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I read most of the first parts, but skipped over a lot of the draft, too volatile to predict.


I don’t have an issue with 3 goalies, especially since the best one has concussion issues. Having Gus around as the 3rd goalie doesn’t hurt, imo. If Murray is healthy and feeling fine, he’s as good as anyone in the league on any given night. If his concussion symptoms return, put him on IR and keep going. Make sure Murray is good to go before he starts, and run him as long as he’s able, to the end of this contract. If cap is tight in Murray’s final season, then he needs to step up, or sit on LTIR, and let insurance pay 80% of his salary, I think that’s the going rate.

Forsberg is not a good #1 goalie, and neither is Gus, but Gus could be a solid starter, an average #1 goalie.

Ottawa goalie prospects since 2007
2020 #71 Leevi Merilainen
2019 #37 Mads Sogaard
2018 #157 Kevin Mandolese
2017 #183 Jordan Hollett
2016 #55 Filip Gustavsson (included because his NHL debut was with Ottawa)
2015 #199 Joey Daccord
2013 #78 Marcus Hogberg
2012 #76 Chris Driedger
2012 #166 Francois Brassard
2009 #46 Robin Lehner

Most goalies are drafted in the 3rd round, which are now picks #65-#96, but before 2016, it was picks #61-#90. Goalies considered better than avg, based on draft position;
2009 #46 Robin Lehner
2016 #55 Filip Gustavsson
2019 #37 Mads Sogaard

Gus is fine for now, until Sogaard is ready, and Forsberg should be fine for now, as Gus gets better. Murray just gives that hope of dominating, when the concussion symptoms aren’t there. We’ll see where this trio goes, but these three guys, Murray, Forsberg, and Gustavsson, are holding the spot for Sogaard.


Chabot - a true #1D
Sanderson - a definite #2D-#3D even never having played an NHL game
Zub a very solid #3D-#4D

Zaitsev - the never complaining workhorse that the farmer relies on to pull the plow, while everyone wants to see the thoroughbred horses pull the plow
Hamonic - just another workhorse
Brannstrom - the thoroughbred that looks like a thoroughbred, acts like a thoroughbred, but doesn’t perform like a thoroughbred
JBD - the workhorse that’s undersized, but gets the job done
Thomson - the wildcard, might be a #2D-#3D, might be a #4D-#5D, we want the former, of course, but he isn’t, yet

I always come back to missing out on Graves last offseason, and now watching Chabot pair with Graves at the WC, it stings worse 😆

This is the season that one or both of Thomson and JBD work their way into the lineup. They don’t need to be there on opening day, but eventually injuries will get them into the lineup.

The team doesn’t need a top4 D unless they think Thomson and or JBD aren’t going to be top4D, since they have Chabot, Sanderson, Zub. They’re not getting anyone better than Chabot or Sanderson. BTW, when I say top4D, I mean playoff team top4D.

Have to go, I’ll do the forwards later
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Ryan didn't ride on Spezza's coattails. They didn't even play together that much. People anticipated great things between them but they didn't have any chemistry so they were split quite fast. Ryan mostly played with McArthur and Turris in his first few years in Ottawa and that was a great line, until each of these players got derailed by injuries (MacArthur with concussions, Turris with the Gumby incident, Ryan with hands injuries)

Why people continue to talk without knowing has always been beyond me.

That was the point, his argument was that Fiala will do just as well with Stützle is the same as the arguments that Ryan would do just as well with Spezza. You’ll need to go back and reread the comments, it seems you didn’t get the point.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>What a weird comment that was... Bobby Ryan was a 55+ pts / 0.70+ PPG player the first 8 years of his career. He did that in years where there was a lot less goals scored. That was first line numbers back then.

During his prime (2008-09 to 2015-16), he was the 37th best scorer among NHL forwards, with 437 pts in 584 GP (similar production to Bergeron, Duchene, Jagr, Couture, etc during that period of time)

Several hands injuries (and personal problems) is what made him decline in his late 20's. Who knows how long Fiala's prime is going to last? Or if teams are going to figure out ways to reduce goals against, once again.

Even if you don't account Fiala's first 4 seasons (0.48 PPG player with Nashville), Fiala has been the 27th best forward scorer since his "peak" started in 2019-20. It's great but the hyperbole was ridiculous

If you start comparing at the "same age" (21 years old), then Fiala has been 55th in forwards scoring since 2017-18</div></div>

Again, you didn’t get the point.

I compared the same situation from the other side, the Bobby Ryan side. What a player did before a trade is not always an indication of how they will perform after a trade.

Bobby Ryan continued his PPG pace with Ottawa, he just changed his ratio of goals to assists, until the hand injuries occurred.
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