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Forum: Armchair-GM29 mai 2021 à 12 h 5
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChrisPy97</b></div><div>I actually really like this

My only gripe is with lines. For now I would keep Batherson on the top line since he's had great chemistry with Tkachuk and Norris, and then give either Dadonov or Brown the 2RW spot. I like Granlund because if Pinto goes off he can move to the wing and let Pinto get the 2C, while letting Paul or White slide to the 3C,

I've always liked Granlund period, and think he still has something to offer and just didnt work in Nashville. I like the Bogosian signing too - low risk low term and low salary (I think we could actually get him for less but maybe not - depends how much he cares about moving to Ottawa), and basically a better and cheaper version of Gudbranson from last year.

Also this is small but I think Gustavsson will be above Daccord on the depth chart</div></div>

My thought process with the lines is basically that I think White has more to give offensively, but he's just overburdened as a C. I would start him on the 1st line, to see if he and Tkachuk can find a bit of that chemistry they had as rookies again. If it doesn't work, you can move him to the 3rd line and move Dadonov or Brown up.

As far as Batherson is concerned, I think the Sens are better served putting Stützle and Batherson together on the Granlund line. I like Granlund, but he's not exactly a line driver, and putting Stützle with two complimentary guys by putting Dadonov/Brown/White there too is asking a lot of him at this stage. With Batherson, we at least know that those two wingers can push the pace of play whoever their C is (they got good results playing with Tierney after all. I think this will get the most out of Stützle and Granlund, and helps the team more overall than loading up the 1st line.

Also I would rather see Gus vs Daccord at this point as well, but from an asset management perspective they need to find out what Daccord is. Daccord is older, and would need to clear waivers to be sent down which I believe Gus wouldn't need.
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Forum: Armchair-GM25 mai 2021 à 9 h 20
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ChrisPy97</b></div><div>All great points! Totally understand

I think there's a bit more value and potential to Tippett maybe - I see him as a maybe better Patric Hörnqvist-type player, in which case he could fit in the top 6 of most teams. I also think since Florida already has Hörnqvist himself as well as Denisenko, that Rakell is an upgrade they can afford.

I'm not sure Manson is worth that much, although I can understand wanting it. He just hasn't been able to show enough the past two years, at very little fault of his own. I think they should keep Fleury or at least make room for younger D so I would keep one of him or Shattenkirk. On that note I based the Volkov decision on my own opinion plus a couple mock drafts done by some pros. It's almost impossible to predict these things, but with the amount of quality defense out there I think they're more likely to take more swings at young forwards who might do better with increased opportunity, like Volkov. I also always forget how there were just some nothing picks (Methot, Berube) that barely had any roster impact at all. So who the heck knows lol.</div></div>

Agree completely on Manson. My main point is that it's probably more valuable for them to keep him and ease Drysdale in as opposed to giving him away for nothing. I just don't see Niku being any sort of answer long term, other than the fact that he's a RD that can fill a spot next year. It's definitely "fair" value, I wouldn't argue that at all. If we could shed Shatty instead, I'd be pretty content. He's a complimentary piece on a solid team, which we definitely aren't :tearsofjoy

No argument from me on Tippett either, and the more I think about it, the more entertaining I think a Comer-Zegras-Tippett line would be.
Forum: Armchair-GM24 mai 2021 à 14 h 48