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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Danny12357</b></div><div>The Leafs have their top 3 lines signed through next year (other than Marner) and assuming he comes in at $10M, they will have just over $65M committed next season. They will need to do a lot on D with that, re-sign Dermott, and probably end up having to let one of Barrie or Muzzin walk, but they will have cash to take on some salary or make other changes without any tough negotiations on the immediate horizon.

There is this constant freaking out about paying stars, but when teams are in cap trouble, it has far more to do with wasted money. Dubas will have cleared the decks of any wasted money by next summer (with Ceci's salary being the last real bit of over spending), so while he may have some difficult decisions to make when it comes to signing players as they command too much term depending on their age, he has shown a willingness to let players go when they price themselves out, such as Komoarov, Bozak, JVR, and what likely Gardiner.</div></div>

Dubas is managing this team as if this was a Fantasy Hockey who scores more points stays. You need Bozak and JVR and Komarov, and Hyman and Kadri to win. You don't need Nylander and Tavares cause you already have Marner and Matthews. Look at CHI 3 cups, well balanced team, thru out including D (Keith, Seabrook, Campbell, Oduya, Hjamarson). Look at PIT, they are super top heavy and yet, top 4 players make $30M, while TOR now top 4 will make $40M. Thats not going to work. You can't win cups this way, who you go on D? Berri? why? you need shutdown people not point getters, you already have F core that can score a ton... I don't get it... I guess management wats sell tickets, and jerseys and could careless about cups.
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