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I wouldn't be surprised if O'Connor were to make the lineup over Poehling. He was injured for a decent portion of last season, but he was solid when he was in the lineup and management seems to like him. Considering their big offseason splash was Jeff Petry, he's definitely not getting 3rd pairing minutes. Hextall is likely banking on a bounceback now that he's not in Montreal, and not the #1 D on his team.

Also, I would call the Pens' biggest weakness their forward depth. Jarry was excellent this season (even if he still doesn't have playoff results) and DeSmith, though he started slowly, was good down the stretch. However, Heinen and Blueger are the most consistant bottom 6, and after that there isn't much to write home about. Carter is declining and his extention doesn't look great with hindsight. McGinn's cap hit is a high for what he brings to the table, and he wasn't great in the back half of the season after some injury woes. Kapanen is in desperate need of a return to form. Zucker might see time in the bottom 6 and the same goes for him. DOC and Poehling are both inexperienced, but have potential. Archibald fills a roster spot and I'm not sure what else he's good for - getting back ZAR or Motte or ERod if we had the cap space would have been better.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TMLBRIAN</b></div><div>I really like the Rutta signing. I dislike the Rakell signing. Good player but too much cap for too many years. 4M a year should have been max for Rakell in my mind. Petry will help them for sure but 3 years at 6.25m is a lot of cap.

6 years for Letang and 4 years for Malkin were both too long as well. BUT Burke has stated in the past that he signs those type of contracts knowing the last year or 2 will be bought out and he tells the owners this before they are signed. Letang especially will probably not play the last 2 years of this. Cap hit for Malkin was great!

This team is OLD. They are definitely trying to squeeze the last few years with this core.

Overall I don't think this team is good enough to win a Championship. But it's hard to bet against Crosby and crew.</div></div>

I actually like the Rakell contract better than the Rutta one. Pittsburgh still has 9 NHL caliber defensemen, and I don't know if Rutta is a ~$2 mil cap hit better than Ruhwedel or Friedman. Would love for him to prove me wrong, though. Rakell has spent the last few seasons on an unspectacular Ducks team. After the deadline, his production was higher on a line with either Crosby or Malkin, and that'll probably stay true.
I'm not that big a fan of the term on Rakell's contract, however. Or Malkin and Letang's for that matter, but the Penguins window is almost closed. By the time those contracts aren't any good, the Pens won't be either, so I don't care. They give us a better chance to win now.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Rob32sjsharks</b></div><div>I said everyone but the Meier deal Declines.

Yes you take the best player available.. within reason! if the best player available is a RD and you are stacked on the position you opt for the 2nd best that fill a weakness.
Robins, Bordeleau, Gushin, and Eklund are all skilled forwards with top 6 potential.... but all are under 6' and on the smaller side. Adding Michkov or Bedard further exasperates this where Fantilli gives you a power forward unseen in the draft int he last 10 years. and the drop from those 2 to Fantilli is minor enough that it isn't a drastic fall. I highly doubt we get 1st OA so really its between Michkov who is 5'9 and who we don't even get to see in SJ til 26 because of his KHL contract, or Fantilli who could be in our lineup as early as 23/24. and even if we got 1OA what kind of deal could we get to trade that 1st OA for say the 2nd or 3OA? another 1st or high 2nd and Adam Fantilli! even that sound appealing to me.</div></div>

The only prospect in the Sharks system anywhere near the level of even Fantilli is Eklund. One of them can be shipped off in exchange for help elsehwere, instead. Look at NJ, trading Ty Smith after drafting Nemec. Being stacked in prospects at any position is a moot point because the Sharks have been good enough to compete for a while. They don't really have an excess anywhere.
As for Michkov's KHL contract, I don't think it's much of an issue for San Jose. They have new coach and GM that don't have much in the way of expectations, and they aren't very far into a rebuild - I'd argue they aren't willing to tear it down yet. If they're going to go through a full rebuild, it's going to take a while to draft and develop a future core. Fantilli could be ready by 23/24, but will the Sharks be ready for him by then?
It might come down to whether they want to go for a rebuild or a retool. If it's a retool, Fantilli might be a better option to start competing again immediately. If it's a full rebuild, Michkov has the higher ceiling, and will arrive just in time for some of the other high Sharks picks between now and then to develop. And considering this particular ACGM is selling off Couture, Meier, and Hertl, it's taking the full rebuild option - an option that I think is the best choice for the Sharks.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Islesforthecup</b></div><div>Voting on your own poll is one of the more pathetic things ive seen in a while.
As for the trade barzal is worth a lot more than miller
And raty&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;rathbone
Not to mention cap dump dickinson.
The issue is its the same thing with all the other trades. Myers may have won the calder with buffalo but youll have to pay for them to take him back. Take out everything coming back from buffalo and the sabres probably still decline.
Same thing with the ARI trade. There isnt enough there for the yotes to take on poolmans contract let alone send back a good prospect and more. As for pittsburgh they already have 9 nhl defensemen and none of them are waivers exempt so i really have no idea why they would trade for another.
Oh and one more thing, if its 3×1.5 TOR matches and says thank you very much.</div></div>

Also adding to your point about Pittsburgh, one of our biggest issues with our current roster is questionable forward depth. Getting Heinen back at $1 mil was honestly miraculous and he helps fix some of those issues. Trading him, especially for a defenseman, moves the needle in the wrong direction. Although not all 9 of our defensemen have to go through waivers, Ty Smith is still on his ELC.
I think I've heard that Sandin has rejected the same AAV when Toronto offered it to him. Either he doesn't want to be there or he's not signing the offer sheet.
Honestly, I don't think there is a single trade here that is accepted. The Seattle one is so much of a depth thing that I don't know, though. Either values are off by miles, don't address the other teams' needs, or both. A lot of both.
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That's a lot for one year of JT Miller, considering I don't think Pittsburgh will have the space to resign him next year.
Jason Zucker's had a rough time in Pittsburgh, but I think Hextall is willing to ride out the last year of his deal and let him walk. If Pacioretty gets traded for less than nothing, the trade to dump Zucker isn't worth it.
Pickering and Poulin are the only two guys the Penguins have drafted in the 1st round in years. They aren't off the table, but I'd want more than one year of whoever I got for them.
Maniscalco is whatever. I don't think Vancouver would be that interested. His inclusion feels like quantity over quality.
With how stacked 2023 is reported to be, I'm hesitant to give up our 1st. Considering our last two 1sts we traded were for Kapanen and Zucker, excuse me for being hesitant. Pittsburgh's prospect puddle is still pretty shallow. It's the oldest team in the league. Maybe we should be holding onto these.
Travis Dermott doesn't help at all. We already 9 NHL caliber defensemen, so his inclusion does more harm than good for the Pens, imo.

And honestly? I think it's too late for a Miller trade. Vancouver had a nightmare season last year, and unless the same happens, they should be competing for a playoff spot. Pettersson and Hughes are entering their primes. The additions of Mikheyev and Kuzmenko improve their forward core, and Podkolzin and Hoglander are expected to take a step forward. JT Miller would still be a veteran presence, an elite player, and a leader on this team that has a good shot. Now isn't the time to trade him.
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