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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>With how vaccinations are accelerating in Canada and the general openness of the States right now, taxi rosters are going to be moot next season: trade Stalock to the Lightning for a minor piece - AHL or a 7th - and let Broberg and Holloway play in California. Turris can join them to keep his cap savings.

Samorukov is much more likely to see NHL icetime than Broberg: Dima was effective in the world's second best league before being forced out due to injury while Broberg finished his SHL stint on the bottom pair and limited usage. Samorukov's experience on North American ice is a substantial advantage for the young defender. Both should likely start in Bakersfield however.

Given the rumours regarding a Larsson extension in and around $3.75M/4y, I genuinely think that Holland might actually be willing to walk away from Barrie. Or the organization is going to make a massive mistake in trading Bear for pennies on the dollar and double-down on Barrie. I don't mind the Nemeth deal but it definitely opens up complications if Klefbom does indeed return next season.

If Smith comes back next year it needs to be at a discount: I never recommend betting on 40 year-old NHL players, nevermind goaltenders at that age. He needs to be financially moveable, be it by way of burying or dumping in a trade should the Oilers need to upgrade on him midseason. $1.05M or less.

I don't like the Armia signing. I'd rather see Kassian demoted to the 4th line and a better #3RW brought in. That's something the savings from Larsson&gt;Barrie and a cheaper Smith can address.</div></div>

Apparently Taxi rosters are going to be modified to still exist in some capacity as some form of convenience for teams, but I'm not fully informed there.

Good to know about Samorukov. I know Broberg has been highly touted for awhile so I appreciate you telling me who's better right now. They'll both likely be playing in Bakersfield next year anyway.

Thanks too for informing me re: Larsson extension. I didn't know where they were with him. I agree I think Barrie had the luxury of getting secondary assists on two of the best players in the world, and also that Bear is SUPER valuable and underrated he's improved so much especially in the analytic department. He's the next top RHD imo for them, with either Nurse or Klefbom.

Apparently Smith is for sure coming back next season if they can agree on a contract. I think value-wise what you're saying makes sense but if his pitch his he's been playing great and will be insurance for whomever else they bring in it could be closer to $1.5 mil.

The Armia signing was me going with a more two-way bottom six winger to replace someone like Ennis, Chiasson or Kahun. I agree though if they go the better route and don't bother with Barrie then I would sign a better 3RW and bury Kassian on an improved fourth line
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