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I dont need to be a mechanic to know when I have a flat tire I dont need to be a doctor to know when Ive got a cut on my finger I dont need to be an engineer to know when a bridge has collapsed
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Claebom</b></div><div>It's not a package Calgary would, could, or should part with. It's a package that is embarrassing to even type out because it's so laughably over the top that nobody would ever suggest it.

The thing with Brady is that he now transcends his value. It's a little ridiculous, admittedly, but the whole Sens organization and fanbase has basically taken their once passionate love and adoration for Erik Karlsson, Mark Stone, the good 'ole days with Spezza, Alfie and Heatley/Hossa, and every bit of positivity that's left surrounding the Ottawa Senators and packaged it into one Brady Tkachuk. You could argue Chabot and now Stützle share some of that, and I'd absolutely agree, but Tkachuk is the heart and soul of this Ottawa Senators team now and will forever be the identity of it. So not only is he a high end player, bordering on elite if not already pushing the bubble with how incredibly impressive his underlying stats are, he's got leadership and intangibles that can't be quantified, and then you have this deep rooted chokehold that the fanbase has on him. It's insane. He's hideous. We hated that we picked this giant manchild in the draft, and yet he's so good and does everything right and now it's hard not to love him.

It's like if the Habs were to trade Brendan Gallagher. He's a damn good player, and his underlying numbers suggest he's potentially even better than his usage has allowed, but even beyond that he's everything that that team exudes. He <em>is</em> the Montreal Canadiens. I think he would have made a wonderful captain, although Shea was a great choice too and they couldn't really go wrong. Gallagher holds more value to the Canadiens than he does in a trade because any team will simply be buying for the on-ice performance and the off-ice intangibles but won't be considering what he means to that team. The Habs would lose any trade that wasn't a vast overpayment.

If the Flames wanted Brady, it would take something so inconceivable that the Sens would be stupid to say no. Like a four 1st offersheet. Or a package including multiple guys like Dubé, Välimäki, Zary, Pelletier, etc. alongside picks and active talent. We're talking about something that guts that Flames that no team should ever consider.</div></div>

I’ve only read the first few sentences and I’m already liking this reply. Okay, now back to finishing reading that comment.
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