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21 fév 2021
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1 jan 1934
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Thank you to the Carolina Hurricanes for reading my post from August 20th about offer-sheeting Jesperi Kotkaneimi. You are now my second favourite team.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac2000</b></div><div>*Projected lineups*

ES TOI when more than 20% of the game was not played at that event

And something you're judging off his personality

I get you're a sens fan, but TDA was the best newboy on the team last night. EASILY. He's been the best defenseman through pre-season EASILY. He HAS EARNED top pairing minutes already! His on-ice play has already granted him that merit, and that's why he played 85.7% of his icetime with Jaccob Slavin!</div></div>

1. If projected lineups are never realized during an actual game, the team twitter account should stop posting them before every game..


2. Most of the time, every hockey game are played 5 on 5.

If you ever watched one in your life, you would know.

3. I judge based on the facts.

The facts from last night lead me to believe that TDA was not yet ready to be a top pairing defenseman to start the season.

Something you've wanted for weeks but never happened.

4. It doesn't matter what other team is a part of my fandom.

It doesn't matter whether TDA is the "best newboy".

It doesn't matter what happened in the pre-season because the results from that have no bearing on a team's success in a given year anyway.

It doesn't matter whether you think TDA has earned top pairing minutes if Coach Rod doesn't think so.

It doesn't matter what % of his ice time he gets with Slavin.

5. What matters is whether Coach Rod gives TDA more EV TOI than any other RD.

If yes, then the evidence that TDA is the top-pairing defenseman for the Carolina Hurricanes becomes crystal clear.

That hasn't happened yet this season.

Until Coach Rod changes that for any game in the regular season or playoffs, TDA is not Carolina's top pairing defenseman.
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