffs on arguably the best team in the league is somehow comparable to the overpayment of someone who lost his spot on a team that squeaked in as the 24th seeded team? Not likely, but you probably knew that and just shot for the stars to try to justify getting ANYTHING in return for the little firecracker. Fine, we all love our own players and want what we can get for them. So you said, okay, maybe a 2nd for Byron. But then when you faced any sort of adversity and got a legitimate comparable with stats and numbers, someone who is objectively better (and you want to even highlight that he does it with very little special teams usage) and yet was traded for absolutely nothing, you go "okay maybe he needs a bit of retaining and then at the deadline he might fetch a 3rd". So now we're talking about a retained Byron maybe fetching a 3rd. So the game has changed entirely. Goal posts moved.

So sure, if the Habs want to retain around a million, then maybe Byron becomes enticing, because $2.4M brings him to Carl Hagelin level and that's about right for the services he brings. Maybe then somebody else wants to move a 3rd for him, but it sure wouldn't be the Sens as (1) they have no interest in bringing in another bottom 6 player for that much money without getting assets back, (2) they're not moving assets for old players that don't move the needle, (3) their 3rd is almost a 2nd, and (4) they're in need of quality now, which Byron is not quite at that point any more. So regardless, no matter what way you approach this, it's a no.</div></div>

1) I said from the beginning Ottawa isn't a fit. They wouldnt pay that price for him since they don't need him, although they could afford him.
2) Boucher's opinion is better than yours and mine. He said Byron is the type of guy you need to pay attention because he can make you pay at any time. He is overall a good play and reliable player, but when it comes to speed, is not good, but elite. Certainly top 10 in the league. I'm wondering in which category Anisimov is top-10, let me know.
3) He is simply more productive offensively than Goodrow and Coleman. Of course, he is not as physical as them (for obvious reason). He is mostly a PK specialist.
4) Your point was that he would fetch way way way less than a 3rd. What is that mean ? a 5th? a 6th? a 7th? That is laughable. AHLer are traded for 5th and 6th. Not 0.41 PPG bottom-six versatile player.
5) You said he lost his spot. Byron has never been healthy scratched since 2016.
5) the funny thing here is that we will never know who's right between you and I unless he is actually traded. But I'm confident, based on real comparables, that this guy could bring a 2nd or a 3rd. It depends where he is traded, when he is traded, and if there is retain salary or not.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Claebom</b></div><div>They're not comparable players though, and you're dreaming if you think they are. Want to know a comparable player who was just traded recently? Artem Anisimov.

In Paul Byron's 448 games he has 185 points, for 0.41 PPG. In the past 4 years that he's been any good, he's had 119 in 248 (0.48 PPG). He has 3 years left at $3.4M and is a 3rd liner at best.

In Artem Anisimov's 752 games he has 367 points, for 0.49 PPG. In the 4 years before being traded to Ottawa, he had 155 in 291 (0.53 PPG). He had 2 years left at $4.55M and was a 3rd liner at best. They traded career 204 in 662 (0.31 PPG) $3.25M x 2 Zack Smith for him 1-for-1.

There was no 2nd, no 3rd, no anything gained. Anisimov is quite simply a better player than Byron. He is a more consistent goal scorer, he has played longer, he has been better longer, he's more reliable, the list goes on. Despite that, he only got back a bad deal and a bad player. Byron has that bad deal that continues on for 3 more years compared to Artem's 2. He's not fetching valuable picks when he's at best going to sub in on someone's third line and at worst on waivers again.</div></div>

The best comparable you found for a fast 5ft.9 winger and pk specialist is a 6ft.4 center who is barely used on special teams? Interesting.
Funny thing, former Ottawa head coach Guy Boucher said during an interview (in French) that when he was Ottawa HC, Byron was one of the guy you build your gameplan around. Why? Because you can be sure he'll beat any of your Dman with his speed (let's remember that Karlsson was on their team back then). You can mess in the Ozone when Byron is on the ice. His speed is on the same level than Athanasiou (according to Boucher).
Perhaps his contract would require some retain salary. But if you think, at TDL and for the right team he would not fetch a 3rd? You just don't know who the guy is.
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