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Jiricek isn't ready for 1D time at the NHL. He needs to be playing 1D somewhere and he's still getting caught flat footed on the rush because he steps up. I thought he would had fixed that by now but here we are. His offensive prowess is NHL ready but until he's improved that he's basically Gudbranson with offensive talent.

Voronkov needs more time in the oven like Marchenko at the start of last year. The ability is there but you can tell he was still getting used to NA ice during the tournament. He was like .5 sec behind everyone else. He will be your 4LW at some point this year but won't be until we move on from Erob/Foudy (who are basically the same player pick one to keep for scratch) or injury.

Also people need to be ready that Fantilli will probably not be 1C opening day as they will probably want him to get used to the true show speed even if the teams we are playing early, on paper, are not good (the month of October is easy mode so if we are under .500 its time to hit the panic button). He's more likely to be 3C than 1C the opening week. I still think he starts as 2C just because him and Laine are getting a good off ice rapport together being roommates and on the ice both would complement the other's weakness. Unless we try KJ at C again (which I fully endorse and expect at preseason but I still think he's best as a wing) a KJ-Fantilli-Laine line would be a great 1B line that could be a 1A line if the matchup calls for it. Also this line isn't as bad as defensely as the bias would think, Laine has suprising quiet decent defensive metrics last year its just when he make it mistake it was extremely notable which is something that we need to be ready this year with this team as Severson has the same reputation.

3C depends if Sillinger is ready to bounce back or needs some more time in Cleveland. We need to be sure he's good to go so if he is then he gets 3C and Roslovic is on the wing.

Still the thought of having a 4mil 3RW and a 2+mil 7D is concerning so we do need to make some trades but then again cap really isn't an issue right now as we start to trim the fat from a rebuild team to an actual competing team probably next year.

Sidebar: Be ready for a shocking twist at 3LHD. I fully expect Svoliz and Mateychuck to be a direct challenge to Bean at camp. They are looking strong right now and Bean could still be a bit rusty being out most of last year. If there's going to be a pushout on this roster its going to be Bean. Also I wouldn't be shocked if we pull some BS to get Dumais on the team so he can be assigned to Cleveland. I don't know all the shenanigans that would be required for us to pull it off if we don't get the waiver but I am sure someone in the FO will know how to perform that action even if it burns a year off the ELC.
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Nothing wrong with the lines I just don't see Babcock doing a kid line because he's old school. Depending how well Sillinger/Bemstrom/texier does in camp is probably going to determine if Fantilli starts as wing/center. Last year a JG-Boone-Marchenko line was doing wonderful at the end so I wouldn't be shocked if its brought back and Laine driving the second line. Also Danforth is definitely going to be in the lineup somewhere Babcock loves players like him...and would be an excellent 3rd liner for Fantilli to work with the opening games as I am sure Babcock is gonna make Fantilli "earn it" (and he probably will be 2C by Halloween).

Now my personal hope, though it maybe won't be the best line is a Voronkov - Kuraly - Olivier line. Yeah that line might not score much but holy hell what a fun and enteraining line that could be as that would be the line equivalent of trolling on the internet with the amount of grit/sociopathy (from Kuraly) that can cause. That 4th line would be worth the price of admission alone but then again that line is more suited to WWE than hockey at that point! I can tell you if that's our 4th line/Gudbranson NOBODY is gonna mess with our kid line if it does become a thing.

My personal guess:

KJ-Roslovic (basically the equivalent of putting a gun to his head because Fantilli is right behind him) - Laine
Foudy- Kuraly - Olivier

Voronkov/Sillinger/Chinakov/Jiricek down to start in Cleveland for first line minutes while we trim the fat though they could and maybe should start this year.

Also the Monsters are gonna win the f****** Calder this year so be ready for some trips to Cleveland!