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15 juin 2016
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I dont need to be a mechanic to know when I have a flat tire I dont need to be a doctor to know when Ive got a cut on my finger I dont need to be an engineer to know when a bridge has collapsed
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sensibleguy</b></div><div>CHI
Murray, Matt
2022 2nd round pick (OTT)
Additional Details:
MM is owed $18M for the rest of his contract.

This saves Melnyk $6.5M, while also reducing long term cap, while also getting potential upside with Strome.
Johnson, Tyler
Strome, Dylan ($1,500,000 retained)
Shaw, Andrew
Additional Details:
TJ and Strome are owed approx. $11.5M and there's some small upside on Strome albeit at this point not too much. Shaw has retired. He's a cap hit which OTT can easily take for the rest of this year.

Why should the Hawks even consider this?!?!?! It's not obvious, but Shaw leaving should confirm that season ending bonuses won't roll into next year. The Hawks don't currently have a goalie next year and while I don't like Murray's cap hit...I also don't like TJ's cap hit for a #4C either. I'll roll the dice with this because of the pick.

Don't believe all the anti-Murray hype, it's actually the pro Gustavsson crowd lobbying for their goldenboy. Now that he's in, there will be more focus on the team in front of him, namely Zaitsev. Zaitsev isn't a problem for Murray, only Gustavsson. There's no predicting what the Sens will do with Murray, but they aren't trading a good asset with him for that package. Save me from the arguments, you want to make the trade because the assets you're receiving are better than you're giving, and that's why Ottawa doesn't do it. There's no need for Strome if Stützle is a centre, and they don't want the other two pieces.</div></div>

Im the CEO of the Gustavsson fan boy club. Been since last year.